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Arcwide and IFS Ultimo launch partnership to further develop asset management operations for customers

IFS Cloud specialist Arcwide and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) platform provider IFS Ultimo have signed an implementation partnership. By adding IFS Ultimo as a best-of-breed EAM platform to its portfolio as part of this partnership, Arcwide empowers customers to get more value out of its IFS Cloud platform solution. Arcwide will be managing the partnership on a global scale, following the formation of its EAM center of expertise in Benelux.

Olivier Baudry, Director, Arcwide comments, “We are thrilled to announce our joined efforts through our newly founded EAM center of expertise in which IFS Ultimo will play a key role. With IFS Ultimo, we will enable our industrial customers to improve their asset management operations, with an emphasis on maintenance and safety.”

Pierre Robino, Director, Arcwide adds, “Through this partnership, Arcwide is reinforcing its commitment to the IFS best-of-breed solutions. The partnership between IFS Ultimo and Arcwide will support customers in managing their assets, adding further value to their businesses.”

Maarten Meijer, Manager Channel Services, IFS Ultimo says, “We strengthen each other on our joint growth opportunities in this partnership, including our mutual growth ambitions in the USA and Europe. Arcwide is well-known in the industry with years of experience in the IFS ecosystem. Its core business is IFS Cloud ERP implementations, which often also include EAM services. Now, Arcwide can expand its portfolio by offering its customers the best of both worlds: A best-of-breed EAM solution like IFS Ultimo and an integrated best-of-suite solution, such as IFS Cloud.”

How My Passion and CMMSradio Help Maintenance & Reliability Professionals


Communicating the value of a CMMS is something our guest experts tackle countless times and from various perspectives throughout their careers. Customers who seek out a CMMS have the exact same experiences in that the perspectives are that of maintenance and leadership; in a way, we speak different languages. There's even more to this when we consider the overall industry, company type, and organizational culture. Obviously, it's nuanced but there are some general concepts that may help get you on the right path toward communicating the value of your/a CMMS.

Basic fundamentals – just like maintenance and reliability – play a crucial role in how you communicate value across teams.

Let’s Agree on the Scenario

I've taken a very general and anecdotal approach to this article as a starting point for this ongoing topic. Let's agree that our scenario, for this article, is building support for finding and implementing a CMMS platform in your organization. We'll need a few assumptions (yes, we all know those are not great LOL), like we have completed an analysis of our maintenance processes, discovered a set of problems, and that a CMMS is the best solution for that problem. Notice that communicating the value already started if you've gotten this far; however, is it the right value.

First, Let’s Consider What the Front Lines Need

Maintenance cares about how they're moving through their daily world and simply wants to do great work – the less disruption to their process, the better, which means they must be empowered and somewhat autonomous in their day-to-day. That requires trust and communication is a BIG part of trust in both our teammates, our leadership, and within oneself. To build trust through communication we need to be direct, yet mindful, about the why and the impacts with transparency. A risky concept.

Maintenance must communicate why they need this, why they want this, and what it will do – Most of all, they must do so in a way that is meaningful to leadership (think finance). So maintenance has a need, a case for the root cause and solution, and must tie a value to that for the business – for leadership. This often boils down to measuring the impact (the current state) and the desired outcome (future state) in the form of ROI. The KPIs and Metrics for leadership tend to boil down to dollars and cents (and sense).

Leadership Must Be Engaged

Similarly, leadership must communicate why they're implementing a CMMS while making sure they have included the frontline workforce (the doers) in the initial phases of selection. The same root cause of the problem may require an alternate definition for maintenance buy-in because the impact, ROI, etc., will surely be understood differently.
It is not just about money on the frontline. The maintenance team wants to be efficient and optimized for the performance of what they already love to do. They want proper resources and time to do the highest quality of work. Leadership loses visibility to these human factors at times (they're moving fast), so a go-and-see approach helps.

Communicating the Value

The overarching theme here is we MUST connect maintenance to the business and the business MUST be connected to maintenance operations.
Here’s a short list of things to do when building your respective case for the value of a CMMS.
  1. Define the problem you have with plenty of support – qualitative and quantitative!

  2. Educate leadership on where this shows in your day-to-day and theirs (the impacts)!

  3. Leadership must do the same and convert the money, metrics, and KPIs to meaningful impact for the maintenance team!

  4. We need internal champions and stakeholder representation from all parts (not sides)!

  5. Slow down and do this right – Haste makes waste and this stage is about the foundation upon which you build your CMMS (and reliability) program.

