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Schaeffler Grease App: More efficient and sustainable rolling bearing lubrication

  • Grease App is customer-friendly solution for complex questions relating to rolling bearing lubrication
  • App determines the ideal lubricant type, lubricant quantity, grease service life, and relubrication intervals for each bearing type  
  • A contribution to more sustainable machine operation: under-lubrication or over-lubrication is prevented and risk of premature bearing failures reduced

Birmingham | March 15, 2023 | Up to 80 per cent of all premature bearing failures are caused by incorrect lubrication. This is where the Grease App from the automotive and industrial supplier Schaeffler comes into play for the customer by determining the ideal lubricant type, lubricant quantity, grease service life, and relubrication intervals required for initial lubrication and relubrication of the rolling bearings. The software draws on data from the in-house rolling bearing calculation tool Bearinx for the calculations. In this way, under-lubrication or over-lubrication and the risk of premature bearing failures can be prevented.

The App also provides guidelines on selecting suitable lubricants from the Arcanol range. In combination with the automatic lubricators from the CONCEPT range, intelligent OPTIME lubricators, and Arcanol lubricants, Schaeffler offers a perfectly coordinated system for the sustainable lubrication of rolling bearings.

The Grease App in use
The app is available free-of-charge in a web-based format or for downloading via the usual app stores. Once the operating conditions such as loads, speeds, and environmental influences have been entered into the app, the appropriate Arcanol grease types, grease service life, relubrication interval, and the lubricant quantity required for initial lubrication and relubrication of the rolling bearings by the customer are calculated and displayed. The ideal lubricant quantity is calculated taking the respective rolling bearing specification into account. For example, the various internal geometries of the rolling bearings are taken into consideration.

The app also provides visual and text-based information on how to optimally adjust lubricators from Schaeffler’s OPTIME and CONCEPT series.

Arcanol lubricants have proven effective in rolling bearing and linear applications for decades. They undergo extensive suitability testing and are matched for optimum performance in tests based closely on applications. This results in an improved grease service life and an optimum rolling bearing operating life. The Arcanol portfolio currently comprises lubricants for multi-purpose, high-load, high-temperature, and special applications.

Arcanol lubricants are part of the Schaeffler Lifetime Solutions Portfolio, which offers a comprehensive range of products, services and solutions for industrial maintenance and is designed to help maintenance personnel throughout the entire operating life of a machine.

The Grease App has also been integrated into the Schaeffler sales system medias, to ensure the seamless supply of all relevant information to the customer.


Waterproof Workwear for the Winter.

Effective garment waterproofing is a hallmark of Snickers Workwear’s winter clothing.

Whichever Snickers Workwear Jacket you choose, you can count on real comfort and protection from rain and foul weather.

Stay dry, warm and comfortable by choosing from a range of water-repellent jackets with welded seams that will keep you dry in light showers and deliver great breathability to ventilate your body when you’re active on site.

But if you need 100% waterproofness for long periods, check out the GORE-TEX® jackets. These highly technical garments are waterproof to keep you dry, windproof to keep you warm, and breathable to keep you comfortable all day long

There’s a host of AllroundWork and FlexiWork jacket styles and extensive size options available for tradesmen and women, so you can layer your working clothes properly to ensure that your energy and performance levels are as weatherproofed as you need to be.


For more information on Snickers Workwear’s Winter Working Clothes, call the Hultafors Group UK Helpline on 01484 854788, checkout the website at or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Fini direct-drive compressors: the compact solution to higher air demand

FPS Air Compressors is releasing the range of Fini direct-drive compressors into the UK. Comprising MiniCUBE and CUBE models, the former is the most compact solution in its market segment and comes as a single-phase solution if preferred in the 2.2kW model. Where higher air requirements are necessary, the CUBE is available in models up to 7.5 kW, providing a direct replacement for a piston compressor while producing 30-35% more output. 

