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IFS Ultimo to showcase further collaboration developments to Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software at Maintec 2023

Recent developments to IFS Ultimo’s EAM software spotlight improving collaboration. IFS Ultimo's ambition is to deliver the world's highest customer-rated EAM solution, empowering maintenance, operations, and safety teams to perform their jobs confidently and proactively. Alongside this, IFS Ultimo has recently launched a comprehensive Operations Suite and is working on further enhancements to simplify mobile inspections. Visitors to Maintec 2023 can visit the IFS Ultimo booth (A58) at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham, UK on 7th and 8th June 2023 to discover more about these latest updates through in-person demonstrations.

Better collaboration through the Operations Suite
In the development towards becoming an optimally profitable organisation, it is crucial that departments work cooperatively from a single source of truth. Companies can bridge the gap between production and maintenance with the IFS Ultimo Operations Suite. Through the Operations Suite, users of the EAM software can use the available capacity more effectively, increase the involvement of various employees and respond quickly to information needs with accessible input from first-hand sources. The Operations Suite features sections on shift handover, autonomous maintenance, and downtime analysis.

Autonomous Maintenance by Operators
The autonomous maintenance section has an accessible solution available for asset operators to perform first-line maintenance.

Kris Sage, Sales Director UK at IFS Ultimo commented: “Often actions, such as cleaning, inspections, lubricants or simple repairs, are carried out in practice by operators, but are not registered on IFS Ultimo’s EAM software. Actions that can easily be shifted from mechanics to operators are also often not registered. Through the autonomous maintenance section of the Operations Suite, knowledgeable operators can now complete tasks without lead times and the scarce capacity of technicians can be deployed primarily on preventive and improving maintenance.”

The functionality is designed so that through accessible checklists and visual elements (for example photos) operators can work quickly, using IFS Ultimo’s EAM software, on a tablet or smartphone.

Easily accessible mobile inspection
In further developments of the functionality for mobile inspections, accessibility, and user-friendliness are key. It needs to be easy for operators to do inspections quickly and intuitively. In the latest developments, IFS Ultimo is focused on further developing an intuitive mobile experience on the Ultimo Go app, where data can be entered with minimal actions. The app recognises when data has previously been entered, helping to prevent repetition. Updates to the app are also improving the follow-up of findings and measurements.

Visit IFS Ultimo at Maintec
As in recent years, IFS Ultimo will be exhibiting at Maintec (Manufacturing + Engineering Week) at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham, UK on 7th and 8th June 2023. Visit the IFS Ultimo booth (A58) to experience demonstrations which will showcase how the latest developments of the EAM software can help users to work more efficiently on the shop floor, allowing for better shape collaboration. This results in lower costs and better information to make the right decisions.


IFS Ultimo's advanced asset and maintenance management technology proves instrumental in Orkla's digital transformation

New software implementation enables precision handling of KPIs and budgets, plus autonomous support functions

IFS Ultimo’sEnterprise Asset Management (EAM) platform has been selected by Orkla to manage activities for projectsatits site inFilipstadSweden. The facilitycurrently uses the cloud-based software solutionto ensure that administrative assignments and maintenance tasksat the site are carried out efficiently and effectively.Further functions of the software will be rolled out to other departments within the organisationat a later date.


As one of the leading operators of brands and concept solutions for supermarkets, pharmacies, bakeries and catering, Orkla has 15 production facilities in Sweden. These are mainly focused onfood and hygiene products.The company has set the objective of contributing towards resolving global health andenvironmental challenges, through developing healthier food products, reducing food waste, curbing greenhouse gas emissions and launching products that contribute to a circular economy.Itneeded a new software solution to match suchambitions, having relied on the same computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) for 25 years.

Our old CMMS system was unable to keep up with the organisation's evolving requirements, as we looked to achieve full-scale digital transformation at ourFilipstadsite,” explained Jack Delang, Process Improvement Manager at Orkla.We were experiencing unexpected system breakdowns,which led to costly disruption.We needed a user-friendly platform to help us streamline maintenance projectsand help us grow as a company.

Orkla first heard about IFS Ultimo through jointpartner Good Solutions. Since partnering with Good Solutions, IFS Ultimo has been expanding further in the Nordic region, gaining greaterlocal knowledge of customers’ requirements there andproviding them with a local point of contact.

