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Planning a Site Office — The Top Things You Must Consider

With construction sites given the green light to go back to work, it’s never been more important for those in charge of planning a site office to get things right, especially as social distancing and hygiene measures now play a vital role in any successful planning.

From health and safety through to storage, plans must be comprehensive and have contingencies factored in to ensure productivity is maintained and sites stay open during a global pandemic.

To put things in simpler terms, a site’s office must offer a combination of safety, security, amenity, and visibility. So, in today’s article, we’re going to cover the most important things to consider when planning a site office.

Could Switching to LPG Help Increase Affordable Housing Options?

Now that we’re in the process of exiting what is hopefully the final COVID-19 lockdown in the UK, the government is beginning to turn its attention to areas that have been neglected when dealing with the pandemic. One such area is the building of more affordable housing.

There are a number of complex factors at play when it comes to the provision of affordable housing, from planning and development to budgeting. But one surprise way in which the UK could pave the way for more affordable housing is through an oil to gas conversion.  Here, we explore how LPG is assisting in the provision of affordable housing for UK buyers and why it could be an open-goal for the sector and government in the desire to hit targets and meet housing demands.

FPT Software Invests in Intertec International, Bolstering Nearshore Delivery Capabilities in the Americas

Vietnam’s leading tech firm, FPT Software, today announces its investment in global IT services provider Intertec International (Intertec), aiming to strengthen its North American nearshore delivery capabilities.

With this strategic investment, FPT Software and especially its North America subsidiary, FPT USA Corp., can secure access to Intertec’s nearshore technology delivery centres in Costa Rica and Colombia and tap into Intertec’s wealth of operational experience in Latin America (LATAM). This deal enables FPT Software to address its clients’ increasing demand for Agile software engineering and bridge the time zone differences between its IT professionals and customers.

Enerpac Line Stop Actuator For Safe and Reliable Pipeline Intervention

Pipeline operators and specialty hot tapping service companies have a more precise and safer solution in pipeline intervention solutions. The newly engineered Enerpac LSA Line Stop Actuator Series provides cost-effective isolation of pipelines to allow for maintenance and modifications, avoiding interruption of service and costly shutdowns. Used in conjunction with the Enerpac hot tapping range, the LSA Series applications include tie-ins and line bypasses, for example. 

WJA joins European jet set to promote safety and excellence

The Water Jetting Association, the member organisation for the water jetting industry in the UK, has become a member of the European Water Jetting Institute.

The WJA is now looking forward to working with other members of the EWJI to further shared aims that include continuously improving the safety and technical capabilities of water jetting processes.

WJA Director David Kennedy said: “We’re very pleased to have joined the EWJI. Sharing experiences and expertise and working together to promote water jetting must be a good thing for our industry.

Water jetting body strengthens governance to promote aims

The Water Jetting Association has made significant improvements to its governance to help promote its work and further its aims both in the UK and internationally.

The changes were approved at the association’s annual general meeting (AGM), held virtually via a digital video platform for the first time due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

They include the introduction of a Marketing and Communications Committee to guide the promotion of the Water Jetting Association (WJA) in the UK and internationally and the strengthening of the roles of all three WJA committees.

Milling, drilling, thread tapping – there are very few switchgear manufacturers who love metalworking. Fortunately, there is a solution! Automated machining centres such as the Perforex MT can help. The following three tips show how it can be used to its

The task of machining enclosures, housings and mounting plates takes switchgear manufacturers a lot of time if they have to carry out the work by hand. It can easily add up to four hours or more – reading through plans, marking out holes, tapping threads, deburring cut-outs and then cleaning the machined parts. In a small company that doesn’t have a dedicated metalworking department, electricians and switchgear engineers end up doing the work, which takes up valuable time that they lose when it comes to building and wiring the switchgear.

Odours away for dairy effluent – thanks to new Landia mixing system

Industrial effluent treatment plant specialists, FLI CAP Technology have brought in Landia’s AirJet aeration system to a major dairy products manufacturer in the North West of England.

A retrofit installation, which had to be achieved in an extremely tight space, has greatly enhanced dairy effluent mixing to enhance the overall process, and importantly, prevent odours. The AirJet also removes the cost of adding chemicals or using energy-burning blowers.

How to Handle Materials Safely in an Industrial Workplace

Whether you are an employer or an employee, you should do everything in your power to keep yourself and others safe while in a workplace environment. Every workplace has risks and hazards associated to it, but there are some industries where the risk of an accident is even greater. In particular, if appropriate safety measures are not implemented and followed, the industrial sector can be a dangerous place to work in. Accidents can result in serious injuries and even death, followed by hefty consequences such as fines, imprisonment, and reputation damage. That’s why there are a series of procedures and regulations in place to ensure the health and safety of workers and site visitors.

The 10 most important considerations when selecting your next hydraulic torque wrench

Hydraulic torque wrenches have come a long way since they were first introduced in the early 1960s. Advancements in technology have created countless options, features, and benefits to decipher – making it much harder to have confidence in your final tool selection.

If you are a seasoned bolting specialist, then you will know the must-have features needed to complete your specific bolting projects like a pro. However, if you are new to bolting, selecting the right hydraulic torque wrench for your job requires understanding the choices available. The design and features of each series of torque wrenches are tailored to suit different applications. Below are key considerations when selecting a torque wrench for your unique job.

Energy-saving Riventa ready to prolong the lifetime of pumps, blowers and turbines in Egypt

Riventa, the energy-saving optimisation experts for assets such as blowers, turbines and pumps, have secured an important new strategic partnership in Egypt.

Cairo-based Flowtech for Maintenance and Services, who provide key water technology and environmental solutions, will be introducing Riventa’s proprietary monitoring systems and software to its fast-growing customer base.

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