The Power Of Silver Delivers A Hygienic Floor For McVities

Flowcrete PR 1.A prestigious new production facility at McVities in Glasgow has started out on a firm footing with the installation of a range of hygienic floor finishes from Flowcrete, including Flowfresh, which utilises the natural power of silver to deliver the level best in advanced protection. Lines 14 and 19 at the Tollcross-based plant have been developed to include the latest in food production technology.

In-keeping with the high tech nature of the refurbishment, McVities' project engineering team specified a range of Flowcrete products across a total floor area of almost 3,000 square metres at the site.

The project included the application of Flowcrete Flowfresh RT, which was chosen for the main thoroughfares of Line 14, in an ochre and cream colour scheme - providing McVities with the balance of both a textured finish for slip resistance and a surface capable of easy maintenance and cleanability.
The smoother finished Flowcrete Flowfresh MF was also applied in the areas immediately below Line 14, to allow ease of maintenance. In total, 1,628 square metres of Flowfresh RT and MF were applied within this Line.

Flowfresh offers a state-of-the art system for food and drink production areas, based on the natural power of silver to protect surfaces from germs.
The silver-ion based antimicrobial treatment Polygiene® is locked within Flowfresh's resinous flooring material.
This additive controls up to 99.9 per cent of bacterial microbes including salmonella, E-coli and many other types of bacteria and yeast on contact – and the process remains active for the lifetime of the floor.

For Line 19, Hydraseal and Flowcrete HF were applied across 1,200 square metres. Installed in four weeks under two phases, the textured Flowcrete HF was applied in a 'live' working environment and involved the sheeting up of the area to ensure the smooth running of the site.
At McVities, the Flowfresh floor on Line 14 is supported by Flowcrete's high strength screed, Isocrete Isopol. The old floor was excavated with various levels of existing floor finishes and screed being removed before the floor was rebuilt and levelled using Isopol SBR. This was applied to provide a sound base for the Flowfresh RT and MF to anchor to.

Both lines also used Flowcrete's Hydraseal damp proof membrane as part of the application process.
Flowcrete's approved contractors XL Industrial Resins and Glenalmond Contracts, completed the flooring installation on Line 14, with XL Industrial Resins applying the Flowfresh RT and MF and Glenalmond Contracts installing the Isopol floor screed. The application at Line 19 was carried out by Veitchi Industrial Flooring (Scotland) Ltd.


Robert Gray, Flowcrete's Regional Manager in Scotland and the North East of England, said: "This project reflects the flexibility and choice of hygienic flooring available for the food sector from Flowcrete.

"Their high performance hygienic qualities, coupled with tremendous abrasion resistance, durability – and the ability to balance slip-resistance with cleanability – ensure that these systems measure up to the tough and uncompromising demands of the sector."

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