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Mapal set for more growth in wastewater aeration with new investment offer

The deadline is rapidly approachingto investin a team of fast-rising innovators, who have already completed over 100 installations worldwide of their energy-saving wastewateraeration solutions.

Via Crowdcube, but only until June 10th, shares can be purchased in Mapal; a thriving business (established 2008) that has seen a significant increase in demand foits aeration technologieswhich do notrequire a levelled floor andimportantly, cause no unwanted downtimebecause they canbe installed and maintained while the plant is operating.

Ilan Diamond, Mapal’s Chairman/Director, said: With ousystemsproving up to 50-60%moreefficient than traditionalmechanicalsurfaceaeration and with nomovingpartsinthewater, therihuge potentialgrowth for what we offer.

He added: “This investment opportunity will provide general working capital, enabling us to accelerate our healthy growth by furtherdeveloping our sales and marketing teams. We will also be able to fund a pre-sale trial (rental) fleet and continueour research & development into ammonia removal in aerated lagoons with fixed bio-media combined into our Mapal FFBA(Floating Fine Bubble Aeration) system.

Some recent aeration methods partly address the higherthan eveenergy (and maintenance) costs of conventional surface treatment, burequiring specific conditions, can also prove expensive as a new-build, with problematicalprocess interruption for upgradesBut from Israel, the UK, Brazil, Australia and across Africa, Mapalcustom-made systemshave successfully supersededthese drawbacksfor municipal and industrial wastewatertreatment plants of numerous types, shapes and sizes.

Mapal’s Ilan Diamond, continued: “Our innovative and proven technologytogetherwithour strong customersupport, should see our sales grow from US$ 0.65 millionlast year tUS$ 2.1this yearthen US$ 3.0 million in 2025. We are very excited about the future for delivering the benefits of our equipment to theglobal wastewater industry.

More details about investing in Mapal via Crowdcube* can be found at:

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