Vibration Monitoring


Vibration Detection SystemA petroleum storage depot in Essex providing essential fuel supplies to various outlets across East Anglia needed some updating of its condition monitoring system; predictive maintenance system specialists, Sensonics Ltd were called in to update the facilities and to retrofit an improved vibration detection system.

Photo Caption:  Part of the improved vibration detection system
    supplied by Sensonics
When it was commissioned in 1991, the plant

New vibration sensors for plant protection.

Hansford SensorsHansford Sensors Ltd., the new sensor company formed in November 2006 has announced its first series of piezoelectric vibration sensors designed specifically to monitor the vibration levels on important plant and machinery across all types of industries.

These days, most Maintenance Engineers rely on sensors to detect increasing levels of vibration from bearings, shafts and other rotating components to warn them of inefficient operation or even possible future failure. This important knowledge allows them to maintain quality and avoid plant shut-down, with its inherent high costs.

The HS series of vibration sensors offer a choice of AC, velocity or 4-20mA outputs to suit differing applications. They are all built for robustness with their welded stainless steel construction, high shock tolerance and wide temperature operation range.

Pocket VibrA Pro - Vibration Analysis

VibraProsmA full specification truly portable vibration analyser at an affordable price!

Because it is based on Pocket PC technology, Pocket VibrA Pro is able to combine exceptional processing power with ease of use to offer the ultimate in portable vibration analysis.

Pocket VibrA Pro combines asset management, data collection and analysis together with 3 level colour-coded alarm indication in a rugged vibration meter that fits in your pocket.

All data is held in a shared database format which allows easy viewing of data or asset configuration to be performed on the Pocket PC or a desk top. Synchronisation is automatic via the PC docking cradle and the included FreeTrendTM software allows full trending of all asset data as well as automatic report generation.


Series 422E9x February 23, 2007, Depew, NY, USA

Vibration Analysis

Vibration AnalysisVibration is the response of a system to an internal or external stimulus causing it to oscillate. While it is commonly thought that vibration itself damages machines, it does not. Instead it is the damage done by dynamic stress that causes fatigue of the materials: the dynamic stresses are caused by vibration. That is to say that different machines have a different toleration to vibration.

There are literally hundreds of specific problems that can cause a machine to exhibit excessive vibration. To locate the root cause of vibration an analysis of the vibration is required. The forces that cause vibration are usually generated through the rotating motion of the machine's parts or electrical supply frequency. When a fault condition occurs the problem will exhibit characteristics that are directly related to these frequencies.

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