My Passion for the Basic Fundamentals

Basic fundamentals – just like maintenance and reliability – play a crucial role in how you communicate value across teams and how we can blend the perspectives of both leadership and maintenance operations is why we are doing what we are doing! We need to dig deeper into this and it's a common topic on CMMSradio - It tends to come up in each episode. Tune in to get all of those insights from our amazing guests!!

"We must, above all, learn how to have influence if we are to effect these outcomes of gaining support and communicating value. Influence requires a focus on the other when it comes to getting the outcomes we want. In fact, it is the lack of influence in relationship dynamics that causes power struggles. Not only must we learn the language of the other (person, people, departments, etc.), we must understand and allow them to have influence thus we may then influence the outcomes. There's much more to the concept and idea of having or developing influence. Take it on face value, until we explore this topic more deeply in future articles, that true influence is about the other and will get you on your journey. Power struggles will do quite the opposite for you, your team, and your organization." - Greg Christensen

Greg Christensen hosts the insightful CMMSradio. Back in 2003, Greg co-founded a CMMS SaaS company and has been immersed in the CMMS space ever since. After their acquisition in 2018, Greg has worked extensively in the facilities management space, consulting with clients during their CMMS journey, leaning on his 3+ decades in CMMS, facilities management, maintenance management, and the like. 
Relentlessly pursuing the "elusive win-win," the podcast helps companies and people navigate their CMMS journey with expert guests, inspiring monologues, and a no-nonsense approach that is real, raw, and relatable. If you have a CMMS project and want some insights - Connect with Greg and follow CMMSradio on your favorite podcasting medium. He's passionate about the space - ALL of it - and loves to help solve problems. Follow #CMMSradio and connect with Greg on LinkedIn to schedule a call if you need help with a CMMS project.

IFS Ultimo and ALLIANT RIGSERV sign partnership to optimize maintenance and improve safety for asset-intensive customers

IFS Ultimo and global professional services provider ALLIANT RIGSERV have signed an agreement that offers customers access to IFS Ultimo’s Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. ALLIANT RIGSERV’s subject matter experts (SMEs) have deep knowledge of best industry practices for asset management in the healthcare and oil and gas industries. Through this partnership, they can offer an even more comprehensive and streamlined approach, professionalizing asset management, enhancing maintenance, and increasing safety.            

Located in Houston, Texas, ALLIANT RIGSERV is strategically positioned to connect with businesses from the same key sectors wherein IFS Ultimo is a proven leader of EAM services. Therefore, companies in the medical, manufacturing, and energy sectors will now be able to benefit from IFS Ultimo’s flexible, easy to implement EAM solution to optimize maintenance and improve safety. This partnership further equips end users with built-in integrations to established Enterprise Research Planning (ERP) systems.

Josh Leachman, VP Sales, ALLIANT RIGSERV comments: “IFS Ultimo's established presence in diverse markets opens doors for ALLIANT RIGSERV, allowing us to reach new customer segments. This enables us to cater to a wider range of customers’ asset-specific needs with shorter implementations and faster time to value. Our customers will benefit from IFS Ultimo’s robust reporting tools and real-time actionable insights into their assets.”

Freddy Vos, VP International Sales & Channel, IFS Ultimo, adds: “Through this partnership, asset-intensive companies in the USA will benefit from our solution. Adding ALLIANT RIGSERV’s knowledge and network to our community enables us to profit from its local expertise. We are confident that we strengthen each other and look forward to a new exciting chapter in our international growth strategy.”


SPIE Nederland partners with IFS Ultimo to improve asset management and maintenance for customers


SPIE Nederland, the Dutch subsidiary of SPIE, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Software leader, IFS Ultimo, have joined forces to enhance asset management and maintenance for customers. As of now, SPIE Nederland’s Business Unit Maintenance Solutions will act as an implementation partner for IFS Ultimo in the Netherlands.

