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Sulzer's Channel Monster™ solves persistent blockage problems at one of Sweden's largest pumping stations

Reliability is a key characteristic in the wastewater industry where pumps are required to work round-the-clock, especially in pumping stations that transfer wastewater from residential and industrial areas to the treatment plant. However, for one municipality in Sweden, debris in the water was causing significant equipment downtime. Sulzer quickly fixed the issue with the installation of a channel grinder to protect the pumps and minimize unexpected downtime.

Teething troubles have been resolved at a new pumping station in one of the Sweden's largest municipalities to ensure wastewater is once again flowing freely to the local treatment works. The high-capacity station was required when the construction of a new road blocked the original path of the one-meter diameter pipe that carried 550 m3 (2'420 gal/min) of effluent per hour under gravity from the urban and industrial center to a treatment site on the outskirts.

Valmet’s new pilot facility is now in operation at its Fiber Technology Center in Sundsvall, Sweden

Valmet’s new Pretreatment BioTrac pilot facility was started up at Valmet’s Fiber Technology Center in Sundsvall, Sweden.

The purpose of the pilot facility investment is to strengthen Valmet’s research and development capabilities within the field of biomass pretreatment and to respond to new market demands for bioenergy, biofuels, and biochemicals. The pilot facility offers piloting and laboratory services for Valmet’s customers and provides the opportunity to test different feedstocks and develop, verify, and optimize the pretreatment process for specific purposes.


As part of its ongoing commitment to making the transition to a low carbon future easier, Vaillant has launched a brand-new Customer Experience Centre - which was unveiled in an official opening attended by Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury, Helen Whately.

Based at the company’s UK headquarters in Belper, Derbyshire, the new Customer Experience Centre will support both Vaillant and sister-brand Glow-worm, reinforcing the history of ongoing innovation right through to the latest advanced heat pump and hydrogen boiler technologies.

The Next Generation of Vibration Testing

Test and measurement expert HBK has launched a new LDS shaker system that provides efficiency far beyond just saving time - the LDS V8750 shaker + XPAK shaker system.

With today's increasingly complex and advanced vibration testing, such as environmental stress screening with a slip table and climatic chamber, manufacturers and engineers need a lot from their vibration testing solutions.

Lack of energy saving and power balancing features, recalibration of armature position, vibration profile limitations as well as growing their own testing capabilities are just a few of the challenges, limiting the testing efficiency.

IES and HP Celebrate 10 Years of Innovative Printing Partnership

IES, world leaders in providing on-site engineering support and machinery movement in high-technology industries, is celebrating 10 years of partnering with HP, a multinational IT corporation. Since the introduction of the partnership in 2011, IES has delivered over 150 installations and upgrades of HP’s industrial and large-format printers globally.

The partnership came to fruition when IES was appointed after a competitive tender process for the global installations contract of HP’s innovative new industrial-sized digital inkjet printers. HP specialises in inventing and manufacturing technology to reinvent digital life. However, when it came to the installation process, HP wanted to bring in experts that could apply their experience in moving, installing, and aligning equipment within other high-tech industries, to the world of print.  

Despite IES having mechanical experience of paper presses and offering world-class electronics and software engineers, there was still an extensive amount of training required. It was a brand-new piece of technology that had the whole printing industry intrigued so HP worked with IES closely to develop the knowledge needed, and since have always been an avid supporter of ongoing training and development.

Smart Cooperation of IMK and CoreTechnologie: 3D Human Simulation for all CAD Formats

By integrating the 3D CAD interfaces of the software manufacturer CoreTechnologie into the current version of the Ema Software Suite from IMK Automotive, the simulation tool is now compatible with all common CAx systems.

The 3D Kernel IO Software Development Kit (SDK) from the German-French software manufacturer CoreTechnologie (CT) is now integrated in the current version of the Ema Software Suite. The cooperation means that 3D human simulation and virtual workplace and process design are now directly compatible with all common CAD systems and formats.  

Reliable partner: KHS live at Beviale Summit

  • Modern filling technology for glass and beverage cans
  • Turnkey supplier presents extensive portfolio of environmentally-friendly packaging systems
  • Sustainability and economy the order of the day

Dortmund/Nuremberg, – The trade has had to wait two long years for this moment: from November 9 to 10 BrauBeviale will again be opening its doors – this year as a congress under the name of Beviale Summit. Perfectly tailored to the requirements of large and medium-sized breweries, KHS will be presenting its extensive portfolio of modern filling technology and resource-conserving packaging systems. By taking part the turnkey supplier once again underlines its claim to be a reliable partner to the brewing industry. The focus will be on the powerful Innofill Glass DRS ECO and Innofill Can DVD and C can fillers that are compelling with their high energy and resource efficiency. With an increased output of up to 60,000 cans per hour, the latter can also be integrated into lines with a higher throughput. Furthermore, KHS will be showcasing its environmentally-friendly packaging systems that save on resources and promote the circular economy.

