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Fluke celebrates 25th anniversary with CalPlus GmbH


The longstanding partnership between Fluke Corporation and CalPlus GmbH in Germany will be celebrated with an award ceremony and a new time-limited discount offer on multi-product calibrators for end-customers.

Eindhoven, Netherlands. 12th April 2024: Fluke Corporation, a global technology leader in the manufacture of compact, professional electronic test and measurement tools and software, recently hosted an award ceremony celebrating the 25th anniversary of its Premium partnership with CalPlus GmbH.

A leading German specialist distributor for test and measurement equipment and the leading supplier of calibrators for electrical quantities and temperature, CalPlus was formed in 1999 by former employees of Fluke. Today, the company serves customers in all areas of the German economy, including colleges, universities, research institutes and authorities, and is headquartered in Berlin.

The success of the longstanding, historical partnership between the two companies is down to the extensive technical knowledge that the CalPlus sales team has of Fluke Corporation’s products. CalPlus is also the exclusive German distributor for Fluke Calibration’s electrical and temperature calibration portfolio.

In 2022, this expertise enabled CalPlus to secure the largest single order for Fluke Calibration of $6.7 million – $4.5 million on hardware and $2.2 million on Premium Care plans – with a semiconductor and component test systems manufacturer. The accuracy, reliability and stability of Fluke Calibrations’ products are of critical importance to calibration and primary laboratories in Germany.

Flavio Romano, Senior Director of EMEA Sales, Fluke Corporation said: “The success of our partnership is owed to CalPlus’ unwavering commitment to customer-centricity and excellence in customer service, innovation and technical expertise. CalPlus’ profound product understanding enables them to provide comprehensive training and unmatched support, expediting the discovery of optimal solutions. Their proactive innovation ensures they lead in meeting evolving customer needs. Together, our shared vision for growth in the German market has forged a strategic alliance marked by mutual trust and a relentless pursuit of excellence.” 

Jürgen Mau, Managing Director of CalPlus says long-term customer and supplier partnerships are at the heart of CalPlus’ corporate philosophy.

“Having Fluke as a Premium partner for 25 years has enabled us to make substantial inroads into the electrical and temperature calibration market in Germany. Over the years, we have also expanded our in-stock range of Fluke’s industrial and networking portfolios to reflect the considerable growth in the renewable energy sector, including solar and wind power as well as electric vehicles. These rapidly evolving markets demand reliable testing and calibration solutions of the highest quality. Fluke is a true innovator in these sectors and enables us to deliver complete solutions to our customers.”

Upgrade and save 20% for a limited time

Fluke Calibration is offering European customers the opportunity to upgrade and save 20% on the 55X0A Series of High-Performance Multi-Product Calibrators. For a limited time, customers can trade in their existing precision calibrator regardless of the manufacturer and upgrade to the latest technology.

Featuring three advanced models, the 5560A, 5550A and 5540A provide the most comprehensive electrical workload coverage with the highest accuracy, an intuitive redesigned front panel, MET/CAL compatibility and much more. This limited time offer ends on 28 June 2024.

More information on Fluke Calibration’s new trade-in program can be found here.

Tube Tech Wins International Safety Award


IGS Tube Tech has won an International Safety Award from the British Safety Council in recognition of its commitment to keeping its workers and workplaces healthy and safe during the 2023 calendar year.      

Now in their 66th year, the International Safety Awards recognise and celebrate organisations from around the world which have demonstrated to the satisfaction of the scheme’s independent judges their commitment to preventing workplace injuries and work-related ill health during the previous calendar year. The awards also acknowledge organisations that have shown commitment to wellbeing and mental health at work. 

In 2024, 1124 organisations won an International Safety Award. They span all sectors with significant representation from the construction, manufacturing, oil, gas, mining, power, and utility sectors. Winners were drawn from 49 countries worldwide.

Mike Robinson, Chief Executive of British Safety Council, congratulated IGS Tube Tech on their success in winning an International Safety Award 2024: “The British Safety Council applauds IGS Tube Tech on their achievement. The award is to recognise their commitment and hard work to keep their employees and workplaces free of injury and ill health.  

“The vision of British Safety Council is that no-one should be injured or made ill through their work – anywhere in the world. Achieving this requires more than complying with legislation; it means people committed not only to health and safety but also more and more to workplace wellbeing and impelling others to follow suit.

