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Gary Dicker, director at dhd cooling, explains why the evaporative cooling tower is still a great choice.

There is a lot of bad press surrounding evaporative cooling towers, but they are still one of the best long-term solutions for industrial and commercial cooling challenges and here’s why.

In order to reach certain cooling temperatures dry cooling alone is not the answer, in these cases there are a few bolt-on options that you can put on a dry cooler that will reduce cold water temperatures, but these come with their own distinct disadvantages.


DHD Cooling, working with Galebreaker, is constantly expanding its range of wind and weather protection systems to meet the many challenges in the power and industrial sectors.

As the market leader in weather protection systems Galebreaker continues to develop CFD modelling techniques that can accurately model entire air cooled power plants to determine the right position and porosity of wind reduction systems. These solutions have not only improved thermal efficiency of power plants but also protect mechanical equipment from wind induced vibrations, so reducing downtime and improving mechanical performance.

Airborne Water Droplets Are a Big Issue, if You Catch My Drift


Drift from a cooling tower can be a huge problem. Drift is the aerosol emission of process water from a cooling tower. These emissions are capable of travelling upwards of 1km, with a properly treated system the level of bacteria must be controlled within safe parameters but even in these systems the water droplets could be carrying Legionella Bacteria, so the potential for an outbreak is increased, if more drift is created. This is why it is critically important that as a plant operator you can spot the signs of excessive drift, and do something about it before it becomes a problem.

Cooling Tower Safety and Maintenance The Importance of Aligning Debris Management With Water Treatment Procedures By Randy Simmons

The following is an important reminder of the need for all companies and institutions utilizing cooling towers, to adopt diligent maintenance and water treatment programs; Why? - Because what's at stake is worker health & safety, operational efficiency and the company's reputation. In recent years a major worldwide auto manufacturer experienced a tragedy when four of its maintenance workers became ill with pneumonia-like symptoms that ultimately claimed the lives of two. The cause - Legionnaires Disease due to Legionella bacteria found in one of the manufacturers cooling towers.

Swirl Diffusers Cool Corrugated Board Manufacturer

GT, based in Cognac, France specialise in the manufacture of corrugated board for the packaging industry.

The operators in the packaging converting areas were being exposed to temperatures in excess of 350C. It is widely recognised that in high temperatures productivity falls, errors increase and absenteeism increases.

A single EcoCooler was used to supply a ducting system terminating in three swirl diffusers.

Ecofriendly factory Sri Lanka

Marks & Spencer's 100 per cent carbon neutral, 100 per cent green, 100 per cent ethical factory in Thurulie, Sri Lanka.

Funded and built by Marks & Spencer in partnership with a local, award-winning manufacturer called, confusingly, MAS, this temple to sustainability now produces the world’s first eco underwear:

To cool a pressure transducer


Cristalerias Toro SAIC

Cristalerías Toro SAIC based in Santiago, Chile has produced glass containers since 1952.
Supplying wine pisqueras, liquor factories, food producers, pharmaceutical companies and businesses that produce cosmetics, they work with five colours of glass, former green, white industrial, dried leaves, amber and cosmetic white.  They also produce neutral glass ampoules and vials for the pharmaceutical industry.

Power out of a container can be rented, so can tents and even Santa Claus outfits. It's probably less well known that when air-conditioning or power-supply units are required, they too can be hired rather than purchased outright. One of Europe's biggest providers in this area is Energyst B.V., with their head office in Breda, the Netherlands.

Energyst B.V. always have the right solution available when it comes to equipment for generating electricity, refrigeration, air conditioning, or heating and ventilation. Caterpillar electricity generators start at 20 kVA and go right up to complete installations for power stations. Besides electrical generating sets, Energyst also supplies uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), transformers, load banks, switch over panels, distribution panels, and cables.

Degussa calls upon Energyst for its climate-control issues collaboration between Degussa and Energyst is very varied in its nature. Within the framework of the expansion of the public utilities, linked with the construction of the new Methionine factory in Antwerp, Energyst offers support by means of temporary heating and cooling equipment.

In consultation with the central energy unit, and their German colleagues, Energyst supplied several back-up central heating boilers during the expansion work carried out within the gas supply system.

Emergency Chilled Storage

Cool energyCool Energy can offer you a nationwide same and next day delivery service to help you with any unplanned Chill Store breakdowns and emergencies. Cool Energy are refrigeration specialists providing RENTAL low temperature fan coils and chillers, capable of being supplied to help provide sub 4°C air temperatures fast, whilst your breakdown is being repaired.

We can provide you with express delivery, installation and commissioning service alongside the supply of flexible water hoses, pipework connections, heat exchangers and power generators.Need a small or large cooling package now?

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