“IFS Ultimo has powerful features to manage preventive maintenance and maintenance plans andcan play a huge role in becoming a part ofManufacturing Operations ManagementAlongside this, in comparison to competitors, IFS Ultimo is better developed as a company, with great responsiveness, personal contact and reliable support. The potential with IFS Ultimo solution and their overall professional organisational approach werethe main reasons for our choice,” Orkla’sDelang added.

Featuring innovative technologies and functionalities, the software helps optimise maintenance management allowing the customer to have more control and structure over their assetsto gain greater understanding to empower decision-making and deliver results and to improve cost control.

Delang concluded: “We are up and running with Ultimo forone month now, almost effortlessly. We are impressed with the structure and responsiveness and all the flexible possibilities of changing the fundamental structure. This way, it can be applied in the best way to suit the organisation’s needsCustomer satisfaction from the project team hasbeen very high since thefirst discussions which is a big compliment to the IFS Ultimo team. I’m looking forward tothe upcoming period when we can start to apply new functions of IFS Ultimo to the maintenance department, and later on to the larger organisation that hasn’t had the possibility to use the software yet.

“We are thrilled that Orkla has chosen IFS Ultimo’s EAM platform for use in itsFilipstad site.By working with usOrkla is laying the foundation for achieving increased efficiency in project tasks, while alsolowering maintenance costs,” saidMarco Parnela, Business Development Manager at IFS Ultimo.This is just the start for Orkla.Implementing the software across other departments in the near future will lead toimproved cooperation between the operators and the maintenance department.

To find out more, visit

Teamwork is the key to business resilience for asset managers

If we thought that 2022 would be a year of recovery following the pandemic, we were sadly mistaken. Supply chain challenges and skills shortages continued, with new risks emerging due to a lack of growth and potential global energy shortages. So how did the asset management community respond to the challenges of 2022? Chris van den Belt, Team Leader Product Management, at IFS Ultimo, looks at the results of the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Trend Report 2022, which is based on an extensive survey of asset managers across sectors.

The annual EAM Trend Report is rapidly becoming an essential source of reference for asset managers. It is based on rigorous research undertaken by EAM solutions provider IFS Ultimo and provides an interesting insight into developments in the field of EAM. Participants include asset managers, maintenance managers and facilities managers across industries ranging from manufacturing and logistics to utilities and healthcare. The survey results give a clear indication of their priorities and how these are changing year on year. It also provides insights to help those involved in EAM to respond to the evolving internal and external challenges they face.

Asset management: the eye of the storm

Last year, businesses around the world found themselves in a political and economic environment that seemed more volatile and indeterminate than ever before. As if a global pandemic hadn’t been enough, a war in Europe and the impacts of climate change shook the old certainties around supply chains and energy supply. In these circumstances, being able to make reliable forecasts and manage assets effectively while controlling costs was more important than ever.

Asset managers were at the eye of this storm. It is their job to ensure that a company’s assets continue to deliver value, whatever the technical and economic pressures. For example, their role encompasses digital transformation: not only the technological aspects but the methods of communication and training requirements involved. The deployment of mobile technology, energy efficiency and lifecycle management are equally part of the role. Cyber security, the requirements of sustainability and the circular economy are also coming within the asset managers remit. How did they prioritize these diverse demands in 2022?

Key findings

According to the EAM Trend Report 2022, unplanned downtime remained a constant concern. Indeed, incidents rose 14% in 2022 with 68.6% of respondents experiencing this issue compared to 60% in 2021. Many have tried to address this trend through investment in new assets and technologies. The vast majority (82%) of respondents are now using dedicated asset management software in the cloud or on-premises.

The overwhelming majority of asset managers surveyed stated that uptime was their most important KPI, followed by efficiency (19.2%) and cost control (17.7%) - priorities that remained unchanged from 2021. For comparison, we also asked them to identify their least important KPIs, with some interesting results. Asset longevity (29.4%) emerged as the least important, yet aging assets were identified as the most significant risk to uptime by 31.7% of respondents. This may indicate that many asset managers are still focused on corrective maintenance rather than predictive techniques and lifecycle optimization.