The mission of SPIE’s Business Unit Maintenance Solutions is to help customers improve their key maintenance performance. SPIE adds true value for its customers by supporting them in developing, coordinating, and executing maintenance in line with asset management. EAM plays a key role in supporting maintenance processes nowadays. Using an EAM system ensures the best outcomes in relation to a company’s targets and objectives. It supports companies in their sustainable development approach, helping to reduce resources needed for maintenance, as well as energy consumption by improving the performance of assets. IFS Ultimo makes it easy to set up and track asset performance and facilitates organizations in maintaining their assets in an efficient and effective way. The user-friendly interface can be made fit for purpose by SPIE engineers and is compatible with many partner ERP systems and Industry 4.0 tooling.

SPIE has used IFS Ultimo’s EAM software to manage the assets of maintenance contracts of several customers, including some large Dutch governmental organizations, for many years. SPIE’s Business Unit Maintenance Solutions, in particular, uses the software on a daily basis since a large percentage of its customers use it to manage and optimize their maintenance activities. By partnering with IFS Ultimo, SPIE will be able to provide and implement the EAM software across the Netherlands.

Lesley Fraats, Business Development Manager, SPIE Nederland comments: “By partnering with IFS Ultimo, we build an even broader portfolio of expertise around EAM software. We combine our strengths so that our customers benefit from the best of both worlds: IFS Ultimo’s EAM tool, which adapts to the needs and requirements of their business, implemented by SPIE’s consultants, who have the best understanding of the environment in which the software will be deployed and used.

Maarten Meijer, Manager Channel Services, IFS Ultimo adds: “We see companies struggle with both opportunities and challenges that arise due to the fast-changing business landscape and digitalization. IFS Ultimo and SPIE customers will benefit from this partnership by experiencing the joint expertise of both companies from both a maintenance perspective on the work floor and a digitalization perspective. Our EAM software fits extremely well in this landscape and the specialists at SPIE will ensure that the IFS Ultimo software is implemented, used, and adopted in the most effective way.”

About SPIE Nederland

SPIE Nederland is a subsidiary of the SPIE group, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications. SPIE Nederland provides advice and technical solutions in design, installation and maintenance of network systems and energy, infrastructure, industrial and building installations. 

Employing almost 6,000 people at 41 locations, SPIE Nederland holds the number one position as technical service provider in the Netherlands. 

With around 48,000 employees and a strong local presence, SPIE achieved in 2022 consolidated revenues of €8.09 billion and consolidated EBITA of €511 million.

About IFS Ultimo  

IFS Ultimo is a SaaS EAM / CMMS solution from IFS, focused on maintenance & safety and well known for a rapid deployment, ease of use and an unparalleled time to value. IFS Ultimo is part of IFS.

IFS develops and delivers cloud enterprise software for companies around the world who manufacture and distribute goods, build and maintain assets, and manage service-focused operations. Within our single platform, our industry specific products are innately connected to a single data model and use embedded digital innovation so that our customers can be their best when it really matters to their customers—at the Moment of Service™️. The industry expertise of our people and of our growing ecosystem, together with a commitment to deliver value at every single step, has made IFS a recognized leader and the most recommended supplier in our sector. Our team of 5,000 employees every day live our values of agility, trustworthiness and collaboration in how we support our 10,000+ customers.

Strategise to Optimise: Your CMMS Selection Roadmap



Faced with an ever-evolving technology landscape, maintenance professionals are faced with a dizzying array of Computerised Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) choices. The challenge is not finding a CMMS, but finding one that truly meets the unique needs of your operation. The key? Start with a solid strategy.

Plan your CMMS journey: Essential first steps

Before diving into the sea of CMMS options, it's important for maintenance managers to lay the groundwork. This means taking a step back to assess your team's specific needs, workflows and long-term goals. What pain points do you want to address? What processes can be streamlined? How can a CMMS align with your company's growth trajectory? Answering these questions will provide a clear direction and avoid the common pitfall of being swayed by flashy features that don't necessarily solve your core problems.

 The MaintMaster advantage: Simplicity, flexibility and expertise

Once you have defined your selection criteria, MaintMaster offers remarkable qualities such as ease of use and the ability to adapt to changing requirements. It excels in areas often overlooked by others. The ease of reporting jobs via QR codes and mobile phones is not just a feature - it is the gateway to ensuring accuracy and comprehensive data collection, and importantly, promoting HSE compliance. By making incident and near-miss reporting accessible on the shop floor, hazards can be addressed promptly, driving continuous improvement in your safety culture.

