Henkel and DaniMer form alliance to deliver bio-based hotmelt adhesives for packaging

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01/15/2013 - Düsseldorf / Germany

Henkel, one of the leading adhesive companies, and DaniMer Scientific, LLC, a recognized leader in bio-based material technology, announced today that they have formed an alliance to develop hotmelt adhesives that use bio-based raw materials. The initial target for these bio-based hotmelt adhesives will be the consumer packaging market including applications of end of line and labeling.

Manuel Neuer, keeper of the German national football team, teams up with Metylan

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01/18/2013 - Düsseldorf / Germany

2013 sees 26-year-old Manuel Neuer, goalkeeper of the German national football team and Bayern Munich, at the heart of a German-wide advertising campaign launched by Metylan, the internationally successful Henkel brand for wallpapering products. The motto of this team play: "Metylan for a perfect hold – just like our Number 1."

More sustainability accolades for Henkel

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01/28/2013 - Düsseldorf / Germany

Henkel has been honored a further three times as a leading proponent of sustainability in its sector – both within Germany and in comparison with its international peers. And the company has also taken top positions in recent online sustainability communication rankings.

Henkel presents awards to outstanding suppliers

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01/31/2013 - Düsseldorf / Germany

At the 2013 American Cleaning Institute (ACI) Annual Meeting and Industry Convention, January 28 through February 2 in Orlando, Florida, Henkel recognized five suppliers for their outstanding cooperation. The “Best Innovation Contributor Award” was conferred to Novozymes and Dow Corning. Prize winners of the “Henkel Sustainability Award” were Monosol and Evonik Industries. The “Best Supply Performance Award” went to Ashland.

New type of paste with enhanced thermal conductivity for modules

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02/14/2013 - Düsseldorf / Germany

Power electronics are experiencing a continuous rise in their power densities. As a consequence, thermal management for today’s power semiconductors must be integrated as early as their design phase. Only then can reliable cooling be safeguarded over the long term. A particularly important role is assigned to thermal conduction at the link between the component and the heat sink. In these cases, materials are often used that cannot meet the growing requirements. In its search for a remedy, Infineon Technologies AG has incorporated a TIM material solution from Henkel Electronic Materials to now make available a heat conducting compound optimized specifically for the architecture of power semiconductors in modules.

New branding architecture for the Henkel adhesive technologies business serving industrial markets

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02/19/2013 - Düsseldorf / Germany

Henkel will introduce a new branding approach for its industrial adhesive technologies business. The company’s brand portfolio has grown strongly over the past decades and has enabled Henkel to become the global market leader in adhesives, sealants and surface treatments. To improve the navigation through the brand portfolio, Henkel will now re-group its industrial business for adhesive technologies under five technology cluster brands, each of which will represent a cluster of specific technologies and applications.

Henkel to acquire Polish Laundry and Home Care brands from PZ Cussons

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02/20/2013 - Düsseldorf / Germany

Henkel has signed an agreement with the UK-based consumer products company PZ Cussons Plc to acquire their Polish Laundry and Home Care brands. The transaction includes predominantly detergents and fabric softeners of the “E” brand, and other smaller brands. The business operates mainly in Poland but also includes activities in Russia and other Central Eastern European countries.

Frekote for high-gloss plastic components

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02/25/2013 - Düsseldorf / Germany

The Frekote products that Henkel will exhibit at the JEC Composites fair are highly efficient solutions for complex mold geometries. During the exhibition centering on the composites industry, which takes place from March 12 to 14 in Paris, the world’s leading adhesives manufacturer will present its product portfolio for the sector. Frekote is not only the brand for outstanding mold release agents; users also benefit from Henkel’s expertise in the development of customer-specific solutions.

Working together for sustainability

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03/06/2013 - Düsseldorf / Germany

Henkel is publishing its latest Sustainability Report today. The focus of this 22nd issue is on the implementation of the sustainability strategy that the company presented in 2012. At the core of the strategy is the goal of achieving more with less. Henkel intends to triple its resource efficiency by the year 2030. To achieve this ambition, Henkel is actively involving its employees in its strategy implementation programs and working with its partners to drive sustainability along the various value chains. 

Henkel’s sales and earnings reaching record levels

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03/06/2013 - Düsseldorf / Germany
  • Sales rise 5.8 percent to 16,510 million euros (organic: +3.8%)
  • Adjusted* operating profit: +15.1 percent to 2,335 million euros
  • Adjusted* EBIT margin: +1.1 percentage points to 14.1%
  • Adjusted* earnings per preferred share (EPS): +17.8% to 3.70 euros
  • Strong performance in the emerging markets (organic: +7.8%)
  • Proposed dividend: +18.8 percent to 0.95 euros per preferred share
  • 2013 set to be another year of growth

Encapsulants for Sensitive Components

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03/07/2013 - Düsseldorf / Germany

Formulated to address the drawbacks of alternative products, Henkel Electronic Materials announces the commercial availability of two encapsulants for selective protection of environmentally-susceptible components. The materials, Loctite Eccobond UV9060F and Loctite Eccobond EN 3707F, deliver an impermeable barrier to potential environmental influences and offer manufacturers cure process flexibility and deposition traceability.

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