Small in size, but big in benefits, the MiniCUBE delivers compressed air for pneumatic devices that include air tools, spray paint guns, production machinery and packaging systems, to list but a few. The unique 1:1 direct drive means no belts, gears, pulleys or couplings, avoiding tension or misalignment issues. The upshot is reduced maintenance and noise emissions, alongside high levels of energy efficiency and safety.

Suitable for continuous use, the reliable MiniCUBE offers all the power of a screw compressor in either three-phase (400 V) or single-phase (240 V) variants, where the former features an IE3 energy efficiency class motor. Providing simple and reliable operation in a footprint of less than 1m3, the unit is exceptionally quiet, allowing its placement near any operating environment. Notably, this oil-lubricated coaxial compressor is available at low investment cost, despite the inclusion of features like a shock-resistant thermoformed protective cover, intake regulator and LOGIN Basic’ multi-function controller.

The MiniCUBE’s user-friendly LOGIN Basic controller measures and displays system status, operating temperature, operating pressure, total working hours, load hours and remaining hours until maintenance. It also facilitates alarm management with a dedicated display, and integrated digital phase sequence control.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Continued ……

Available in floor-mounted, powder coated tank and galvanised tank models, the MiniCUBE is a 2.2 kW compressor that delivers either 261 or 292 l/min air outflow rates. 

For higher air demands, the larger capacity CUBE range comes in models up to 7.5 kW and just like the MiniCUBE, the oil-injected rotary screw CUBE compressor, is quiet, compact, energy-efficient and extremely reliable. Again offering the benefits of direct-drive transmission, it houses all the same features, alongside an ETMII controller with backlit multi-function display. Notable control features include four maintenance timers (air filter, oil, oil filter and separator filter), programmable cooling fan temperature and programmable remote control starting.

The heavy-duty CUBE compressor can run continuously under the most severe conditions of use. Furthermore, The ‘ES’ version includes a refrigerated dryer entirely enclosed within the main cabinet while maintaining the same shape and dimensions of the standard machine. The CUBE is available in floor-mounted, powder coated tank and galvanised tank models from 4 kW to 7.5 kW, and from 460 to 1,050 l/min air outflow rates.

Both the CUBE and MiniCUBE are plug-and-play systems. They come ready for use and already supplied with RotarECOFLUID mineral oil. Options include a heater that prevents the formation of condensate, maintaining adequate oil temperature during the compressor’s standby phase.

These high-efficiency, low-noise (65 dB(A)) compressors come with a three-year warranty to provide reliable performance and peace-of-mind for users that include machine builders, small manufacturers, automotive workshops, theme parks, car washes, farm workshops, wood yards, education establishments and many more.

For further information please visit

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The New Peli™ 9050 LED

Peli Products UK celebrate their 30th anniversary and launch an innovative addition to the range of tough Peli portable lighting instruments.

The new Peli™ 9050 LED is the first model in the industry that can be powered by aflexible battery system that can run on Li-ion battery packs, AA Alkaline or AA NiMH cells.  The quick-change battery system provides the user withcontinuous lighting via rechargeable 7.4V Lithium Ionbattery packs, or up to 16 AA Ni-MH / Alkaline batteries.

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With a light output of up to 3369 lumens there is a choice ofSpot, Floodor Spot & Flood combinedwithout the need for diffusers or attachments.  This compact utility light is one of the brightest and most innovative LED lighting tools available, with extensive features providing industrial professionals with incredible versatility.
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Designed to stand on end, the 9050 features a 112.5° tilting head to angle the beam exactly where required.   A sure grip handle provides a comfortable and non- slip grip with an extra large space to accommodate gloved hands.

With a battery level indicator, the Peli 9050 also has rear taillights with dedicated switch and adjustable colours (Green, Blue, Red).

The Peli 9050 is waterproof with an IP67 rating, so can be used even in the worst wet conditions.