Theis ease of use extends to all aspects of the system, making it accessible to all team members. As your needs evolve, the flexibility of the system ensures it evolves with you, providing a sustainable, long-term solution. Plus, with zero-coding customisation, you can easily adapt MaintMaster to your unique workflows and processes without relying on expensive developers or IT resources. This is in line with the PAS 55 guidelines on asset management, which emphasise the importance of tailoring tools to optimise organisational performance.

So, features are cool, but remember what we said before: they're not the whole story, right? Well, let us tell you that MaintMaster has even more to offer. It's not just a system, it's a partnership with experienced experts who have a deep understanding of maintenance workflows. This expertise is invaluable in ensuring that MaintMaster not only manages maintenance tasks efficiently, but also improves them through best practice and industry knowledge. As your operational needs change, MaintMaster's scalability means that your CMMS is dynamically, ready to support your growth and adapt to new challenges to ensure a sustainable and future-proof maintenance strategy.

Discover MaintMaster: Your partner for maintenance excellence

Your journey to the perfect CMMS starts with understanding your needs and ends with a system that meets them. When you're ready to explore how MaintMaster can fit into your well-researched plan and improve your maintenance operations, get in touch. Let your search for the ideal CMMS end with a solution that not only meets, but exceeds your expectations.


MaintMaster Systems Ltd

Plexal, 14 East Bay Lane

Here East, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park,

E15 2GW London, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 749 332 8466   E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

IFS EAM Trend Report: Looking towards enhancing productivity, optimizing plant conditions, and reducing downtime

Two Electric engineer working at wind turbine farm

IFS, the global cloud enterprise software company, has published its most recent EAM Trend Report. The report gives a detailed overview of EAM trends based on quantitative and qualitative market research. It can be downloaded here.

As one of the most comprehensive surveys of asset management and maintenance professionals, this study gathers data from 430 asset managers across industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, energy, transportation, construction, and aerospace, and from various business sizes, including those from SMEs to large businesses. Additionally, the report includes specialist interviews with prominent industry experts, including AVEVA,, IFS, and IFS Ultimo.

The key findings of the IFS EAM Trend Report reflect an urgent need to enhance productivity, optimize plant conditions, and reduce downtime while aligning with sustainability objectives. At the same time, competitive market conditions necessitate strict cost controls while adhering to health, safety, and environmental protection (HSE) regulations.

Here are some of the key highlights of the report:

  • There is a substantial growth opportunity for EAM solutions in the market. As 63% of respondents use an EAM solution, a significant number of 37% reported that they presently do not use any EAM solutions, indicating the rise of EAM solutions in the future.
  • Most organizations aim to mature their EAM process further. Most of them state they are currently in the first three stages of the EAM Maturity Model, however, there is a strong trend to move to Stages 4 (“Smart”) and 5 (“Ultimate”) by implementing Predictive Analytics (56%) and Long-Term Asset Planning and Asset Investment Planning (50%).
  • Asset Performance Management (APM) is on the rise. 57% of asset managers expressed a strong interest in exploring the potential of APM technologies to enhance the health and performance of their vital assets, leading to improved efficiency and decision-making.
  • Emerging technologies will positively impact maintenance and business practices. The top 3 emerging technologies to gain competitive advantage are Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, predictive modeling, and artificial intelligence (AI) while key obstacles are a need for more experience and costs.
  • 3 topics that shape the future of EAM are prioritizing better use of reporting and analytics (61%), increasing digitalization (44%), and investing in retaining or attracting suitable maintenance personnel (38%).

Ewout Noordermeer, CMO, IFS Ultimo said “For us, this study provides valuable insights for the further development of our products. Most of all, we hope it will inspire professionals in maintenance and asset management.

“The outcomes of the study show that different use cases ask for different solutions. Since the acquisition of IFS Ultimo in 2022, IFS is the only vendor in the world that offers both “best-of-suite” EAM (IFS Cloud EAM) and “best-of-breed” EAM (IFS Ultimo). IFS Cloud EAM is the perfect match if you are looking for a composable solution that goes beyond EAM, including service management, APM, and ERP capabilities. IFS Ultimo is ideal if you want a pure-play EAM SaaS solution with a fast time to value,” Noordermeer concluded.

The IFS Trend Report can be downloaded via this link:

IFS launches EAM Trend Report - IFS Ultimo

IFS Ultimo partners with QR Connect to optimize asset management through easy incident mobile



QR Connect, a SaaS specialist in improving service processes, and IFS Ultimo, leading cloud-based Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software provider, today announced a new partnership that enables mutual product integration. This collaboration combines the power of QR Connect's innovative platform with the advanced capabilities of IFS Ultimo's EAM software.

