Sensonics - Stand B15 HOT VIBES WITH NO SWEAT

the PZEHT This year

Especially suited for use on steam and gas turbines, centrifuges and pumps, the unit joins a range of Sensonic proximity probes offering non-contacting measurement configurations and API 670 compliance.

Maintaining the high temperature theme, Sensonics will also feature a range of LVDT’s (Linear Variable Differential Transformer Displacement Transducers) on their stand including the long-established HTD Series, designed for heavy industrial use and capable of operating to temperatures of 200°C.  The full range of Sensonics LVDT’s incorporates frictionless movement, which ensures long mechanical life.  The ruggedness of construction also means that the instruments can survive even the most severe abuse.

Sensonics will be fielding a team of professional engineers on the stand ready to demonstrate equipment and answer questions concerning the company’s extensive range of condition monitoring equipment.