It has been designed to serve professional users in a diverse range of industries including UtilitiesIndustrial, Engineering, Rail, Fire Servicesand more.

David Smith is the Sales Director for Lighting Products and commented “We are incredibly excited to be able to offer the 9050 to the UK market, having seen the evolution in its design and knowing the impact it will have in improving workplace safety for professionals.  The addition of the versatile power pack ensures the user always has a backup, should the rechargeable batteries run low whilst in use at a critical time.  The ability for the 9050 to switch between a dedicated flood, and a high powersearch spot beam provides the user with a multitude of possible applications in just one compact and lightweight LED unit.”

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New Battery Powered Machine Skates for Industrial Movers

Enerpac announces the new EMLS/EMV Series Battery-Powered Machine Skates for moving heavy industrial machinery in confined spaces where conventional methods are either labour intensive or unsafe. Designed especially for industrial machine movers and millwrights, the Enerpac Skates allow a single operator to safely and remotely position loads of up to 55 tons. 

The EMLS/EMV Series Machine Skates are self-propelled, eliminating the need to manually push or pull the load. They also ensure the safety of the operator by allowing them to work at a safe distance away from the load. Single user operation allows machine movers to tackle more projects with fewer resources, therefore more quickly recouping their initial investment.

Fully compliant to the ASME B30.1 standard, the battery- powered machine skates keep the load close to the ground, reducing the overhead clearance required to move the load through a facility, and more importantly, increasing safety.

High manoeuvrability, precise control

The EMLS/EMV Series dual-drive motors and a 360-degree tilt swivel saddle provide agility in small areas and around tight corners. Precise control is enabled with the wireless remote-control including two joysticks to advance and steer the load, and variable speed control for changing conditions.

The onboard battery power source makes it easier to move the load when the condition of the floor isn't perfectly smooth or level. It provides the capability to travel over inclines of up to 3% and across ground gaps of up to 14mm. The setup process is easy, as the wireless controller automatically pairs with the machine skates immediately on start-up.

Up to 4 times faster

According to Enerpac, the EMLS/EMV Series Battery-Powered Machine Skates allow moves to be completed up to 4 times faster than conventional methods. Fully loaded, the skates travel up to 8m per minute and run for up to an impressive 3 hours on a single charge - giving you the potential to move loads over 1200m without the need to switch the battery.

The EMLS/EMV Series 55-ton model makes it possible to both lift and transport from the single unit, significantly speeding up the load moving process by reducing the number of tools involved.

For more information on the Enerpac EMLS/EMV Series Battery-Powered Machine Skates, visit

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Cobic-Ex: new supplier specialized in explosion proof lighting and equipment

Cobic-Ex was born from ATEX equipment manufacturers Armadex & Ex-Machinery, based in the Netherlands. Whereas the latter companies are known for modifying state of the art equipment to comply with ATEX regulations, Cobic-Ex is a company focused on supplying a broad spectrum of third-party products.  

An extensive product range  

To better serve customers and fulfill more needs, Cobic-Ex works with known manufacturers within the explosion protection industry. Cobic-Ex offers a much broader product range in terms of equipment type and certifications to existing customers and new parties. The emphasis here is on providing customers with different lighting solutions dependent on the type of hazardous area. Cobic-Ex offers lighting solutions for every different ATEX zone.   

Specialized in explosion proof lighting 

Cobic-Ex is specialized in explosion proof lighting, an essential part of any hazardous area. Collaborations with renowned brands such as NightSearcher (based in the United Kingdom) and Underwater Kinetics (based in Germany) ensure that the best ATEX equipment is offered.  

Both portable and fixed lighting solutions are available, certified for ATEX zones 0/20, 1/21 & 2/22, IECEx, UL, Mining, UKCA, et cetera.  The explosion lighting solutions are divided into the following categories:


  • Explosion proof flashlights 
  • Explosion proof flood lights 
  • Explosion proof headlamps 
  • Explosion proof search lights 
  • Explosion proof work lights

Of course, we also supply equipment offered by Armadex and Ex-Machinery such as explosion proof cameras and air conditioners. 