Streamlining incident mobile reporting with improved User Experience (UX)

Through this partnership, IFS Ultimo provides organizations with a more efficient and streamlined process for mobile reporting of incidents and maintenance tasks. The integration between QR Connect and IFS Ultimo not only offers a user-friendly platform, but also contributes to further optimization of operational processes within organizations.

Merlijn de Vroe, Owner, QR Connect, commented on the collaboration: “This integration makes it easy for users to quickly access the right information without needing an app. The process of mobile reporting is also much faster, enabling organizations to respond more effectively.”

Patrick Beekman, Partner Manager, IFS Ultimo, shared: “QR Connect’s solution is a valuable addition to our offering. The mobile reporting of incidents or issues is now easier than ever and can be done directly on site. More details and service possibilities are available on the IFS Ultimo Marketplace.”

Benefits to customers

Through this collaboration, QR Connect and IFS Ultimo customers have access to an innovative solution that meets the ever-growing and changing needs of organizations. The key benefits of this new partnership include:

  • Swift reporting: Users can quickly and easily report incidents with a single scan of a QR code, saving valuable time for both the user and the helpdesk.
  • Improved efficiency: The integration streamlines processes, resulting in more efficient asset management and a faster response to incidents.
  • Real-time communication: Teams have the ability to communicate in real-time, promoting collaboration and accelerating decision-making.
  • Quality asset management: Organizations benefit from enhanced asset management, with assets being accurately tracked.
  • No app required: Users can report issues and access manuals on their mobile phones without the need to install an additional app.



IFS Ultimo signs technology partnership agreement with openpack openpack, a digital solution provider that focuses on manufacturing companies in the packaging industry worldwide, and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) specialist, IFS Ultimo, have entered

For openpack, the partnership with IFS Ultimo means an expansion of its integrated partner portfolio which results in adding extra value for its customers through additional features. This is seen through simplified commissioning, reduced IT effort as fewer interfaces are required, and optimized maintenance software.

IFS Ultimo also expands its partner ecosystem of industry leaders through this partnership. Together, both companies already have several joint manufacturing customers in the packaging industry. The knowledge that they have built together in this industry is now being used to support other companies in this sector.

Patrick Beekman, Partner Solution Manager at IFS Ultimo, commented: “The platform approach of openpack allows us to work seamlessly together. By joining forces, we enable an efficient reduction of interfaces and simplified data provision, allowing end customers to easily integrate and use IFS Ultimo's solutions via the openpack platform. We are looking forward to supporting customers together through our joint offering and joint knowledge.”

Patrick Klee, Chief Product Officer at openpack, added: “The decision to enter this cooperation is based on a shared vision and understanding of the changing requirements in the packaging industry. We share a clear commitment to digitalization and recognize the importance of innovative solutions for the future. 
The synergy between us lies not only in our shared industry, but also in the strategic alignment of our offerings. Both companies' complementary products and services create real added value for our customers. This partnership enables us to strengthen our solutions and tailor them optimally to the needs of our customers.”


Envecon partners with IFS Ultimo to optimize asset management portfolio


Leading Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software provider IFS Ultimo and leading global Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), EAM and Field Service Management (FSM) solutions provider for asset intensive industries Envecon have today announced a new partnership. Through this partnership, Envecon will act as a new global channel partner for IFS Ultimo. By adding IFS Ultimo’s EAM cloud platform to its portfolio, Envecon can provide customers with a best of breed EAM solution to optimize maintenance and safety. For IFS Ultimo, this partnership marks a new step in its internationalization strategy.   

This partnership offers asset intensive companies in APAC, EMEA and the USA the opportunity to benefit from IFS Ultimo’s flexible EAM solution that offers a fast time to value. The cooperation will first focus on transport and logistics, and manufacturing companies in the Middle East. Envecon and IFS Ultimo’s strong experience in ports and transport terminals gives customers in this vertical, that are having challenges in the field of asset management, maintenance and safety, accessibility to a wide range of insights and expertise.

Vincent Elfring, Senior VP Transport & Logistics at Envecon, said: “This partnership gives us an opportunity to increase our market share and work closely in collaboration with the core EAM specialists at IFS Ultimo who have already provided us with access to a best-in-class enablement and support programs. We look forward to working together with the skilled team to cater to a wider range of customers who are focused on EAM capabilities.”