One reason for this may be the lack of access to operational data. Such information is critical to making well-planned decisions that can improve efficiency and productivity, but nearly a third of respondents said they didn’t have the data they need to monitor asset health and performance. This not only makes strategic planning and cost optimization activities challenging, but can also reduce competitiveness.

Despite most respondents having described their approach to maintenance as being in control, only 6.8% were very happy with their approach. Many are actively working on improving the processes to move towards preventive maintenance.

Sustainability issues

Most organizations claim to hold sustainability high on the agenda, but asset managers ranked sustainability as their second lowest priority. Indeed, there were some very mixed messages around this topic throughout the survey results.

Most respondents were aware of their company’s sustainability initiatives and had an opportunity to influence initiatives relating to the topic. However, it appears that some managers are not utilizing one of the most efficient tools for improving asset efficiency. Less than half said they regularly review asset performance data to identify ways to boost

sustainability and efficiency. This means that over 50% don’t make use of the data provided by their asset management software, even though it could make it simple to identify poorly performing or faulty assets or inefficient processes.

Building resilience

Of course, sustainability is just one aspect of a much bigger picture, so we asked asset managers how they would tackle the multiple challenges facing companies today. Investment in the workforce emerged as the single most important way to futureproof operations, with improving cooperation across the organization a close second. More than 40% of respondents wanted to prioritize investing in the workforce, and 27.6% to focus on improving communication and collaboration.

Clearly, asset managers appreciate that, while investment in quality assets is important, the operation is not secure unless it is managed by skilled people who can share their knowledge easily. This theme was consistently reinforced when asset managers were asked to rate cooperation with the maintenance team and other departments. When the collaboration was rated very good or good, most attributed this success to clear and regular communication and information-sharing between the teams. For the managers who rated the cooperation as average, needing improvement, or bad, the poor performance was ascribed to a lack of interaction and siloed working practices, frequently heightened by understaffing.

The good news is that moves to address skills and understaffing are already underway. Asked what steps they had taken to improve response to unprecedented events within the last year, 26.8% were focused on improving cooperation across the organization, and 22.9% had invested in the workforce.


It’s clear that data-driven decision-making, optimal cross-team collaboration, and smart use of technology continue to be key success factors for asset managers. While sustainability is not yet on the daily agenda, it will be interesting to see if this picture changes in future, particularly given the stark messages coming out of COP-27 and warnings of potential energy black-outs.

Regardless of what the future brings, one thing that will remain central to successful asset management is data. Businesses that have access to operational data and, crucially, the ability to make the most of it will have a significant competitive advantage in the market. Solutions such as EAM are set to continue to play a crucial role in giving asset managers the insight, structure and control they need to futureproof processes and successfully navigate future challenges.

IFS Ultimo extends operations to Australia through a partnership with InfoConsulting

IFS Ultimo and leading IT services and solutions provider InfoConsulting have signed a reseller agreement to help Australian customers benefit from IFS Ultimo’s Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) platform. This partnership allows InfoConsulting to add IFS Ultimo’s EAM solution to its portfolio and offer customers a better solution for the evolving needs of businesses through rapidly improving cross-team collaboration, boosting productivity, maximising asset availability, controlling costs and securing health and safety requirements. For IFS Ultimo, this first partnership in Australia is another step in its global growth strategy.

InfoConsulting serves its customers in Australia and New Zealand in industrial and asset-intensive verticals like manufacturing, construction and mining. IFS Ultimo provides a SaaS EAM solution, focused on maintenance & safety with an unparalleled time to value. 

InfoConsulting noticed an increased demand for EAM solutions, advancements in technology and changes in the business landscape, alongside the need to meet customer requirements, such as reducing costs and improving efficiency. This partnership provides them with a comprehensive EAM solution and addresses the evolving needs of businesses. IFS Ultimo’s EAM portfolio enables customers to have the tools needed to harness real value and achieve business goals faster and with more efficiency.

Jon O’Brien, Managing Director at InfoConsulting commented: “We are excited to form this new partnership with IFS Ultimo in Australia to provide our customers with what we consider to be one of the best EAM products on the market for SME sized organisations. InfoConsulting sees massive benefits for customers looking for an asset maintenance solution to complement their existing finance or ERP systems. The IFS Ultimo support provided to its partners was also a very important factor in our decision, helping us to deliver the best experience available to our customers.”

