Maintaining Industrial Door Safety

BID DoorUK businesses that fail to maintain their industrial doors, could not only be breaking the law but could also be at risk of lost production time, expensive breakdown costs, potentially serious accidents and even invalidating their insurance cover.  

Under the Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations 1992 employers are obliged to ensure that all machinery, including industrial doors, are fit for purpose, are in good repair and subject to a programme of regular maintenance carried out by a competent person with written records kept.  By neglecting the maintenance of industrial doors not only are employers, building owners and managers breaking the law, but they are also increasing the risk of a potentially serious accident.  Industrial doors are a heavy piece of equipment which, if not properly maintained can be at risk of crashing down as a result of something as simple as a frayed cable.  If this were to happen in an occupied factory the consequences could be fatal.  Furthermore, evidence suggests that insurance companies are increasingly requesting written evidence of maintenance records and are tightening up on companies that do not fulfil their maintenance obligations on doors.           

While most companies view the maintenance of the machinery on their production lines as vital, many overlook the maintenance of their industrial doors failing to appreciate that the production line could come to a standstill if a goods-in or goods-out door was to jam shut for example, resulting in costly down time and lost production.  Furthermore, as with any other piece of machinery a door that is not regularly serviced is more likely to breakdown incurring high repair costs.  Factory managers therefore need to ensure that they have a regular programme of maintenance in place and should give due consideration to setting up a service and maintenance contract with a competent door maintenance specialist.

With over 20 years experience in the design, manufacture, installation, service and repair of industrial and high speed doors BID Group Ltd understand the needs of the customer and offer a complete range of service contracts designed to ensure that the operation runs smoothly, with an absolute minimum of disruption.  During a normal service, a visual inspection is carried out to check the overall condition of doors as well as routine checks to examine all areas for damaged or loose parts identifying problems at an early stage.

A service contract also ensures protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  A fast-response fleet of service vehicles are stocked with a wide range of replacement parts and manned by engineers who have the expertise to complete all the necessary emergency work needed.  The engineers are supported by a main parts store that operates a next-day delivery for most major components.

BID Group also offer a unique asset tracking service that catalogues all industrial doors and component parts.  Any future breakdowns are identified on the system to ensure that the engineer arrives on site with the necessary equipment eliminating the need for an engineer to make a first visit just to establish the parts required therefore saving the customer money.  The system can also produce reports which allow the customer to monitor their spend by site or by product enabling them to better manage their budgets and to determine the effectiveness of each door, highlighting any weak areas for example, a door that would be cheaper to replace than continue to repair.

A door that is being repeatedly impacted or repaired can often signal an underlying problem such as increased use or lack of suitability for that opening.  All customers of BID Group can enjoy the peace of mind that their doors are designed with the end user in mind.  The innovative modular construction of the Ardent range of doors from the companies trading division KLIMATE High Speed Doors can cut maintenance costs by as much as 15%.  Due to the simplistic nature of the door and the fact that KLIMATE engineers are able to train the customer’s own maintenance people on the workings of the door, any minimal maintenance work can be quickly and easily undertaken in-house, drastically reducing on-going costs.  

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