ICML expands Associate Membership with exam discounts and exclusive eLibrary access, opens it up to non-certified practitioners


Membership options will continue to evolve through 2024 as ICML restructures its individual and organizational benefits to take advantage of new content and partnership opportunities.

 The International Council for Machinery Lubrication (ICML) announces a major expansion of its Associate Membership package for individual practitioners. Effective immediately, Associate Members can now enjoy discounts on their ICML certification exams, retakes, and recertifications. Each member will also receive a one-year subscription to ICML’s eLibrary that houses a growing catalog of essential lubrication-related books and media resources. And, lastly, Associate Membership is now open to non-certified professionals who want to be a part of ICML’s worldwide initiatives.

“This exciting expansion of our Associate Membership package is in keeping with ICML’s mission that supports hard-working lubrication and oil analysis practitioners with opportunities for educational and professional development,” said Executive Director Leslie Fish. “Individual membership will continue enabling practitioners everywhere to have a personal stake in ICML’s mission, now even more so with these new enhancements.”

First-time Associates will also receive a free digital download of ICML 55.0, "Optimized Lubrication of Mechanical Physical Assets Overview," which serves as the executive summary of the seminal ICML 55® global standard for lubricated asset management.

The Associate Member package price has been revised to reflect these new initiatives. At $160/year (certified) or $195/year (non-certified)—plus a one-time processing fee for first year—the revised pricing is in line with those of other nonprofit organizations in the M&R space. A three-year option remains available for ICML-certified practitioners, conveniently aligning with recertification cycles.

“Overall, these changes for individual members are aimed at improving our ability to offer the kinds of quality benefits, resources, and experiences that practitioners have come to expect from ICML,” said Marketing Manager Paul Hiller. “These changes will make it possible for us to sustain significant, useful offerings for all, while at the same time positioning ICML for future plans.”

ICML’s Associate Member application process itself remains unchanged for now. Individual applicants will still complete a PDF form and submit it for confirmation. Each new Associate will be assigned a unique membership number that will enable access to the exam discounts and to the eLibrary portal.

Corporate memberships—currently the Full, Supporting, and Affiliate packages—will be retooled in the coming months to utilize the expanded Associate offerings. A full description of membership packages, complete with application links, can be found on ICML’s Membership web page.

Current Associate Members will not be automatically grandfathered into the new plan. These individuals will have the option to complete their current terms on the previous plan or to upgrade to the new, enhanced plan.

The Membership Role of ICML’s eLibrary

ICML’s new eLibrary, hosted by River Publishers, is expected to be a massive draw for Associate Members. Accessible anytime and anywhere, the eLibrary is a centralized, vendor-neutral, education portal for members and non-members. It comprises a growing catalog of digital content specifically designed and curated for career advancement, from emerging topics to principles and fundamentals that will help practitioners further their knowledge.

Members will be able to submit their own works to be considered for publication in the eLibrary.

The eLibrary interface allows subscribers to read, highlight, take notes, and search over 10,000 pages of content. Furthermore, subscribers can make downloadable purchases of any eLibrary book.

Titles already include the complete ICML 55 Standard series. Books, journal articles, guides, podcasts, and other content introduced to the eLibrary during the membership term are added to existing subscriptions at no extra cost.

Valued at $250/year for non-members, ICML Associates will find eLibrary subscription already built into their $160 or $195 membership fee, which is considerably less than the non-member subscription rate.

“Members will have access to the entire ICML 55 series plus everything else that will constantly be added to the eLibrary—all for an annual Associate Membership fee that is less than a single ICML 55.2 book alone,” notes Hiller. “We really, really want lubrication professionals to have access to this digital library that will become a massive resource of published media content.”

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