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New whitepaper highlights that uptime is food industry’s biggest concern

A new whitepaper from the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) specialist Ultimo entitled Productive maintenance: how to optimise asset uptime and cost control in the food processing industry is available to download from

The paper explores various threats to profitability, be they unprecedented challenges such as the Covid pandemic or legislation-related issues including poor HSE compliance, and looks at the options available to operators to minimise the risks to their assets.


Speedpanel, part of the Speedclad group of businesses, has developed a range of insulated composite spandrel panels that provide both extremely quick building encapsulation and fire-retardant properties in accordance with the latest regulations. Notably, the company worked in close liaison with adhesive expert Henkel to identify the optimum flame-retardant bonding product for the panels. In a construction market still reeling from the tragic Grenfell Tower fire in 2017, the resulting Speedpanel A2 Glass and Speedpanel A2 Aluminium carry an independently certified fire rating of A2-s1 d0, creating a huge USP for the company and opening up vast market potential in both new build and replacement façade projects.

Scottish Leather Group confirmed as lowest carbon leather manufacturer in the world

Scottish Leather Group has today (6 July) published its 2021 Sustainability Report, detailing the company’s progress towards its key goal of zero impact leather manufacturing. 

The company, which is the world’s lowest carbon intensity leather manufacturer, has also announced that it is well on its way to being carbon neutral by 2025 – 20 years ahead of Scotland’s net zero ambitions.  

In addition to an independently verified Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) conducted on the entire manufacturing process, the company recorded a carbon footprint of just 1.1kg of CO2 per hide – a 90% reduction from 10.3kg two decades ago.  

Nissan Conveyor Maintenance

Conveyors at Nissan move material and goods throughout the plant and warehouses every day. Driven by either a belt or chain, they move at various speeds and angles. In many cases, a conveyor breakdown can shut down the entire operation until repairs are complete. The cost impact from a conveyor failure is significant.

Following a comprehensive maintenance program and using the right maintenance support equipment can prevent unexpected downtime.

Quality meets quality: technotrans cooling solution for Miele injection moulding processes

Miele stands for quality. This is also reflected by Miele's slogan in German "Immer Besser", which literally translates to "always better" or "better and better". The company has worked hard to earn their reputation over several decades. Customers benefit from this by way of reliable and durable products. In order to meet the strict quality standards the company sets for itself, it relies on innovative production technologies. For example, Miele uses a special dry cooling solution made by Reisner Cooling Solutions, a company of the technotrans group, for cooling the hydraulic systems at their Warendorf location.

Ultimo identifies access to data as key in chemical processing

Access to actionable data has been identified by Ultimo Software Solutions as being the most important factor, in relation to asset management, in the chemical processing sector. The findings have been published in a new whitepaper entitled Optimising uptime and cost control in the chemical processing industry. The paper covers the most crucial subjects in relation to Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and is available to download at:

How the power of AI can save plant operators a small fortune

By Andrew Normand, UptimeAI partnership lead for Encora Energy

In today’s intensely competitive trading environment, it has never been more important to get the most out of your assets. In this context, using technological innovations such as artificial intelligence (AI) can maximise the efficiency and productivity, not only of individual pieces of equipment, but also entire process systems and networks of equipment.

Vibration Analysis in Maintenance Can your technicians make the replace-or-repair decision?

If you engage in any maintenance, you will want to ensure your technicians can make the replace-or-repair decision before complete system failure of key components takes place. The easiest way to manage this risk is with vibration analysis.

Vibration analysis allows you to detect early signs of machine failure/deterioration. This allows your technicians to replace or repair machinery before catastrophic system functional failure takes place.

Case Study 1: Enhanced System Reliability

Electrical Vibration Problem

This is the first of five video case studies on Enhanced System Reliability by James Sylvester.

In this first case study James shows how vibration analysis can be used to diagnose electrical vibration problems. In this case a VFD driven Motor. Over the next few weeks James is going to share a selection of interesting vibration analysis case studies. Enjoy, and please share if you found it useful.

Agadir-Chtouka desalination plant strikes gold with tailored compressor solution

Abengoa, a major multi-national infrastructure company working in the energy and water sectors, has contracted Ingersoll Rand’s Engineering Project Solutions team to design a tailored compressed air system for the Agadir-Chtouka desalination plant in Morocco, with the latest CompAir technology providing the perfect solution.

Water plants depend on high-quality instrument air and service air to be exceptionally clean and free of contaminants such as moisture and particles. The Agadir-Chtouka desalination plant required instrument air to power pneumatic equipment, valves and some electrical controls, as well as service air for the industrial processes at the facility, including seawater intake, the re-distribution of salt to the sea, storing drinking water in tanks, and cleaning these tanks too.

Case study: Safe and efficient maintenance with a scalable and adaptable Lockout/Tagout implementation 

Ontex, a leading international personal hygiene group, wanted to achieve a high level of safety and efficiency for machine maintenance interventions. Read how Brady Corporation has helped Ontex to implement efficient Lockout/Tagout-procedures that deliver optimal maintenance safety and speed for a wide range of machinery in Buggenhout, Belgium.

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