ETG’s Offering Flies With Eagle EDM Range G50 & G80 Competition

The Engineering Technology Group (ETG) has now introduced a new addition to the Gantry Eagle series of die sink EDM machines with the arrival of the Eagle G50 and G80 Competition from OPS Ingersoll. Available in the UK from ETG, OPS Ingersoll has taken the ergonomics and bridge design of the Gantry Eagle platform and combined it with the generator and programming of the G5 Precision.

With the new Eagle G50 and G80 gantry concept with 3 open sides and its programable rise and fall 4 sided tank that arrives full of dielectric, OPS Ingersoll introduces a production technology with astounding electrode usage even in graphite to VDI 8.

Altus Support Suppliers at Productronica

As the world’s leading trade fair for electronics development and production, Productronica is making a welcome return since the start of the pandemic. Altus group, a leading distributor of capital equipment, is ready to support their principals and reconnect with the industry when they attend their first exhibition since the Coronavirus hit.

Taking place in Munich, Germany from 16-19 November 2021, the team at Altus are looking forward to meeting with customers face-to-face and presenting the newest equipment on the market.

Mass market electric vehicles getting revved up for launch

Saietta Group Ltd is a UK based research and development company which designs motors for light-weight electric vehicle (EV) propulsion. The company’s latest innovation is the ‘S-AC’ which is an ultra-efficient brushless axial-flux AC motor. It boasts extreme efficiency levels at high torques from low speed onwards.

S-AC is designed for mass manufacture and is optimised for light-weight electric vehicles such as scooters, motorbikes, quadbikes, rickshaws, small cars and marine applications. The primary target market is Asia where Governments are mandating the rapid transition for all forms of transport to electric propulsion to combat chronic pollution.

The unique motor architecture was designed by Saietta’s engineering team, based on Saietta’s DC axial-flux motor, which was originally developed by Cedric Lynch (Saietta’s Chief Scientist) who is internationally recognised as a pioneer in electric motor design. Saietta motors have been used to achieve multiple world-firsts on land, sea and air, including winning the first Isle of Man TT Zero all electric motorcycle race.

Saietta works with vehicle manufacturers to firstly understand in detail the specific motor requirements for individual EV applications and then engineers the S-AC technology to deliver tailored solutions. Saietta also provides engineering and integration consultancy for entire electric drivetrains.  

Saietta’s Applications Engineering team is heavily reliant upon a set of test rigs that it has developed in conjunction with its Oxfordshire neighbour Sensor Technology Ltd.

A lot of Saietta’s work is based on constantly refining and testing motor designs, moving toward an optimum solution for each application field. As engineer Chris Lines explains: “The switch from DC motors to AC means we are able to improve efficiency still further and reduce maintenance requirements because there will be zero brush-wear.”

The test rigs at the heart of Saietta’s development work are based on the principle of running two motors back to back, adding power to counter the losses and measuring efficiency. For this the engineers selected a TorqSense transducer from Sensor Technology, which operates wirelessly so that setting up between test runs is minimal because there is no need to reset delicate slip rings.

Changes to lorry cabotage will result in driver exploitation and misery warns Unite

Unite, the UK’s leading union, which represents tens of thousands of lorry drivers, has warned that the government’s announcement that it intends to relax the cabotage rules will result in misery and exploitation.
Under the present rules foreign haulage companies from Europe can send lorry drivers to make just two deliveries before they have to leave the UK. The government intends to change this rule so that European haulage companies can require their drivers to make unlimited collections and deliveries during a two week period.
Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said: “Poor pay and terrible conditions have forced UK drivers to leave the haulage industry and helped create this crisis.  

"The government now proposes to allow overseas companies to force their drivers to stay in the UK making deliveries for two weeks without guaranteed safeguards like decent accommodation. This will do nothing to address the chronic problems we face. 
"Instead of tackling low pay and poor conditions the government is instead sponsoring the exploitation of drivers and the undercutting of terms and conditions on Britain's roads."
Due to the way the driving regulations for lorry drivers are currently applied it will be entirely legal for the foreign drivers who are forced to operate in this way to spend the entire fortnight they are in the UK living in their lorry cab.
Unite believes that the decision to change the cabotage rules is a direct result of the government’s failure to attract foreign drivers to voluntarily come to work in the UK on a temporary visa scheme. By relaxing the cabotage rules it will be European employers who can force their drivers to operate in the UK.
Unite national officer Adrian Jones said: “This is the latest in a long line of panic measures by the government to try to cope with the lorry driver shortage. Yet again they have ignored the long–term solutions of vastly improving pay and conditions needed to resolve the shortages.
“The bottom line is that unless European hauliers are prepared to invest in proper accommodation for their drivers they will be forced to live in their cabs for an entire fortnight. This will be a miserable, exhausting existence for them and once again raises safety issues for all UK road users.”

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