Worldwide shipping 

Cobic-Ex offers worldwide shipping, leaning on the logistics experience of both Armadex & Ex-Machinery. Land freight is available to European companies and the United Kingdom. Customers from other continents can choose between transport by air or sea. Transport by air is usually faster, whereas sea freight is often the cheaper alternative. In both cases Cobic-Ex ensures that the products are transported smoothly by taking international regulations into account. 




Enerpac pumps up cordless XC-Series with more tool options

The Enerpac XC-Series cordless pumps, now with single and double-acting valves, provide the power of an electric powered pump with the portability of a hand pump. It gives operators access to a wider range of single and double-acting tools for tackling such jobs as servicing machinery and nut splitting and cutting in remote locations or hard-to-access areas.

Enerpac XC-Series cordless pumps will actuate a hydraulic tool as fast as a basic electric powered pump and create up to 700 bar pressure. This means the XC-Series cordless pumps up to five times faster than manual hydraulic pumps and up to two times faster than popular pneumatic powered pumps.

Featuring a lightweight design with integrated handle and shoulder carrying strap, the XC-Series cordless pumps is one of the safest, most ergonomic hydraulic pumps available, and easily transported from job to job. The pump includes a bladder reservoir that eliminates venting, prevents contamination and provides leak-free operation in any position. The XC-Series pumps are also equipped with an efficient electric motor powered by an industrial grade 28-volt, Lithium-Ion battery, delivering exceptional speed and run time.

Designed to provide optimal safety to operators, the XC-Series offers several safety features, including zero trip hazards through cordless design, overload protection circuitry from excessive amp draw or temperatures and a trigger lock-off mechanism to protect against unintended operation during transport.

Enerpac XC-Series cordless pumps are ideal for a wide range of industries such as mining, construction, industrial and power generation, solving diverse and demanding applications, including: lifting rail carriages and rail alignment, mobilising heavy equipment, servicing machinery and nut splitting and cutting.

For more information on the Enerpac XC-Series cordless pumps visit

New Babcock Wanson TwinPack Twin-Furnace Firetube Boilers Combine High Efficiency with Low Emissions

Industrial process heating equipment and solutions specialist Babcock Wanson has launched the TwinPack range of twin-furnace firetube boilers for steam outputs from 30 t/h to 58 t/h, providing maximum efficiency with very low CO² and NOx emissions.

With energy efficiency top of the agenda, Babcock Wanson has designed its Burner Management System and matched combustion head for precise control of excess air throughout the modulating range, and non-degraded operation at very low load.  The simultaneous operation of the burners guarantees an exact thermal load distribution while ensuring maximum flexibility in operation and burner turndown ratios of up to 30:1 on natural gas (mixed and dual fuel firing options are also available). Efficiency can be further enhanced by up to 105% when a TwinPack boiler is specified in conjunction with a Babcock Wanson economiser and heat recovery system. 

This precise match between the boiler and burners not only ensures optimal combustion, but also impacts emissions levels with TwinPack boilers boasting the lowest practicable CO² emissions. The specialist burner technology employed by TwinPack boilers also ensures very low NOx emissions to readily meet and often exceed environmental regulations.

A further environmental benefit to the TwinPack range of boilers is their long life. Featuring a tubular construction flue gas reversal chamber, unique to Babcock Wanson, TwinPack boilers do not require furnace tube tie rods which require regular replacement, and minimises boiler refractory requirements. This design allows high variations of steam demand whilst minimising mechanical stress on the pressure body for a long, reliable operational life.

When maintenance is required, TwinPack boilers provide easy tubeplate and furnace tube access via large, easy use doors on the boiler front and lateral openings. A rear inspection port also provides enhanced access. An in-built upper platform provides safe access to boiler mountings and ease of maintenance and operation.

