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Faraday Predictive
St John’s Innovation Centre, Cowley Road
United Kingdom

Faraday Predictive - Overview
Faraday Predictive Ltd was set up in 2017 to help asset owners and operators become more efficient, through the adoption of optimised maintenance strategies, particularly Condition Based Maintenance, enabled by Model-Based Voltage and Current (MBVI) Condition Monitoring Systems.
Although Faraday Predictive was only set up in 2017, we bring more than a decade of experience with MBVI systems, and several decades of experience helping organisations improve the performance of their Maintenance and Operations activities.
Based in Cambridge, we build on the world-leading capabilities of Cambridge University departments including Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering, allowing us to develop leading-edge solutions from the ground up. We have also had superb support from Mathematicians and Scientists from a number of other leading universities
We combine this academic expertise with deep practical experience of the worlds of maintenance and asset management, of traditional Vibration-based Condition Monitoring technologies, and of education, training and consultancy support to deliver real improvements in many different industry sectors. We have real experiences of implementing RCM, TPM, CMMS/EAMS, and a variety of other maintenance improvement initiatives.
We have used this experience to define and develop the Faraday Predictive Condition Monitoring Systems, to make sure they are easy to use, easy to install, and that they provide easy to understand, actionable advice, that explains why the system has diagnosed a particular problem, the likely effect of that problem, and the recommended course of action. In short, they are designed by engineers like you for engineers like you.
Whether you just want a quick assessment of the condition of one or two machines, or are looking to implement a comprehensive Condition-Based Maintenance strategy, we are here to help you – through the supply of world-leading technological solutions, education and training, or consultancy advice.

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Tel : 0333 772 0748
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Email : info@faradaypredictive.com
Web : https://faradaypredictive.com

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