Case Study - Upgrades to high end retail unit

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Security upgrades to retail unit

Case Study - Stainless Steel Roller Shutters

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Hangar Lane Tunnel - Stainless Steel Access Shutters

Maintaining Industrial Door Safety

BID DoorUK businesses that fail to maintain their industrial doors, could not only be breaking the law but could also be at risk of lost production time, expensive breakdown costs, potentially serious accidents and even invalidating their insurance cover.  

Under the Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations 1992 employers are obliged to ensure that all machinery, including industrial doors, are fit for purpose, are in good repair and subject to a programme of regular maintenance carried out by a competent person with written records kept.  By neglecting the maintenance of industrial doors not only are employers, building owners and managers breaking the law, but they are also increasing the risk of a potentially serious accident. 

Rapi-Lux Doors

Image             1 metre per second opening.

Strong sheet metal frame protected by anti-corrosive coating.

Insulated curtain available.

Photocell to prevent closure if obstructed, for optimal safety.

High energy retention.

Various vision panel options.

Minimum maintenance.

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