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A Unique Effective Cost Saving Solution to Oil Spills


At PVL and Industry Superstore we are pleased to announce our partnership with TEST1 in conjunction with marketing their highly effective Foamflex200 product ranges in the UK.

  • TEST1’s FoamFlex200 is an innovative patented absorption technology for hydrocarbons and their derivatives. The product is an open cell oleophilic polyurethane foam with hydrophobic effect. This allows intact recovery of spilled hydrocarbons without water.
  • Foam Flex200 can absorb, for about 30 times its own weight, any hydrocarbon. The added difference is (compared to other products in the marketplace) ids that by wringing it out, just like a normal sponge, it can be reused over 200 times.
  • One kilogram (1 kg) of FoamFlex200 can absorb about 6.000 Kg of hydrocarbons. FoamFlex200 allows an improvement in the performance of the reclamation activities in terms of costs, efficiency, effectiveness, timing, minimizing the environmental impact.
  • FoamFlex200 is a fast, versatile, easy to use response method. FoamFlex200 performs the absorption of tons of oil with a minimal amount of product.
  • Its compact stowage size and effectiveness in any condition makes it the ideal emergency equipment specification for confronting unexpected spills. The speed of deployment and rapid absorption characteristics of FoamFlex200 limits damage due to weathering phenomena: sedimentation, stain expansion, toxic exhalations.

Maintenance time again?


Whatever type of maintenance you regularly carry out, you need the right tools for the job. At Industry Superstore we stock extensive ranges of technical sprays, adhesives, sealants, and assembly pastes to meet all your requirements.

Effective Cleaning with our Industrial Cleaner

Machines, systems and production buildings need to be cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis. Our Weicon Industrial Cleaner has a powerful spray with high active ingredient content that ensures the fast and effective industrial cleaning of various surfaces - whether it's metal, plastic, wood or glass. The example shows the cleaning of a conveyor belt of a labelling machine in the beverage industry. That way, the cleaning agent contributes to minimising machine downtimes and thus to optimising operational processes.

Elastic Adhesives and Sealants (An Example)


Elastic adhesives and sealants are used today in many areas of industrial production and assembly. They combine the advantages of adhesive bonding and sealing technology and are used wherever the elasticity and the sealing of a joint are the most important requirements.

Weicon Black-Seal adhesive and sealant is black, high-temperature resistant (+280°C/+536°F), free of solvents, strong, oil-resistant, grease-resistant, pressure-resistant, resistant to ageing and extremely elastic (breaking elongation of approx. 500%).

Black-Seal is suitable for bonding and sealing in applications where particularly high oil and grease resistance is required. Black-Seal can be used on gearbox, valve and casing covers, oil sumps, water pumps, gears and axles, flanges, tanks and containers, and in many other areas.

Anti-Seize Assembly Paste


Our heat-resistant Weicon Anti-Seize Assembly Paste provides ideal protection against the worry of corrosion and wear. The metal-free lubricant is suitable for any material and can be used on wheel rims, brake blocks, brake drums, stud bolts or wheel bolts. The lubrication and greasing of all components with Anti-Seize Assembly Paste also increases occupational safety during production.

Got a project that you need help with?

At Industry Superstore we stock the solutions to your needs. Our ranges are growing constantly. Please have a look at our website and also our social media posts.

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