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Rittal Publishes Guide to HD Enclosures for Food and Beverage Industry

Enclosures for switchgear and electrical equipment are vital across the manufacturing and engineering sectors including food and beverage production companies.

An enclosure creates a protective environment for sensitive electrical components, while also protecting operatives from contact with the electrical circuitry.

The design of these enclosures needs to take account of their location; for food production lines, this means ensuring very high hygiene standards can be maintained.

Enclosures specifically designed to meet the requirements of food and beverage production lines are commonly referred to as “Hygienic Design” enclosures.

Rittal has published a White Paper which considers the distinguishing characteristics of Hygienic Design enclosures and how they must align with current and relevant directives, regulations and guidelines.

Dairy increases MTBF by more than 1,000% Seal support system eliminates water waste

About Them dairy

Them Co-operative Dairy in Denmark specialises in the production of organic speciality craftsman Danish cheeses, along with other dairy products.

Founded in 1888 by a small group of local farmers, the co-operative has grown to include 27 members today and produces approximately 6,000 tons of cheese annually.

Them Co-operative Dairy prides itself on modern production and sustainable practices and has been named a National Champion of Environmental and Corporate Sustainability in the European Business Awards.


Having moved from a facility that was too small and would have been uneconomical to upgrade, the overriding requirements for Elis’ new, state-of-the-art Southampton-based facility were to increase and future-proof throughput by increasing capacity as and when required. Protecting their investment was also paramount, so manufacturer-backed aftercare solutions were also key to the long-term plan.

Learn How To Simplify Your Plant’s Marshalling and Reduce Cost with Eaton’s New Whitepaper

Power management company Eaton has published a new whitepaper, “Simplified universal marshalling: its evolution and benefits”, which reviews the latest technological developments in automation marshalling systems, and provides real life examples and calculations of cost savings that can be achieved in typical process industry applications. It advises plant and project engineers how to optimise their marshalling set-up to reduce overall end user costs by up to 50 per cent.

Internal Linings Saved by Corrosion Resistant Coatings

belzona oct 19 2The process of extracting and processing uranium can present many challenges. Machinery and equipment are exposed to environments during production, which over time can cause damage and lead to shutdowns.

If left untreated, corrosion can lead to major consequences for large assets, such as vessels. Both on a financial level as well as environmental.

A uranium mine in Australia uses a unique extraction technology to produce high purity uranium. A planned upgrade revealed issues with the existing rubber lining of exchange vessels, critical to the extraction process. 

Tank Storage Asia 2019

Exhibitor Case Study – Cortec® Southeast Asia
We’ve spoken with Rami Abu-Chakra, Business Development at Cortec® Middle East, to discuss his attendance at this year’s Tank Storage Asia and learn about his vision to drive excellence in tank storage protection throughout the industry.  
Tell us more about the service you will be exhibiting at this year’s event

Elta Fans’ QUBE slices energy bills for Pizza Hut

pizzahut 19 1A nationwide project to upgrade Pizza Hut’s kitchen ventilation systems to a higher performing, energy efficient solution is underway. Project manager Marcus Sawkins of GFMS Services Limited has already upgraded several of the restaurants’ systems with the Elta Fans QUBE Centrifugal Box Fan which is reducing energy usage. The most recent installation was at Royale Leisure Park in London where the new Elta Fans QUBE solution has reduced energy costs by up to 10%+ and breakdowns occurring on a regular basis, to zero.

Big Foot Supplies Custom Support for Acoustic Screening

ems sept 19 35Big Foot Supplies Custom Support for Acoustic Screening

Big Foot Systems has supplied custom support for acoustic screening on the rooftop of a mixed-use development of luxury flats, offices and retail outlets at Hatton Wall in Holborn, London. The acoustic screening surrounds a group of condensers and associated plant on a PVC membrane and green roof which effectively blocks plant noise from the surrounding private homes.

CEL explains how stackable 3D printers hold key to faster and more affordable design

cel 19Stackable 3D printers may hold the key to a faster yet more cost-effective design and manufacturing process. But what is stackable 3D printing? And how does it work to benefit businesses and meet their printing needs? To answer these questions, CEL has released a new white paper, ‘Stackable: the key to faster and more accurate 3D printing’.


Siemens is collaborating with a number of the High Value Manufacturing (HVM) Catapults across the UK to help support the growth and success of advanced manufacturing.  
As part of its ongoing partnerships, the company’s digital technologies are playing an integral part in helping to bring new, innovative ideas to life and build value through the future commercialisation of new concepts.  

Compressed Air Open Blowing White Paper

caob 200x150If an open, unchecked water pipe was being used to cool a machining process, the excessive volume of liquid being used would be obvious to see as it pooled on the floor. It would be clear that you would want to test lower flow rates that would conserve water and save money yet still effectively cool the part.

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