Freddy Vos, VP International Sales and Channel at IFS Ultimo, added: “This partnership is beneficial for both IFS Ultimo and Envecon, as well as for both of our customers. We especially see a lot of potential for those in the ports and transport terminals sectors. Having specialized knowledge and customers already in the field of logistics and transportation, we are thrilled to be working collaboratively with Envecon to expand our services further with the support of its local market specialists.”



Remote working made easy via the Cloud

All of us are likely to be accused sometimes of having our “head in the clouds”. But with the tremendous advances in Cloud computing and mobile communications, perhaps the advice should be “get ahead in the Cloud!”

Imagine a scenario where a condition based maintenance (CBM) team is responsible for a number of remote sites. This could be where a central ‘control’ site has a number of remote ‘satellite’ locations that have equipment that needs to be monitored. The measurements could be done by personnel based at the remote site, or the sites could be visited from time to time by CBM engineers. Another similar scenario is where a service company has multiple customers that are visited by a ‘fleet’ of CBM engineers.

In each of these scenarios, the central facility will most likely be running computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) software that is being used to monitor, trend and report on the equipment as part of the CBM strategy. The whole process can be greatly facilitated by the ability to remotely download lists of the measurements (Routes) that are required at the remote locations, and automatically upload the subsequent readings into the CMMS software.

For example, supervisors can send out Routes that can be remotely downloaded via the Cloud onto mobile devices (e.g. smart phones or tablets). Using a mobile App, users can then locally transfer the Routes to measurement devices, such as vibration meters, via Bluetooth. The readings then go in the opposite direction, via Bluetooth from vibration meter to mobile device, and via the Cloud from mobile device to the CMMS software.

Test Products International (TPI) has now made this process very easy with the release of the TPI Cloud-Bridge App. This FREE, subscription FREE, mobile App works in conjunction with the subscription FREE, C-Trend II PC Software, to easily allow multiple routes to be sent to multiple, remote users, anywhere in the world and receive the readings back for detailed analysis.

The versatility of the TPI Cloud-Bridge App also allows it to be used with virtually ANY version of CMMS software.



TPI manufactures a complete range of low-cost, high-performance vibration analysers from the £575, one-button-to-press TPI 9070 Smart Vibration Meter, to devices that include advanced diagnostics and machine balancing.

The TPI 9080 Smart Trend Meter from £1,100 comes complete with PC based trending and reporting software that includes automatic report generation and email notification of alarms, to implement a full CBM solution. The TPI 9080 features colour coded alarm levels and zoomable on-screen vibration frequency plots together with on-meter analysis for the detection of machine faults such as unbalance, misalignment, looseness and bearing wear.

The TPI 9080 can store Routes of up to 1000 machines, each with up to 10 measurement points, all with full vibration waveform and frequency spectrum (FFT) capture. Routes and readings can easily be transferred to/from the TPI 9080 in a variety of different ways.  Locally, via the included USB docking cradle or wirelessly via Bluetooth, or remotely, via a Bluetooth link with a smart phone or tablet running the TPI Cloud-Bridge App. This allows service personnel to receive and return routes and readings, wherever they may be.  

The Ex certified TPI 9080Ex is IECEx/ATEX certified for Zone 1 and has North American approval for Class 1, Zone 1 and hence is certified for use in hazardous locations anywhere in the world. In-line with TPI’s philosophy of being the value leader, the TPI 9080Ex is available at a list price of £3,500.

For more information please contact TPI Europe’s head office on +44 1293 530196 or take a look on the website at or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Recertification IFS Ultimo EAM - SAP S/4HANA Cloud


IFS Ultimo EAM and SAP S/4HANA also have a certified integration in 2023/2024. This certified integration allows users of "best-of-breed" EAM system IFS Ultimo to seamlessly exchange data with this ERP system. A great opportunity to further increase efficiency within your maintenance and purchasing organization.

Maintenance and asset information is recorded in IFS Ultimo, and all related order requests can be submitted through SAP. The certification covers 25 scenarios, starting incrementally with importing and synchronizing various master data, such as suppliers and articles, and then focusing on purchasing processes, including purchase requisitions, purchase orders, receipts and invoicing.

Read more:

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