Marcel Leeflang, Head of Channel at IFS Ultimo said: “With the years of experience that InfoConsulting has in industrial markets, this is a perfect partnership for us to explore the Australian market. I’m convinced that we can offer value for the customers of InfoConsulting, supporting them with their maintenance and safety challenges. InfoConsulting’s experience and contacts in solutions that are connected to EAM, like ERP, also offer an opportunity for us to provide solutions in a more integrated way together.” 


About IFS
IFS develops and delivers cloud enterprise software for companies around the world who manufacture and distribute goods, build and maintain assets, and manage service-focused operations. Within our single platform, our industry specific products are innately connected to a single data model and use embedded digital innovation so that our customers can be their best when it really matters to their customers—at the Moment of Service™️. The industry expertise of our people and of our growing ecosystem, together with a commitment to deliver value at every single step, has made IFS a recognized leader and the most recommended supplier in our sector. Our team of 5,900 employees every day live our values of agility, trustworthiness and collaboration in how we support our 10,000+ customers. Learn more about how our enterprise software solutions can help your business today at

About InfoConsulting
With over 20 years of experience, the team at InfoConsulting is proud to be known as a trusted global IT services and solutions provider, helping companies digitally transform their business processes to operate more efficiently.
As trusted advisors with industry specific IT expertise, we work closely with our clients to provide tailored solutions and help them leverage capabilities and benefits of the best technologies on the market.
Our commitment to providing the best technology and expert advice is reflected in our mantra: “The Best Experts, The Best Technology”. Our team is constantly striving to find new and innovative ways to help our clients build real value in their businesses. Whether it’s identifying new opportunities for operational optimisation, maximising the value of software investments or advisory on the most suitable software solutions and implementations, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their business goals.

Reekoh partners with IFS Ultimo to accelerate data integration for industrial asset owners and operators



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Leading Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software provider IFS Ultimo has entered a technology partnership with industrialIntegration Cloud software specialist ReekohThe partnershipenablesReekohtooptimize industrial data operations and integration around asset management. ForIFS Ultimo customers, the partnership will drive more value and increase the ROI they get from their existing asset data and business processes. 

IFS Ultimo Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software helpscustomers gain a better grip over their assets, realize higher uptime, control costs,and create a safe and healthy working environment. Reekoh delivers unprecedented data integration capabilities for industrial asset owners and operators. Designed with support for Edge, On-Premise, Cloud, and Hybrid environmentsand powered by a market-leading library of over 250 pre-built integrations across the OT and IT landscape, Reekoh is the most scalable and robust solution for unifying and integrating operational and business systems.

By using the ReekohIntegration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) and integrations with IFS Ultimo EAM, customers can rapidly unlock fragmented data from silos and assets within their OT and IT infrastructure, use data-driven insights to automate business actions, and accelerate digital transformation. 

Patrick Beekman, Partner Solution Manager at IFS Ultimo, said:Reekoh is growing rapidly in line with market demand for tools that can enhance and simplify digital transformation through an integration approach. At IFS Ultimo, we are also scaling our footprint with other mutual partners such as AVEVA. It makes sense to bring these threads together on the Reekohplatform to generate greater options and outcomes for customers. Reekohdrastically simplifies the ingestion, transformation, and integration of any kind of data into Ultimo EAM to power greater asset management processes and insights, as well as connecting those insights from EAM to other relevant business systems and back down to the asset level.

Dale Rankine, CEO and Founder at Reekoh, added: “As an industrial integration platform, Reekoh’s purpose is to help customers connect their Edge and Enterprise systems to drive a deeper level of value and ROI from their data and business processes. Partnering with best-of-breed vendors like Ultimo, who serve as a critical system for customer operations, means that Reekoh's out-of-the-box integration capabilities can achieve this purpose more quickly.

