MAINTEC 30th - 31st October 2019, NEC

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Preventing production loss is essential in the management of any modern factory and the reason why Henkel’s range of engineering adhesives, repair compounds and lubricants are increasingly in demand.  Collectively they increase plant reliability and reduce operational costs.

At Maintec 2019, the company will not only highlight the merits of its products but also the extensive support it provides to ensure customers get the best outcome.

A good example is Henkel’s LOCTITE® Pump Reliability Workshops.  Most industrial centrifugal pumps carry a significant capital equipment value and it is important to extend their useful lives by ensuring they run efficiently and reliably.  By applying proven product solutions and techniques learned in a workshop, personnel have the knowledge and tools to ensure pumps run at their most efficient.

The specific maintenance needs of fluid processing devices will also be a focus topic for Henkel.  The LOCTITE product programme for this sector includes thread sealants and thread lockers for leak-proofing threaded connections, liquid gaskets to seal and reinforce flanged joints and pump casings; polymer composites for wear and corrosion protection of casings, welded joints and impellers as well as the ever-popular LOCTITE flexible and structural adhesives and anti-seize lubricants.

The LOCTITE range of products is subject to continuous development and product upgrades and includes adhesives that demonstrate enhanced performance on passive (plated) surfaces, better tolerance to oily surfaces and heat, typically up to 160-180°C (to 200-220°C in some instances).  Individual adhesives therefore have greater scope of application, reducing maintenance inventory.

Patented hybrid technology is another development offering similar benefits. These general-purpose structural adhesives combine the qualities of various adhesive technologies to achieve bond strength, fast fixture speed and durability. They provide improved performance on a variety of substrates and the versatility to solve many more maintenance and repair challenges.

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