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Creative Roller Shutter-Ideal For Home

Roller Shutter Door: Great Energy Saver >> 
Roller shutter doors are automatic doors made up of series of robust slats, which are interlocked to form a curtain like door. The slats are slightly curved from the sides for flexibility of the door. This curtain can be rolled up and down. Domestic Roller Shutters are constructed from durable, high impact and low maintenance polyurethane, which is able to withstand harsh conditions. Its special double-walled construction provides good auditory and insulation

Stylish Strip Curtains

Roller Shutter Door: Great Energy Saver >> 
PVC Strip Curtains are very competent for those who generally set aside the installation expenses each and every winter. Wide ranges of these cost effective, energy proficient products are utilized by numerous industries in UK, as it saves millions of pounds in wasting heat and never obstruct entrance

High Speed Doors-Energy Saving Doors

Roller Shutter Door: Great Energy Saver >> 
High Speed doors are basically designed to fulfill the industry need. These are strongly built, high speed energy saving doors for external and internal use. The steel wind bars are tough enough to withstand high speed wind and storm. It can resist the wind with speed of over 60mph. In case of storm and very high speed winds, double skinned versions of doors also are available

Industrial Doors-Complete Safety Doors

Roller Shutter Door: Great Energy Saver >> 
Kaiser Door’s products provide the best industrial doors for different industries like food processing, engineering, distribution, and retail industries with the capacity of works that varies from repairing of doors to the out fitting of latest built industrial unit. People can select the different types of industrial doors at Roller Shutter Doors.

Energy Saving Doors: Doors With Power Saving Efficiency

Roller Shutter Door: Great Energy Saver >> 
Energy saving doors help industries to save and conserve energy. These doors help to save energy that gets lost in the environment through gaps in doors and windows. By installing these specialised doors, businesses can minimise energy costs, reduce operating time and thus enhance business productivity.

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