About IFS Ultimo

IFS Ultimo is a SaaS EAM solution from IFS, focused on maintenance & safety and well known for a rapid deployment, ease of use and an unparalleled time to value. Details about IFS Ultimo can be found at

About IFS

IFS develops and delivers cloud enterprise software for companies around the world who manufacture and distribute goods, build and maintain assets, and manage service-focused operations. Within our single platform, our industry specific products are innately connected to a single data model and use embedded digital innovation so that our customers can be their best when it really matters to their customers—at the Moment of Service™️. The industry expertise of our people and of our growing ecosystem, together with a commitment to deliver value at every single step, has made IFS a recognized leader and the most recommended supplier in our sector. Our team of 5,000 employees every day live our values of agility, trustworthiness and collaboration in how we support our 10,000+ customers. Learn more about how our enterprise software solutions can help your business today at

About Reekoh
Reekoh is the Industrial Integration Cloud provider; a leading integration platform (iPaaS) and toolkit that removes time, cost and risk from industrial digital transformation. Reekoh delivers agile, low-code data integration between all physical (OT, IoT, IIoT) and digital assets (IT) across a wide range of industry segments (Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Energy, Built Environment and more) to accelerate the digital maturity of enterprise customers. With offices across Australia, the US and Asia, and global customers and resellers, Reekoh is the solution that asset owner-operators are turning to for enterprise data integration at scale.

Ultimo Trend Report 2022: Underlines the challenges that EAM sector is currently facing

With aging assets, unplanned downtime, lack of communication and skill shortages, as well as global disruption and exploding energy prices,all having an unwanted impact

Leading Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software solutions provider IFS Ultimo has just published its 2022 Trend Report. It is available to download here:

This document presents an invaluable resource to those looking to better define their asset management strategy. In it, the company describes the various different dynamics that are influencing EAM operations andidentifies the biggest areas of concern.

In order to create this report, IFS Ultimocarried out an extensive survey of decision makers involved in enterprise asset management activities - with over 260 people participating. These came from organisations of all sizes and covered maintenance managers, asset managers, facilities managers, operations managers, etc.As well as insight from respected industry analysts, the report features input from an array of high-profile executives - including representatives from Schneider Electric, Royal Philips N.V.,Verdantix, ICT Group and Logitek.

The current landscape

There are various factors that are causing disruption to the companies that the survey participants represent. Economic uncertainty is a big issue. In addition, the supply chain hold-upsresulting from this continue to have a detrimental effect onthese businesses’ ability to meet their commercial objectives. Gaining access to adequately trained staff is also proving difficult, with a widening skills gap needing to be addressed. 

Maximising uptimestill is clearly a very high priority. Over two thirds of those surveyed stated that the companies they worked for had suffered noteworthy unplanned operational interruptions in the last year. Othergoals that survey participants articulated included increasing operational efficiency levels, prolonging the useful lifespan of assets, and reducing both capital and day-to-day running costs. The importance of data-driven decisions to improve cost control is expected to increase due to the economic situation.Closer and more effective communication between different departments (and the need to get away from silo-based structures) was also something that came up regularly in feedback. The need for more sustainable operationswas not as highly ranked as many people would have expected but is nevertheless becoming increasingly important.

Key findings

The 2022 Ultimo EAM Trend Report successfully uncovers numerous interesting facts. Here are just a few highlights. 

More than 64% of those surveyed stated that they saw the need for mobile-based maintenance practices as being pivotal to boosting efficiency, but 21% felt that not having access to the necessary technology is holding this back.39% recognised that investing in the workforce would be paramount for companies to futureproof their operations, and the need for high quality training was greater than ever.Approximately 32% saw ageing assets as the biggest threat to maintaining acceptable uptime figures andwanted to find better ways to alleviate that problem. 27% of the people surveyed felt that improved communication between departments will be essential if they aregoing to make their companies’ operations more responsive.

As Ewout Noordermeer, IFS Ultimo’s CMO notes; “Our annual EAM trends report is truly uniqueand has built up a strong reputation over recent years. It provides industry professionals involved in asset management with the information they need to gain a better understanding of this subject - detailing the challenges that must be overcome and the new technology emerging to support them.

With the disruption brought on by the pandemic, widespread supply chain challenges and material shortages, the impending skills gap, and the skyrocketing energy costs, asset owners have a lot on their plate. This report offers the latest insights to inspire maintenance and asset management professionals to use their challenges to fuel positive change. It’s clear that data-driven decision-making, optimal cross-team collaboration, and smart use of technology are of vital importance, now and in the future,” Noordermeer concludes.