Louise Strutt, HR Manager at IGS Tube Tech, said: “To be recognised as winner of the International Safety Awards 2024 is a great achievement and testament to our employee’s commitment to upholding our organisation’s strong health and safety culture.

“IGS Tube Tech holds an ISO 45001:2018 certification for its Occupational Health & Safety Management System and we continuously aim to improve and develop our processes to mitigate the risk of workplace injuries and ill mental and physical health.”

The winners of the awards will be celebrated at two events, a UK Gala Dinner to be held in June in London and an India Dinner in May in Mumbai, they will also be included in the June issue of Safety Management Magazine.

For more information about Tube Tech, visit:

Affirmative biogas action with right pumps and mixers


As California takes affirmative action to address climate challenges, including the 23 million tons of organic waste that it produces annually, the environmental services industry is also taking positive steps to ensure that the unwanted material is put to the best possible use.

This includes upgrades of the important mixing process at anaerobic digestion facilities to boost biogas yields from material that would have otherwise been destined for landfill; releasing harmful methane, rather than converting it into clean, green renewable energy.

‘First anaerobic digester’

In May 2023, Republic Services, a leader in the environmental services industry, made a significant expansion of its organics recycling operations when it acquired North State Bioenergy, a biogas facility at Oroville; its first anaerobic digester. The site, located some 70 miles north of Sacramento, was once home to a rendering plant, from whom the AD plant received organic matter, but it now mainly uses commercial food waste from across Northern California as feedstock for its principal, 64’ high, 2200m3 (580,000-gallon) digester.

With Republic Services wanting to optimize the biogas operation at Oroville, a new submersible chopper pump has been introduced for the facility’s 20,000-gallon Receiving Pit; from the same company whose equipment still works efficiently and effectively on the main digester.

‘Minimizes safety risks for our operators’

Dave Meyer, Operations Manager at Republic Services, explains:

“We made a calculated investment when we chose the Landia GasMix system for the main digester. It is a highly dependable system, with external accessibility, which simplifies maintenance and avoids costly downtime associated with internal components. Unlike other systems with moving parts inside, Landia's design minimizes safety risks for our operators and ensures a seamless, efficient, and profitable process without the challenges of shutting down a delicate biological operation.”

Ten years on, and the GasMix Chopper Pumps on the main digester are still going strong. When Republic Services decided to replace the pump for the Receiving Pit at Oroville, it chose Landia again for the demanding food-waste application that runs 24/7, 365-days a year. The new Landia Chopper Pump is stainless-steel, 30HP, with an external 5-blade knife system that continuously reduces the particle size of the feedstock. Using the original site drawings that Landia had safely archived, it meant that the new submersible could be integrated with the original pump and mix system, dropping the new Chopper Pump straight into the Receiving Pit. It now blends up all the incoming food waste (25-30% solids; some of it pre-processed at a Republic Services’ facility in Sacramento), ensuring that there is a continuous, consistent flow of homogenized feedstock going into the digester.

From the Receiving Pit at Republic Service’s Oroville facility, the food waste now homogenized by the Landia Chopper Pump is transferred into two tanks (40’ diameter by 24’ high), where the first acid-forming phase of the biogas production process takes place.

These heated tanks contain bacteria that break down the material and prepare it for its onward process. When the feedstock is ready, it is then pumped into the main digester where the biogas-producing bacteria get to work.

Ken Jacobs, Landia’s Aftermarket Manager, added: “It’s fair to say that we had some fun and games at first with the install of the new Chopper Pump. Sometimes, nothing seems straightforward when upgrading a biogas plant (!), but Dave and I worked closely to make everything right. We have a fully-stocked inventory in the US, so can always provide back-up, without delay.”

In 2022, Republic Services recycled 2 billion pounds of organic waste. Diverting this organic material from a landfill provided a climate benefit equivalent to removing the annual emissions of 22,000 passenger vehicles. Organics recycling directly supports Republic Services’ sustainability goal to increase the recovery and circularity of key materials from the waste stream by 40% by 2030.

Leicester Bearings Announces Partnership with Inpro/Seal for Bearing Protection Products


Leicester Bearings, a leading nationwide provider of engineering components, consumables and associated mechanical services, is pleased to announce its partnership with Inpro/Seal, a reputable manufacturer and distributor specialising in industrial and mechanical bearing protection components. This strategic collaboration aims to strengthen the distribution network for their high-quality bearing products in the UK.

