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Reducing CO2 emissions together with considerably lower running costs are two good reasons to embrace boiler technology and improve its efficiency.  The capital costs of installing new industrial boilers or retrofitting existing ones are, however, significant and can be technically challenging.  At the same time navigating the complex regulatory processes and ensuring ongoing compliance is both time-consuming and resource-intensive.

Compliance with boiler inspections and maintenance procedures is critical and potentially demanding for those industries that are already operating under intense pressure or with limited resources.

Burning less fuel in the boiler to both save money and reduce emissions without making the process more efficient is ineffective as the fuel usage and its equivalent CO2 output is balanced to production. Without on-site expertise it's advisable to call in the professionals who will carry out a full audit, surveying the system in place to identify the best route to facilitate efficient production capacity with lower fuel usage delivering lower emissions.  Boiler hire is the credible solution to the challenge of the enormous capital investment of replacing an inefficient boiler.

Increasingly businesses and institutions such as food manufacturing and healthcare are turning to hire. Long term hire is increasingly the preferred choice when ageing plant needs to be replaced or when expansion requires additional capacity.  It comes with the obvious cash flow advantages whilst offering the latest fuel efficient boilers. At Byworth Hire this includes the multi award-winning and most energy efficient steam boiler available in the UK:  Yorkshireman2 Boiler.  Developed with rising fuel costs in mind it is the best option for the truly energy conscious incorporating a number of energy saving features including Byworth's use of patented X-ID tubes making it a most cost effective route to choose.  Five years is a long time in the manufacturing cycle so to commit today to purchasing a boiler that is expected to deliver the goods for a potential increase in demand in five years' time makes hiring a more attractive option as in five years it can be sized up or down to suit the business needs. 

Short term hire is the solution for when there are emergency repairs to cover existing boiler breakdowns, annual inspections and maintenance as well as peak seasonal loading which ensures stability and security. This is particularly pertinent for such as food and drink manufacturing.

Hiring provides the latest technology and automation together with full servicing and maintenance plus the knowledge that the boiler being used is doing its bit to keep carbon emissions to a minimum.

Whichever solution Byworth's expert project management team will visit the site and work with the client to specify and conceive purpose-built boiler plant rooms incorporating all the ancillary feed, fuel and blow down tanks including water softening equipment. These plant rooms can be containerised or in purpose built pre-fabricated boiler houses providing a dedicated turnkey project with minimal site work.  By hiring the heavy capital outlay of purchasing new is avoided.

As Byworth Hire Sales Director, Michael Rutter emphasised: 'In a rapidly changing and challenging environment, we need to keep up to speed to deliver the latest advances in technology with reliability to our customers. Our fleet of award-winning modern boilers together with a comprehensive back up service enables us to do just that.'

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