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All of us are likely to be accused sometimes of having our “head in the clouds”. But with the tremendous advances in Cloud computing and mobile communications, perhaps the advice should be “get ahead in the Cloud!”

Imagine a scenario where a condition based maintenance (CBM) team is responsible for a number of remote sites. This could be where a central ‘control’ site has a number of remote ‘satellite’ locations that have equipment that needs to be monitored. The measurements could be done by personnel based at the remote site, or the sites could be visited from time to time by CBM engineers. Another similar scenario is where a service company has multiple customers that are visited by a ‘fleet’ of CBM engineers.

In each of these scenarios, the central facility will most likely be running computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) software that is being used to monitor, trend and report on the equipment as part of the CBM strategy. The whole process can be greatly facilitated by the ability to remotely download lists of the measurements (Routes) that are required at the remote locations, and automatically upload the subsequent readings into the CMMS software.

For example, supervisors can send out Routes that can be remotely downloaded via the Cloud onto mobile devices (e.g. smart phones or tablets). Using a mobile App, users can then locally transfer the Routes to measurement devices, such as vibration meters, via Bluetooth. The readings then go in the opposite direction, via Bluetooth from vibration meter to mobile device, and via the Cloud from mobile device to the CMMS software.

Test Products International (TPI) has now made this process very easy with the release of the TPI Cloud-Bridge App. This FREE, subscription FREE, mobile App works in conjunction with the subscription FREE, C-Trend II PC Software, to easily allow multiple routes to be sent to multiple, remote users, anywhere in the world and receive the readings back for detailed analysis.

The versatility of the TPI Cloud-Bridge App also allows it to be used with virtually ANY version of CMMS software.



TPI manufactures a complete range of low-cost, high-performance vibration analysers from the £575, one-button-to-press TPI 9070 Smart Vibration Meter, to devices that include advanced diagnostics and machine balancing.

The TPI 9080 Smart Trend Meter from £1,100 comes complete with PC based trending and reporting software that includes automatic report generation and email notification of alarms, to implement a full CBM solution. The TPI 9080 features colour coded alarm levels and zoomable on-screen vibration frequency plots together with on-meter analysis for the detection of machine faults such as unbalance, misalignment, looseness and bearing wear.

The TPI 9080 can store Routes of up to 1000 machines, each with up to 10 measurement points, all with full vibration waveform and frequency spectrum (FFT) capture. Routes and readings can easily be transferred to/from the TPI 9080 in a variety of different ways.  Locally, via the included USB docking cradle or wirelessly via Bluetooth, or remotely, via a Bluetooth link with a smart phone or tablet running the TPI Cloud-Bridge App. This allows service personnel to receive and return routes and readings, wherever they may be.  

The Ex certified TPI 9080Ex is IECEx/ATEX certified for Zone 1 and has North American approval for Class 1, Zone 1 and hence is certified for use in hazardous locations anywhere in the world. In-line with TPI’s philosophy of being the value leader, the TPI 9080Ex is available at a list price of £3,500.

For more information please contact TPI Europe’s head office on +44 1293 530196 or take a look on the website at or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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