MAINTEC 30th - 31st October 2019, NEC

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Preventing production loss is essential in the management of any modern factory and the reason why Henkel’s range of engineering adhesives, repair compounds and lubricants are increasingly in demand.  Collectively they increase plant reliability and reduce operational costs.

At Maintec 2019, the company will not only highlight the merits of its products but also the extensive support it provides to ensure customers get the best outcome.

Filtakleen filters Hydraulic Oil to One Micron.

This Annimation shows the benifits of fitting the Filtakleen by-pass filter to a Hydraulic System.

Rotalube Chain Lubricator in animation with oil pump set.

The Ultimate Chain lubrication system that lubricates each link of the chain pin as it moves . the animation shows the system layout for standard Rotalube applications

Interlube Launch a NEW RANGE of low cost Drip Feed Lubricators

Interlube systems Ltd. as part of their ongoing commitment to improving and enlarging their extensive range of Industrial Lubrication Equipment have recently launched a NEW high quality suite of Oil Drip Feed Lubricators.

This new versatile product has reservoir sizes form the small 500 cc capacity unit to the large 2000 cc. capacity storage The reservoirs are of moulded durable plastic made in our Plymouth factory, manufactured to TUV standards. Their are two models available:-

Foodsafe & firesafe hydraulic fluid- A video introduction.

Foodsafe hydraulic fluids are used in many applications to provide trouble free operation and to eliminate potential toxic components in the production process when a leakage will occur.

Matrix has gone one step further by introducing a new developed product; Foodmax FRF is not only food safe but won't catch fire when a leakage occurs. Double safety: foodsafe and firesafe. The H1 approval for Foodmax FRF is currently pending.

The next generation of lubrication systems

The world's first temperature independent electro-chemical lubrication system.

EUERDORF. If you have ever used an electrochemical lubrication system, you know the effect that fluctuating ambient temperatures have on the discharge and the discharge period.

Kittiwake increase range of main engine monitoring solutions

These two new offerings along with many of our other solutions including LinerSCAN help you extend engine life, increases efficiency, and reduces emissions to assist with environmental compliance.

The DieselSCOPE performance analyser is designed by marine engineers for marine engineers.  The portable, handheld unit helps you monitors the combustion process in the diesel engine in real time allowing you to tune the engine whilst measuring. Using DieselSCOPE you can balance cylinder load, optimize injection timing and detect worn or damaged engine components and thus reduce the engine’s operating cost.

Grease Thief enhances the ANALEXfdMplus

Oil analysis is a well established practice in predictive maintenance. Lubricant analysis is often paired with other technologies such as infrared thermography, vibration analysis and ultrasound techniques. These technologies are very useful in detecting problems in machinery before costly failures and down time occur.

Interlube’s automatic lubrication systems save you both time & money!

Interlube Systems have developed a unique automatic lubrication system which is already showing huge savings in work time and running costs. The Interlube System provides continuous lubrication to all moving parts whilst the plant is still in operation .

Constant controlled lubrication means that the plant is being lubricated whilst in operation on site, this gives adequate and even lubrication all the time, something that cannot be maintained if the machine has to be "parked up" for servicing.The long term benefits includes radical reduction in worn and damaged parts caused by erratic and irregular lubrication, and plant downtime for replacement of lubrication is dispensed with.

Manufacturers reduce total costs through better lubrication practices

Barrels of CastrolIn today’s environment, many manufacturers are focusing on total cost of ownership to help them sustain competitive advantage. This approach filters through to the way they identify and approach the best suppliers and partners to work with. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is the approach that Castrol Industrial has adopted for many years to help customers improve their maintenance and production activities. Every one of Castrol’s lubrication offers can create value in the TCO area.

When considering total cost of ownership, manufacturers review and assess the direct and indirect costs and benefits of the materials they purchase. This includes the initial outlay of purchasing e.g. the unit price of products and the volume purchased (direct costs) and any indirect costs affected by product usage e.g. equipment wear rate, safety risks, maintenance costs.

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