TwinPack boilers are fitted with comprehensive instrumentation and controls for easy and economic operation. These include the Navinergy system which allows local operation via the boiler HMI plus remote monitoring through a web interface, plus Babcock Wanson’s exclusive unattended operation modes (three days, seven days and even 30 days of continuous operation within authorised limits).

Highly versatile, TwinPack boilers come with a range of options including economisers, combustion air pre-heaters, O2 and CO trim and even superheater variants.

The TwinPack range of twin-furnace firetube boilers is the latest addition to Babcock Wanson’s range of firetube boilers. In addition to these, Babcock Wanson offers a complete range of products and services for boiler houses and other process heating needs, including coil type steam generators, thermal fluid heaters, hot water boilers, VOC and odour treatment by thermal oxidation, water treatment and process air heating solutions. The company aims to help optimise customer’s energy production with high quality products and efficient service.

For more information, please contact Babcock Wanson on 020 8953 7111 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or go to

Fluke launches eBook to help process and manufacturing companies improve energy efficiency and productivity

The new eBook, ‘Fluke leak detection tools – Guide to acoustic leak detection technology’, features testimonials from users of digitised leak detection tools as well as in-depth technical articles, case studies, product data and an online cost savings calculator for demonstrating ROI.


Eindhoven, Netherlands. 15 September 2022: Fluke, a global technology leader in the manufacture of compact, professional electronic test and measurement tools and software, has today launched a new eBook describing the many benefits of using digitised acoustic leak detection technology for facility and maintenance managers.

Entitled Fluke leak detection tools – Guide to acoustic leak detection technology, the eBook showcases how customers can boost energy efficiency and productivity in process and manufacturing facilities using powerful handheld and online tools.

A major global food and beverage production plant located in Germany confirmed Fluke’s innovative technology for detecting leaks in air, gas and vacuum systems has “already produced enormous savings”. The Plant Energy Manager estimated an energy cost saving of between €120,000 and €150,000 per year could be achieved.

Eliminate wasted energy and reduce costs

Available for download in English and German, the exclusive eBook includes in-depth technical information and customer case studies which illustrate how acoustic imaging can transform plant efficiency through the fast identification of leaks in compressed gas systems, which have long been the cause of wasted energy and increased costs.

The eBook explains how the technology can be a game changer for factory managers seeking to meet an organisation’s energy efficiency and productivity goals. Maintenance teams used to rely on the archaic and time-consuming methods of listening out for leaks or using the soap and water technique to identify faults in compressed gas systems. Today, advanced leak detection tools from Fluke can achieve real-time results within minutes, eliminating the need for unscheduled downtime.

Mark Bakker, Field Application Engineer at Fluke said: “Leaks are wasteful and can cause factory owners to overcompensate by using compressors that are larger than they need to be, increasing capital expenditure as well as the amount of energy used in a facility. Leaks can also lead to production delays, avoidable downtime and quality issues as well as increased maintenance of factory equipment.”

“Not only can finding and fixing leaks save money, but it can remove the need to build additional capacity into existing systems. Every facility or maintenance engineer will benefit from the insights shared within our new eBook and develop a greater understanding of the most advanced leak detection tools available from Fluke.”


Fast and efficient leak detection

Some of the most common areas that problematic and costly leaks can occur include couplings, hoses, tubes, fittings, threaded pipe joints, quick disconnects, FLT (filter, regulator and lubricator) combinations, condensate traps, valves, flanges, packings, air lines and pneumatic holding tanks. One maintenance manager quoted in the eBook stated that leak-related downtime at their factory costs more than €98,000 an hour in lost productivity.

A series of in-depth technical articles are featured in the eBook covering how the digitisation of leak detection has finally caught up with high-tech processing and manufacturing, and how easy-to-use maintenance tools can deliver huge energy savings for factories while reducing their carbon footprint.