The 2022 edition of Ultimo’s highly informative EAM Trend Report is available to download at:

IFS Ultimo extends operations to Italy through a partnership with Wonderware Italia

IFS Ultimo and industrial software expert Wonderware Italia have signed a partnership to help Italian customers benefit from IFS Ultimo’sEnterprise Asset Management (EAM) platform. The partnership allows Wonderware Italia to add IFS Ultimo’s EAM solution to its portfolio and offer customers a single point of contact for all their operation and maintenance-related challenges. For IFS Ultimo, this first partnership in Italy is another step in its global growth strategy.

IFS Ultimo and Wonderware Italia are strongly connected to AVEVA’s stack of industrial software solutions. Customers can now easily extend the use of the data they generate with other software tools by integrating them with IFS Ultimo. They will benefit from an asset management architecture that is integrated with real-time data solutions, enabling them to trigger maintenance activities and efficiently manage and optimise the entire process. Thanks to IFS Ultimo’s scalability, customers can start with a small and very focused installation and easily progress to a complete EAM system as their requirements evolve.

Marcel Leeflang, Head of Channel Sales at IFS Ultimo, commented: “The wide range of applicability of the AVEVA and IFS Ultimosolutions allows Wonderware Italia to offer the IFS Ultimo platform across multiple manufacturing sectors in Italy. Customers will benefit from having access to IFS Ultimo and the expert support and industry knowledge provided by Wonderware Italia. Our flexible, effective, easy-to-configure, and simple-to-maintain asset management solution, combined with Wonderware Italia’s Operation Management experience, makes it easy to optimise asset management processes.” 

Alessandro Bertoli, Portfolio & Solutions Manager at Wonderware Italia, said: “Our goal is to be a partner for industrial digital transformation. The right recipe for our customers is to mix skills, technology, reliability, and credibility. Today, the industrial software infrastructure can no longer consist of independent applications. Integration and contextualisation of best-of-breed applications are essential to ensuresuccess today and tomorrow. With this partnership, we can further extend our integrated solution offering. Both AVEVA and IFS Ultimo technologies offer a strong synergy to operators and maintenance teams to get the best performance from their assets. Our customers can now work with one technology provider who can fully support their digital transformation. We believe that the best performance can be reached by empowering people, from operators up to management, with the rightinformation; given timely and accurately. Extending our portfolio with IFS Ultimo allows us and our customers to accelerate this journey to the future.

Prevas signs partnership with IFS Ultimo to optimize asset management and maintenance

Prevas, a well-known service provider of maintenance systems and asset management in the Nordic market, has entered a partnership with IFS Ultimo. IFS Ultimo has expanded its global footprint rapidly over the past years through a growing network of channel partners. This partnership adds another solution to Prevas’ portfolio, enabling the company to offer even more customers attractive and cost-effective solutions for proactive and predictive maintenance.  

Ylva Amrén, Region Manager West at Prevas, commented: “Our partnership with IFS Ultimo will make a difference for organizations looking to streamline their operations with cost-effective asset management solutions. Prevas’ vast customer base, covering various industries, testifies that we understand our customers and their needs. Asset Management is a prominent area of focus for Prevas; in recent years, we have doubled our delivery capacity and have around 40 employees focusing primarily on Asset Management.”

“The IFS Ultimo platform is intuitive, customized for all Nordic languages, cost-effective, and enables fast implementation,” she continued. “We already have two projects underway where the customers have been waiting for a locally represented partner with a solid competence in combination with a scalable and comprehensive product to secure their assets.” 

Marcel Leeflang, Head of Channel Sales at IFS Ultimo, added: “Prevas is a well-recognized service provider of maintenance systems and asset management in the Nordic market. That makes me very enthusiastic about this cooperation. By entering this partnership, we will be presented by a powerful partner that acts as an IFS Ultimo solution provider and manages IFS Ultimo-related projects and implementations. Prevas employees are locally represented in sales, projects, and subsequent management services, all of which we know are highly valued by our joint customers. By adding IFS Ultimo to the Prevas portfolio, we offer asset-intensive customers in the mid-sized market in the Nordics an attractive and cost-effective solution for proactive and predictive maintenance.” 

