CNES offers plant condition monitoring - Stand E12 MAINTEC

CNESFor visitors to MAINTEC 2008 that are seeking a partner to help maximise their company

Visitors to CNES’ stand at MAINTEC will be able to discuss their plant maintenance issues with experienced CNES engineers, who can call on the company’s comprehensive ‘toolbox’ of condition monitoring techniques for plant and machinery, to aid preventative maintenance. CNES offers condition monitoring as a contract service but also offers training to companies that need to bring the capability in-house. This can mean spending a day learning about the concepts and benefits of continuous monitoring, through to detailed instruction on how to use monitoring equipment and how to base maintenance work around the results.

Condition monitoring is actively and successfully utilised across a wide range of industries, including metal processing, food and beverage, automotive, pharmaceuticals, aerospace and defence. Condition monitoring is an integral part of a maintenance programme and is able to help predict the life of equipment and critical components in restricted access areas.

Exhibiting alongside its PRAXIS partner FAG Industrial Services (F’IS), CNES is continuing to add value and prevent costly production downtime in many sectors of UK industry. The PRAXIS partnership is a unique one, offering plant engineers and maintenance managers a comprehensive condition monitoring offering of hardware, software and services, including vibration monitoring, acoustic emission monitoring, oil analysis, thermographic imaging, training and consultancy services.

With a detection capability beyond that of other methods, CNES’ in-house developed acoustic emission monitoring system, ‘Aquilla AE Pro’, is a unique fixed system that is particularly effective at slow rotational speeds from 80rpm down to 0.25rpm, or for equipment that moves on bearings through less than a complete revolution. Typical applications include large tilting vessels used in steel making, bucket wheel excavators, heavy cable reeling or pipe laying machines, and carousel machines in production and food packaging environments.
As a further Corus development, CNES can now offer customers its Aquilla AE Pro IMON system, a new semi-portable system for acoustic emission monitoring. The system is ideal for use on plant that doesn’t warrant a fixed system, but still requires more than instantaneous data collection.

In addition to plant condition monitoring tools and services, CNES also offers a wide range of repair and refurbishment services to industry. CNES possesses some of the largest, best equipped workshops and machining facilities in the UK and so is able to offer a range of services including the refurbishment of production machinery and manufacture of spares or the design and build of completely new machines. Other refurbishment services include replacing ‘lost metal’ via weld reclamation techniques. CNES also uses reverse engineering techniques to manufacture new machines and spares for customers.

CNES is actively involved in repair, refurbishment and overhaul projects for the UK cement and mineral processing sector, food and beverage, aerospace and defence, oil and gas and construction companies. Recently, refurbishment projects have been carried out on crushers for quarrying companies; raw mill rollers and kiln support rollers for cement manufacturers; gearbox casings on mining machinery; and cocoa roasters for a food manufacturing company.

CNES can also offer customers an impressive range of training courses, including industrial and professional engineering training, health and safety and induction training, to companies inside and external to the Corus Group, tailored to the customer’s specific needs. For example, CNES can put together bespoke induction training programmes specific to plants, factories or processes, delivered by new media e-Learning methods.

Materials handling training is via practical workshop-delivered courses, including forklift trucks; electric overhead cranes; slinging and rigging; skid-steered loaders; and oxy-fuel burning. Professional engineering training includes courses on project management; risk assessment; legislation compliance (including ATEX, DSEAR and COMAH); and condition monitoring awareness, health and safety.

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