The eBook also showcases Fluke’s online return-on-investment (ROI) calculator that enables users to demonstrate the level of savings that can be made by quantifying leaks using the Fluke ii900 Industrial Acoustic Imager and Fluke ii910 Precision Acoustic Imager. These sophisticated devices use an array of ultra-sensitive microphones with a range of 2kHz to 52kHz to locate the source of the problem. Capable of pinpointing leaks in even the noisiest of factory environments, the acoustic imagers provide users with a visual SoundMap of leaks displayed as a video or still image on a large 7” LCD touchscreen. Reports can be easily generated along with conducting fast routine inspections by maintenance teams once leaks have been repaired.

The new Fluke leak detection tools – Guide to acoustic leak detection technology eBook is available for free download in English and German.  


AirBench have released a new model in their range of VertEx Cross-Draught Extraction Systems designed specifically for extraction of welding fume and grinding dust.


The new VAW range uses AirBenches proven spark protection system to protect a high-grade final filter. VAW units, like all VertEx models, can be combined into a full booth configuration alongside the VB modular booth system; or used as stand-alone systems to create a filter wall.

Working within a filtered booth provides a significantly more effective method of capture for dust and fumes when compared to flexible arms and similar systems which rely on continuous operator adjustment to work effectively.

The VertEx modular approach allows for reconfigurable production and units can even be reconfigured for different dust or fume extraction issues.

for more information, or contact AirBench Ltd to discuss your extraction issues.


ISS Spill Recovery Machine Saves Money, Materials, and the Environment.

Industry Superstore (ISS) is pleased to announce the availability of SRM-22 Spill Recovery Machine. The hand operated SRM-22 has been designed to get more out of spill absorbing materials, reduce waste, increase efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Companies frequently waste materials because of an inability to recover valuable resources after spill absorption following an accidental oil spill or during day-to-day overflow leakage while handling Intermediate bulk containers (IBC’s) or other containers. Such waste fluids can prevent organisations from meeting environmental standards when they could improve their performance by recycling them.

Additionally, the expense of using universal absorbent pads to remove spills only once before disposal quickly adds up. As do the monthly costs of paying for waste removal services.

The ISS SRM-22 can easily solve these problems making absorbent materials last longer, while keeping and reusing recovered spilt liquids. Key benefits of using the SRM-22 to recover absorbents include:

  • Rapid ROI - the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reportsthat on average, a hand wringer pays for itself in just three to five weeks.
  • Further cost savings quickly add up through spending less on supplies along with reducing waste disposal costs. Absorbents by the box instead of in high volume pallets.

The SRM-22 also improves users Green Credentials by allowing the recycling of recovered fluids, improving environmental compliance. In addition, waste minimization goals can be met by sending less materials to landfill. This can also help minimize risks of them potentially leeching toxic hazmat chemicals.


By employing the SRM-22 in an industrial facility, the EPA reports that annual savings of 51-75% can be achieved. Greatly reducing expenditure on purchasing brand new absorbent pads.

The SRM-22 also reduces the costs of buying chemicals and other liquids used in manufacturing and engineering processes. Simple recovery of fluids ensures they last longer, reducing procurement costs. Extending the useful life of fluids will also reduce the costs of monthly waste disposal management services.


ISS have conducted exhaustive tests and have found that the absorbent matts manufactured by Darcy work best with the STM-22 while the use of socks and pillows are not recommended.


Once a spill clean-up, from an IBC or drum leak is carried out, the wet absorbents are passed through the SRM-22 which provides a simple means to recover and recycle the otherwise wasted spilled fluids!


Note - the SRM-22 is only for use in the recovery of liquid materials that are non-flammable. Which typically excludes many solvents, paints, or combustible fuels.

For more information on the SRM-22 Spill Recovery Machine, please call ISS on (+44) 01892 664499, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit

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