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Cascadia's Aerospace & Defense Industry Update | Q1-2024

Cascadia Capital’s Aerospace team is pleased to share with you our newest industry report focusing on Aerospace & Defense (“A&D”). To access the full report, click here: Aerospace & Defense Industry Report | Q1-2024

Packed with insightful analysis and comprehensive market trends

Key Highlights

  • The products and services in the A&D markets have had a surge in demand with many key indicators that point to strong 2024 and foreseeable future:
    • Despite the rising price of airline tickets, revenue passenger miles have spiked to $97.9B in August of 2023
    • Airbus and Boeing have current combined backlogs of 14,000 planes
    • Both the U.S. and Global Defense Budgets continue to increase
  • Supply chain constraints have created opportunities for suppliers that can get quality product to their customers on time
  • Industry 4.0 technologies are having a substantial effect on the ecosystem
  • Wars are being fought with technology and driving demand for drones and other technologies to fight offensively from remote locations 
  • The Aerospace & Defense M&A Markets have been one of the most stable over the last several years and valuations have remained at relatively high levels 
  • Private Equity funds have contributed the most to this, especially in consolidating many of the privately-owned companies
  • Larger companies have been interested in acquiring higher technology companies that can round out their capabilities
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