The partnership stems from the benefits it delivers to both companies, but the cooperation was further accelerated by the acquisition of Ultimo Software Solutions by IFS in July 2022. Prevas and IFS have been partners since 2019, and for Prevas, this cooperation is a natural extension of the existing partnership.

SolutionsPT partners with IFS Ultimo to optimise asset management portfolio

IFS Ultimo and digital transformation expert, SolutionsPT have signed a partnership to support asset-intensive companies in the UK and Ireland in optimising their asset management. IFS Ultimo’s solution will become part of the growing network of companies that aid SolutionsPT in achieving the goal of digital transformation for every industrial enterprise. For IFS Ultimo, this partnership marks a new significant step in its global growth strategy.

IFS Ultimo’s EAM technology helps businesses to manage their physical assets. The partnership enables SolutionsPT to support customers with increased asset uptime and lifespan, creating a safe working environment while cutting down on maintenance costs. Next to this, IFS Ultimo easily integrates with AVEVA software, providing another vital piece of the digital transformation puzzle. Now, SolutionsPT can offer an integrated solution, while combining real-time and operational information to seamlessly work alongside IFS Ultimo’s EAM. This results in a path to clear management and execution of actions to improve overall efficiency.  

Fayez Fares, APM Technical Lead at SolutionsPT, comments on about the partnership:
“We are excited to partner with IFS Ultimo and include the impressive Enterprise Asset Management platform as part of our expert offering to customers. As AVEVA Select Partners for the UK & Ireland we are well versed in world-class solutions and IFS Ultimo’s easy integration with Insight, System Platform, and Asset Strategy Optimization will only strengthen our offering to customers, creating a win-win solution for both our customers and ourselves. Our partnership with IFS Ultimo is another element of our step-by-step approach which can effectively achieve digital transformation for every industrial enterprise.”

Marcel Leeflang, Head of Channel Sales at IFS Ultimo, adds: “Customers from SolutionsPT will benefit from having a single point of contact for all their industrial software-related demands. The market specialists from SolutionsPT have years of experience in providing industrial software services. Therefore they are a logical partner for us to expand our business with. Next to AVEVA’s APM focussed software, they can now close the loop for customers by adding the maintenance part to their portfolio. This allows their customers to take the right action, with the right asset, at the right time. Our software stands out in optimizing Asset management processes and realizing a safe working environment, which becomes more and more important these days.”

IFS Ultimo helps BEAT Cycling Club gain the insight needed to grow to ProTeam level

Nunspeet-based Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software provider IFS Ultimo has announced a technology sponsorship with BEAT Cycling Club, a UCI Continental road and track team based in the Netherlands. The partnership sees IFS Ultimo commit to supporting BEAT with EAM technology for at least two years. Ultimo’s software will help the BEAT team take their ambitions and growth to the next level.

“At BEAT, we are constantly working on improving ourselves and driving new innovation,” Geert Broekhuizen, Founder & Director, BEAT Cycling, said. “When working on professionalising and growing our organisation, we ran into issues managing our bikes, cars and stock. With their leading software solution, Ultimo will help us overcome this by providing the insight we need to determine if essential bike parts are race-ready, likely to need replacing while on the road, or undergoing maintenance in our workshop. This approach allows us to be more sustainable with spare part management. But more importantly, as every rider knows, proper maintenance helps win races."

Ewout Noordermeer, CMO, Ultimo, commented: "At Ultimo, we help organisations gain better control over their assets, optimise availability, manage costs and guarantee safety. It doesn't matter if we are talking about a chemical plant or a professional cycling team; the process is essentially the same. BEAT encompasses growth ambitions, an innovative approach and a sustainable character, so we are extremely proud to support their journey to becoming a UCI ProTeam.”

Ultimo and BEAT Cycling are working on a short documentary that will provide a behind-the-scenes look at the collaboration between a professional cycling team and a leading EAM software company.

To find out more, visit

Optimize Your Facilities with CloudApper!

Managing any building or facility requires significant commitment and resources from facility management teams. Each operational department has its own unique and complicated requirements to ensure functionality. However, as assets and equipment are the primary objectives of facilities management, CloudApper can simplify your task and guide you through the process of what it is you or your team needs to accomplish. 

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