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Power management company Eaton has launched SIMAS, believed to be the world’s first fully integrated IP-based voice, data, WiFi, interlock and automation system for underground industrial applications where rugged and/or explosion proof equipment is required*.

Commenting on this breakthrough, Christian Fimpler, Mining Program & Product Manager for Eaton says: “Working underground presents specific challenges when it comes to implementing adequate process control and safety measures. Automation is driving the need for more reliable and high-speed data transfer across multiple pieces of plant, but also reducing the number of personnel in any subsurface area – which makes timely and accurate communication of information more important than ever.

Schaeffler introduces CONCEPT1™ single-point automatic lubricator

Global industrial and automotive supplier Schaeffler has launched its new CONCEPT1 single-point automatic lubricator to the UK market.

Engineered to ensure optimal lubrication in a broad range of industrial machines and devices – including electric motors, bearing housings, fans, blowers and pumps – CONCEPT1 eliminates the need for time-consuming manual lubrication procedures, while preventing lubrication mistakes such as over- or under-greasing, which can cause unplanned equipment downtime.

Rittal Installs New Production Line Chillers for Irish Manufacturing Business

A broken production line is a hugely expensive issue for any manufacturing business, both in terms of lost productivity and the cost of repairs. 

Cooling the electrical equipment required to run any industrial production lines is vital to ensure its continued optimum operation; its electrical components are particularly vulnerable to temperature fluctuations, whether these fluctuations are a result of the waste heat generated as a by-product of its activities, or from fluctuations in the ambient temperature of its surroundings.

The new Fluke ii910 Precision Acoustic Imager detects electrical discharge and pinpoints air, gas and vacuum leaks with greater sensitivity

The new Fluke™ ii910 Precision Acoustic Imager uniquely enables the detection of corona and partial discharge from a safe distance of up to 120 metres. Teams can operate safely, minimise the risk of fires and help reduce outages. It also offers greater sensitivity to detect compressed air, gas, and vacuum system leaks, again reducing potentially costly downtime. More information can be found at

‘Buy a Fluke, Get a FREE Fluke!’ – Fluke’s biggest promotion ever

For purchases up to 15th December 2020, Fluke UK’s Industrial, Calibration and Networks divisions are joining forces to offer the biggest and strongest Fluke promotion ever via its authorised distributors – ‘Buy a Fluke, Get a FREE Fluke!’ Depending on the price level of the Fluke tool purchased (above £100) from whichever Fluke division, the customer can choose from four free Fluke products as shown at

Atlas Copco introduces SMARTCLAMP performance monitoring solution for compressors under 30 kW

Atlas Copco has launched SMARTCLAMP, a solution for compressor and vacuum pump performance monitoring where no built-in controller is fitted. The easy-to-install SMARTCLAMP gathers valuable insights on the running hours and service status of equipment rated up to 30 kW.

Paul Clark, Business Line Manager of  Atlas Copco Compressor Technique Service Sales & Marketing commented: “With SMARTCLAMP, no extra energy source is needed for operation, as it  is simply attached to the incoming power cord to harvest energy from the machine while it is running.


AirBench is pleased to announce the release of the new DF range. DF down flow workstations are designed for light duty fume extraction applications, particularly in situations where installation of a full AirBench downdraught bench system is not convenient.

Rittal Unveils New AX and KX Enclosure Ranges  Millions of customers worldwide rely on Rittal compact and small enclosures.  

However, Rittal has raised the bar with its new AX compact enclosure and KX small enclosure ranges.  Each are designed to offer customers both consistent data delivery and a myriad of other benefits, including a 30 percent reduction in assembly time, 30 percent more space for cables and no less than 30 new features.  

Limited Edition at the start: KEMPER optimises CleanAirTower and increases its performance

Clean working conditions for the entire production: With the comprehensive relaunch of the CleanAirTower, KEMPER is bringing its established general ventilation system to a higher level of protection. The extraction technology specialist has optimised the filter tower in terms of extraction capacity, plant safety, service life and design.

"Our CleanAirTower is the ideal addition to any air pollution control concept", emphasises Björn Kemper, Chairman of the Board of Directors of KEMPER GmbH. “In this way, metalworking companies effectively ensure the protection of their employees in welding and cutting processes, especially those with a high or very high risk potential."

Beamex introduces LOGiCAL 2.0 – a major update to the Beamex subscription-based calibration software

Beamex introduces a significant milestone in the development of LOGiCAL, a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) calibration execution platform. The latest release of LOGiCAL features new functionality for the management of LOGiCAL accounts and users, the creation of plant structure and instruments for calibration, the management of calibration references and the storage of calibration results.

Rittal’s AX KX Compact and Small Enclosures

Millions of small or compact enclosures from Rittal protect sensitive control electronics systems across the globe.

Notwithstanding this success, Rittal - the inventor of industrial enclosure technology - has recently completely revised its product range, focusing on the opportunities and demands arising from digitalization.

The new AX compact and KX small enclosures not only offer customers numerous assembly advantages - as part of the Rittal System, they offer new perspectives for continuous digital value creation.

Emma Ryde, Rittal’s Product Manager for Industrial and IT Enclosures, responds to customer questions about the new product ranges.

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