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Brammer Buck & Hickman Launches New Bearings Focused Microsite Fully Powered by Rubix

Brammer Buck & Hickman, the UK’s leading distributor of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) products and services, and part of the Rubix Group, is pleased to announce the launch of a new Bearings specialist microsite:

Every year Brammer Buck & Hickman sells more than 100 million bearings from the largest, most comprehensive bearings range and stock. It’s product knowledge and technical support is second to none, and advice is available to all customers at any time from its expert design and engineering specialists.

PDUs Can Reduce Energy Consumption in Data Centres

By Mark Guest, Rittal’s Product Manager for IT Power Distribution

For most companies, reducing energy consumption across their business is an on-going imperative.  The arguments for doing so are overwhelming, whether in connection with lowering the organisation’s carbon footprint or reducing overheads. 

Secure IT Infrastructure for Industry 4.0 at Data Centre World 2020

By Emma Ryde, Rittal’s Product Manager for Industrial & Outdoor Enclosures The journey towards digital transformation is a somewhat daunting one for many manufacturing companies.
Rittal’s teams work in partnership with manufacturing and industrial companies to deliver IT infrastructure that supports digital transformation and Industry 4.0 technology, including edge computing platforms.

A thermal insulation barrier providing corrosion protection with “cool-to-touch” properties.

Industries and facilities around the world face challenges linked to the maintenance of pipework, tanks, and vessels. Damage and deterioration of pipes, valves and fittings are a widespread problem and occur due to corrosion, erosion, thermal cycling, and chemical attack. In order to save energy costs and reduce waste, companies are recognising the importance of insulating their equipment to prevent heat loss and increase efficiency, however, this creates another issue, corrosion under insulation (CUI). CUI is a major issue which occurs on equipment operating in low, ambient, and high-temperature environments. The role of insulation for heat conservation is crucial, but also shielding personnel from burns when working with hot machinery and equipment is extremely important as metallic surfaces at ≥ 60°C can lead to hot burns when touched. Moreover, equipment operating in low temperatures and sub-zero conditions can result in ice-build-up, condensation and dripping of water, increasing slipping hazards and provoking ice burns when handled at < 0°C. In this case, it is essential that the insulating material possesses anti-icing properties. Various solutions are available in the market such as traditional insulation, barriers or guards and water-based coatings. However, individually, they do not hold all the requirements to insulate machinery and equipment whilst also providing corrosion prevention and personnel protection from potential contact burn injuries.

Hart Door Systems, the leading designer and manufacturer of both commercial doors and industrial doors, has completed another contract for Sir Robert McAlpine at Nissan Manufacturing UK’s car plant, Sunderland.

The contract involved the installation of four Speedor Storms and four Hart roller shutters, three of them insulated.

Gordon Kipling, Hart’s North East’s sales manager, says the contract was for work at Nissan’s on-site plastics processing plant. “Working in a “live” environment has been challenging, with time pressured dates for certain parts of the project,” says Mr Kipling.

Rittal’s Modular Infrastructure at Data Centre World 2020

For any business the need to increase IT flexibility, boost corporate agility and lower operational costs are all critical factors to future success. These are some of the key areas that Rittal’s team will be on hand to discuss at Data Centre World 2020.

Rittal’s advanced IT infrastructures and streamlined processes are designed to drive business competitiveness, alongside solutions to help companies stay abreast of global innovation.

Its modular resources, including the renowned RiMatrix S modular system, are now a preferred solution for IT professionals across a range of industry sectors including financial institutions, manufacturing companies, the oil/gas sectors and the military.

Vert Technology Joins “Flying Scotsman” Wall of Honour

Award-winning innovation from Vert Technologies has joined other leading Scottish products in a wall of fame display at the First Minister’s office in the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh.

Vert’s patented Conical Rotary Compressor (CRC) technology is one of just a dozen brands and devices featured under the “Flying Scotsman” banner. The display aims to highlight Scottish products with a global impact.

Innodisk Delivers the Future of Automation with CANopen Support

Innodisk’s CAN bus expansion cards now support CANopen, opening the door for even more sophisticated applications in automation.

Enhanced automation is key to unlocking the fourth industrial revolution and a sure way to improve profitability for corporations around the world. With Innodisk’s introduction of CANopen support in its CAN bus embedded peripherals, Innodisk delivers a powerful solution that helps bring enhanced automation to global technology leaders—further strengthening Innodisk’s position as a key contributor to the future of automation.

Bar any confined space opening to increase safety

Increase safety for almost any confined space by completely covering its opening with a physical barrier and safety message. 8 types of Confined Space Safety Covers are now available from Brady Corporation.

Rubix UK acquires Hydra Engineering Services

Rubix UK has completed the acquisition of specialist hydraulics services supplier, Hydra Engineering Services (Hydraflow Hydraulics), in line with the Group’s network development strategy.

Hydraflow Hydraulics specialises in the repair and reconditioning of large cylinders and offers considerable expertise in MRO services. These services include on-site fault-finding and testing of hydraulic pumps, power pack refurbishment, build and custom design, as well as valve repair.

2020’s Best-Ever Resolution - Be Ready for Next Summer!

Karl Lycett – Rittal UK’s Product Manager for Climate Control

Failing Dry January? 2020 Resolutions already broken? This time of year can be depressing – so much so, they even call January 20th “Blue Monday”!

Well, why not make one resolution now, which could completely transform your working environment this summer?

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