CETIM relies on SONOTEC’s air-coupled system

The demand is constantly increasing. SONOTEC has just handed over another laboratory system for non-contact ultrasonic testing to its customer CETIM.

 CETIM is a French Technical Center for Mechanical Industries and has been created in 1965 to support innovation and competitiveness of companies thanks to its multidisciplinary expertise and unique R&D capacity.

SONOTEC’s SONOAIR system enables CETIM to perform measurements on materials that are difficult or impossible to inspect using conventional ultrasonic testing. This applies, for example, to state-of-the-art fiber composites or honeycomb structures. This system is coming to complete the broad spectrum of NDT equipment at CETIM’s facilities.

In June 2023 the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) took place at SONOTEC GmbH in Halle, Germany, where sample scans of the customer were carried out directly, which were brought along by Mr. Guillaume Pors on behalf of the customer. Last week, the Site Acceptance Test occured in Nantes, France, during which Andreas Bodi, Director of Electronics Development at SONOTEC GmbH, installed, commissioned, and provided on-site training for the SONOAIR system.

SONOTEC’s ultrasonic transducers have outstanding acoustic properties thanks to their highly flexible SONOTEC piezo-composite technology.


The Award Winning Cygnus Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

red dot nov 15The new MK5 Cygnus ultrasonic thickness gauge has been awarded an "Honourable Mention” by Red Dot Award for its design excellence in the most important competition for product design.

Earlier this year, Cygnus Instruments Ltd launched their new range of ultrasonic thickness gauges that were designed and manufactured using a twin shot injection moulded enclosure which has a soft but durable TPE outer skin, making them both comfortable and extremely durable, while the inner shell is strong, keeping the electronics totally sealed from the outside environments.

Cygnus Donates Gauge to FV3805 Restoration Project

cyg nov 15Cygnus Instruments Ltd has donated an ultrasonic thickness gauge to the FV3805 charity project who are restoring a historic FV3805 tank to carry disabled ex-servicemen and women and members of the public.

Working to maintain much of the UK's infrastructure

cygnus-2-hands-freeIn 2014 alone, Amey PLC have purchased a large number of Cygnus 2 Hands Free ultrasonic thickness gauges to maintain much of the UK's infrastructure that people rely on every day.

Cygnus Instruments Ltd are the leading manufacturer of multiple echo ultrasonic thickness gauges that are used in many industrial applications worldwide.  So far this year, Cygnus have sold over 60 thickness gauges to Amey PLC who provide a wide range of services to the public and regulated sectors.

New ATC Diversified Electronics Phase/Voltage Monitor Offers Cost-Effective Protection [Maintenance News]

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February 28, 2013 - Newell, West Virginia, USA - ATC Diversified Electronics, a division of the Marsh Bellofram Group of Companies, today announced the launch of the SLU-0200 phase/voltage monitoring series,  designed to provide cost-effective protection against premature equipment failure or downtime caused by voltage faults or untimely outages on Wye or Delta three-phase systems. The SLU-0200 series also comes complete with “Rapid Cycle Lockout.”

Planners and MRO [Maintenance Tip]

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Now that you’re Maintenance Planners are planning, what methods exist for them to procure parts for approved Work Orders? Make sure that within your planning and materials processes you have a simple method for the Planner(s) to be able to get the parts that are needed for an approved job. In order to successfully plan and schedule work, a simple, effective, and timely method must exist to get what is needed to do the job…

Des-Case Names Director or International Business Development [Maintenance News]

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Goodlettsville, Tenn. (March 4, 2013) - Des-Case Corporation, a global leader in industrial lubrication and contamination control, has named a director of international development, the company announced today.

Importance of Reliable Shipping Carriers [Article]

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by Tom Bonine The order fulfillment process represents a vital component of business success. Since most companies outsource their shipment operations to specialized services, the importance of reliable shipping carriers can’t be overlooked. Using a reliable shipping company is crucial to ensure customer satisfaction and to grow your business. However, the reliability of the shipping service provider is not the only element that matters when choosing a carrier. A shipping company must also be efficient, offer low fees, and deliver a wide variety of merchandise on time and in good condition.

On-line Thermal Imaging Camera Series Systems for Process Temperature Measurement and Control [Maintenance News]

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Franklin Lakes, NJ February, 2013 - The amazingly versatile and newly improved fully radiometric, PSC- Surveyor thermal imaging camera series offers remarkable 125hz speed with high resolution 384x288 pixel FPA detector in an ultra-compact design.

Facing the Inevitable [Maintenance Tip]

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Sometimes the obvious is overlooked and therefore waste creeps in. Standardization and rationalization are great ways of providing savings even if it takes slight modifications to equipment or methods.  Tip excerpted from People A Reliability Success Story by Cliff Williams

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