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Leading the Fight Against Pipeline Corrosion: IGS Metalspray® Pipe ID Rover


Within the oil and gas industry, pipeline integrity and corrosion control are top concerns. Transporting untreated wet gas poses significant risks, as the presence of corrosive contaminants like hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and carbon dioxide (CO2) can severely damage critical pipeline assets. This damage results in leaks, loss of containment, and costly unplanned shutdowns.

Integrated Global Services (IGS) understands the urgency of effective corrosion control to maintain pipeline integrity and operational efficiency. As a result, IGS has developed a cutting-edge Metalspray® Pipe ID Rover system, representing a major leap forward in internal corrosion protection strategies for oil and gas pipelines.

The Challenges of Internal Corrosion

Corrosion in wet gas pipelines develops from various mechanisms, including CO2 corrosion (sweet corrosion) and H2S corrosion. CO2 dissolves in water, forming carbonic acid that attacks the pipe wall, while H2S dissociates to form sulfuric acid, leading to pitting. Additionally, the oxygen content, corrosive by-products, and contaminants introduced during production operations further contribute to internal corrosion.

Existing prevention methods, such as chemical inhibitors and coatings, have limitations in addressing the complexities of internal corrosion in hazardous environments like wet gas pipelines.

The Metalspray® Pipe ID Rover: A Breakthrough Solution

IGS's Metalspray® Pipe ID Rover system represents a breakthrough solution for pipeline corrosion protection. By offering a field-applied alloy upgrade for pipelines, slug catchers, and flare lines, this cutting-edge technology addresses the challenges of wet CO2 corrosion and internal corrosion with unparalleled precision.

The self-propelled rover navigates through pipelines, applying a durable alloy coating to interior surfaces without the need for direct human intervention. This approach ensures comprehensive surface preparation, alloy application, and quality control in environments previously considered challenging or impossible to treat effectively.

Key Benefits of the Metalspray® Pipe ID Rover

  • Targeted Protection: 360-degree access to critical areas ensures comprehensive coverage, protecting bottom sections, low spots, and weld seams.
  • Pipe ID Corrosion Mitigation: Alloy upgrades restore and reinforce affected areas, significantly extending the asset's life.
  • Laser Integrity Scans and Visual Documentation: Real-time scans provide essential documentation, ensuring quality and accountability.
  • Safe Operation in Hazardous Environments: Designed for operation in hazardous wet gas environments, eliminating the need for confined space entry.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Maximizes capital efficiency, avoiding expensive replacements and providing a financially viable corrosion prevention solution.

A Comprehensive Corrosion Control Strategy

By stopping further damage and mitigating pipeline corrosion, the Metalspray® Pipe ID Rover becomes more than a technology; it becomes a comprehensive strategy to tackle CO2 and H2S corrosion. The solution supports operators in strengthening offshore infrastructure, ensuring uninterrupted production, and protecting their investment in pipeline systems.

Whether addressing finger slug catcher corrosion, enhancing flare line durability, or controlling corrosion in wet gas systems, IGS's Metalspray® Pipe ID Rover system is at the forefront of internal corrosion control technology.

With a track record of success and a team of experts dedicated to excellence, IGS is pushing the boundaries of innovation to safeguard operations against the threats of corrosion.



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