Condition Monitoring/Predictive Maintenance

Condition Monitoring with a FLIR Si-Series Acoustic Imager

Practically all production, manufacturing and assembly processes use compressed air or vacuum systems at some point in their process. Compressed air and vacuum systems are reasonably inexpensive to install, fairly easy to maintain, and usually very reliable.

While these systems are installed and used with very good reason, they can have inefficiencies that can impact their performance, costing businesses a significant amount of money.

Leaks develop over time and subsequently compressors and pumps run at higher rates to compensate; processes are rarely interrupted. If leaks become severe then its often easier to add additional compressors and pumps then it is to fault-find and repair leaks, especially in loud and noisy operational factories.

Enter the FLIR Si-series of acoustic cameras. These cameras see sound, overlaying leak information onto a digital camera screen, adding quantifiable metrics about the leak severity and likely cost to the business for each individual leak identified.

FLIR acoustic cameras work at distances well beyond 50 meters, filtering out irrelevant noise from operating production lines to isolate leak information and clearly pinpoint their location.

After surveying a facility, all images, along with their leak metrics can be viewed on-camera, or uploaded onto cloud-based reporting software, or transferred to FLIR Thermal Studio reporting software.

Leak images will clarify and improve repair work orders, every leak repaired will reduce the electricity consumption of the compressors and pumps used, which in-turn reduces their associated emissions.

Acoustic imaging works beyond air leaks, also locating leaks in CO2, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Helium, Argon and other industrial gas systems too, associated savings are significantly higher for industrial gasses due to their increased production and purchase costs.

Contact FLIR or one of our partners and request a telephone consultation, or even an in-person demo to see how much money we can help your business save too.

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