Polyurethane matrix resin and innovative adhesives

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03/02/2012 - Düsseldorf / Germany

JEC Europe, the biggest composites exhibition in Europe, will open its doors from March 27 to 29 in Paris, Porte de Versailles. Henkel, the worldwide leading producer of adhesives, will present innovative solutions for the industry at the fair.

New sustainability strategy for 2030

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03/08/2012 - Düsseldorf / Germany

For more than two decades, Henkel has been publishing a dedicated Sustainability Report alongside its Annual Report. In the 21st issue, which is being published today, the company is presenting its new Sustainability Strategy 2030. At the core of this is the goal of achieving more with less and tripling its efficiency. The new sustainability strategy applies to all business sectors and the entire value chain. 

Henkel delivers sales and earnings at record levels

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03/08/2012 - Düsseldorf / Germany
  • Sales increase of 3.4% to 15,605 million euros (organic: +5.9%)
  • Adjusted* operating profit: plus 9.0% to 2,029 million euros
  • Adjusted* EBIT margin: plus 0.7 percentage points to 13.0%
  • Adjusted* earnings per preferred share (EPS): plus 11.3% to 3.14 euros
  • Double-digit increase in emerging markets (organic: +10.8%)
  • Higher dividend proposed: plus 11.1% to 0.80 euros per preferred share
  • 2012 financial targets reconfirmed

On a successful track with a first-class partner

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03/09/2012 - Düsseldorf / Germany

The vehicles in the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup exhibit reliable performance under the most challenging conditions. Henkel’s Automotive and General Industry divisions are powerful partners with their sophisticated technologies, supporting Porsche in its race for success. With its Loctite brand, Henkel, the innovation leader in the field of adhesives, sealants, and surface treatment, has been supporting the entire Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup series as an official sponsor for four years now. Henkel will once again be visible on all of the Porsche 911 GT3 race cars during the 2012 season.

Henkel develops reworkable underfill

Henkel International - Press & Media Relations >> 
03/12/2012 - Düsseldorf / Germany

In today’s electronic devices such as smartphones there are numerous complex engineering components. Expanding on its portfolio of advanced underfill materials, Henkel has developed Loctite UF3810, a new underfill technology that provides extremely high reliability while also enabling easier reworkability as compared to previous generation products. Ideally suited for today’s handheld communication and entertainment applications, Loctite UF3810 delivers excellent drop and shock protection.

New material with highest RTI rating in its class

Henkel International - Press & Media Relations >> 
03/16/2012 - Düsseldorf / Gemany

Henkel’s low-pressure molding Macromelt technology portfolio has recently been expanded to include a material designed specifically for high thermal stability and chemical resistance. The product, Macromelt MM6208, has all of the benefits consistent with Macromelt technology, but has a high Relative Temperature Index (RTI) rating of 95° C, making it ideal for certain automotive, consumer and appliance applications, where a very high RTI rating is required for good thermal stability.

Loctite Chipbonder now compatible with non-contact dispensing technology

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03/26/2012 - Düsseldorf / Germany

As a leader in development of high-performance adhesives, Henkel expanses its portfolio of surface-mount adhesives (SMA) with the company’s new product Loctite 3621. This adhesive has been validated for use with non-contact dispensing technologies, often referred to as jetting. This capability makes the SMA even more ideal for high-volume production environments and enables higher throughput as well as more uniform dot dimensions.

Henkel signs new 800 million euros revolving credit facility

Henkel International - Press & Media Relations >> 
03/28/2012 - Düsseldorf / Germany

Henkel today signed a new 800 million euros revolving credit facility. The facility with a tenor of 5 years and two additional one-year extension options serves as a backup for Henkel’s Commercial Paper programs, securing flexible financing for the company. The existing 700 million euros 5-year revolving credit facility signed inMarch 2010 will remain in place. Due to Henkel’s excellent cash situation the company decided to reduce the total volume of its revolving credit facilities from 2.1 billion euros to 1.5 billion euros.

Adhesives for filters with enhanced thermal stability

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03/29/2012 - Düsseldorf / Germany

Filter manufacturers can now process their products with adhesives that are even more thermally stable – and save money at the same time. Henkel, the global leader in adhesives, sealants and surface treatments is presenting its innovative adhesives at the World Filtration Congress in Graz, Austria, from April 16 to 20.

Innovative ingredients for future laundry detergents

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04/02/2012 - Düsseldorf / Germany

Henkel and 4SC Discovery have agreed a research collaboration in the area of compound screening. The aim of the joint research project is to identify new and more effective laundry detergent ingredients. For its part, 4SC Discovery will perform property calculations for several million substances. Henkel will then use application testing to determine the substances most suitable for new detergent formulations.

New Loctite instant adhesives built to take the heat

Henkel International - Press & Media Relations >> 
04/05/2012 - Düsseldorf / Germany

Loctite instant adhesives for industrial applications already encompass a broad range of different categories, such as light-curing, low-bloom, impact and shock resistant, as well as toughened products for flexible bond lines. Loctite instant adhesives are also extensively used for joining difficult-to-bond plastics, for gap-filling applications and in medical devices. Now, with Loctite 401, 406 and 454, three products with an enhanced formulation have been launched onto the market, capable of withstanding service temperatures of up to 120 °C.

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