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Prosaw celebrates 60th Anniversary with T Cards Online


T Cards also have their 60th anniversary this year. Most will be familiar with the tried and tested physical T Boards. A lost cost solution of having a “Go to Board” is an essential tool. Simple to customize to your requirements, manual T Cards can actively help improve the efficiency of your operation, and now there is an even simpler way to digitalize your process.

An example of a successful business in a competitive market, Prosaw has shown how important it is to give the right tools to help staff with their daily tasks. Systems like T Cards Online can make a big difference in making efficiency and productivity savings by simply co-ordinating tasks and communicating updates in a clear simple way.

Having been in development for 10 years when Prowsaw first started looking for a solution, the foundations of the web based system were already in place. Most of the features and functionality had been developed via “customer lead” consultation and feedback. Having been specialists in planning for 60 years, T Cards Direct were able to lean on their vast experience and knowledge of visual planning systems. One of the prime requisites from those consultations was to have an intuitive and flexible system that clients can easily bespoke to their needs without exhaustive and costly software changes. For more information please contact us by telephone on 01732 871 417, visit our website or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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