Leicester Bearings has established itself as a trusted name in the engineering and mechanical distribution sector, known for its commitment to quality, reliability, and exceptional customer service. With an extensive network and a proven track record of delivering high quality products to various industries, they align seamlessly with Inpro/Seal’s values and commitment to excellence.

The partnership with Inpro-seal marks a significant milestone for Leicester Bearings as they expand their reach and accessibility within the UK market. Customers can now expect easier access to state-of-the-art bearing protection products, designed to provide proven permanent bearing protection, enhance equipment reliability, reduce maintenance costs, and extend the lifespan of critical machinery, all at an affordable price point.

Carl North, Regional Sales Manager at Inpro/Seal, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, "We are thrilled to welcome Leicester Bearings to our growing network of partners. Their dedication to providing top-tier solutions aligns perfectly with our commitment to delivering cutting-edge bearing protection products. Together, we look forward to serving the needs of the UK market more effectively."

Jamie March, Managing Director at Leicester Bearings commented on the partnership, "Leicester Bearings is excited to join forces with Inpro/Seal. This collaboration enhances our product portfolio and allows us to offer our customers access to premium bearing protection solutions. We are confident that this partnership will bring mutual success and contribute to the satisfaction of our valued clients."

For nationwide enquiries, pricing, or to place an order for bearing protection products, please contact Leicester Bearings on 0116 2549886, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit

Transforming waste into energy is a vital global issue

Talking to an industrial door company in Newcastle upon Tyne may appear to lack immediate synergy with a global issue but Hart Doors is well ahead of the pack when it comes to climate change.

Research suggests that the global Energy from Waste market will reach an investment level of 50 billion dollars by 2027. That is three years’ time.

Doug Hart, chairman, Hart Door Systems, says that the energy from waste sector has some unique challenges such as strict planning conditions for Energy from Waste plants

Noise is a factor, escaping odours and vermin infestation are two more. The actual process of managing the waste creates humid environments and corrosive atmospheres so the door type and installation have to be to the highest standards.

Typically for an Energy from Waste site in Moscow we supplied 22 doors, 11 high-speed ‘Speedor Storms’ and 11 manually operated swing doors. We also recommended 4m x 6m Speedors which were efficient and cost-effective.

Considering the challenges faced by those in the Energy from Waste sector, we know that soundproofing and durability are desirable features – which is why multilayer PVC is used in our Speedor Storms to ensure their strength, as well as providing tear resistance, which extends their life spans. The multiple layers, which trap air, also mean the door can be used to contain sound.”

Nearer home Hart has completed a contract to supply seven insulated shutters and one high-speed Speedor Storm at the Dundee and Angus Energy from Waste facility at Baldovie, north east of Dundee.

To illustrate our broader approach, like many of its contracts we addressed the technical challenges first by working with the design consultants throughout. After all a typical new build project which will use around 110,000 tonnes of residual waste per year to generate electricity.

In the important global dimension there is an urgent need to maintain and accelerate sustainability in the light of climate change/global warming acceleration. This is seeing growing demand for Waste-to-Energy facilities across the world with the global market forecast to grow by nearly 7% by 2025.

Not only does this create energy in the process but it uses waste created by growing populations across the Globe. Accordingly Hart regards Energy from Waste as a developing sector which from the beginning the process of getting rid of waste and generating electricity is not straightforward.  

As a result Hart has adapted its existing door brands such as Speedor and purpose-designed doors that can operate alongside in potentially hazardous environments. To cope with these  environments is extremely challenging.

As an example Hart has developed a series of enhancements to its standard roller shutter specification. These significantly extend the life and the operational reliability of these essential doors.

High humidity, corrosive atmosphere and vermin damage are particular problems and lead to unreliable installations without preventative design enhancement. Hart’s expertise in developing custom doors to maximise performance in any environment is widely acknowledged.

Hart’s solutions can be found at some of the world’s major Energy from Waste projects. Hart’s global presence will increase significantly as the need to convert waste to energy becomes more urgent.


Fluke Networks launches new digital pocket guide for cloud-based network certification project management


Fluke Networks, a worldwide leader in certification, troubleshooting and installation tools for professionals who install and maintain critical network cabling infrastructure, has launched a new digital pocket guide for cloud-based certification project management.

The guide identifies key pain points based on industry research and provides best practice tips to enable network cabling installers, network engineers and technicians in the Enterprise to resolve critical issues faster while improving the efficiency of managing network certification tasks. 

Fluke Networks seeks to support professionals installing network cabling – whether in Smart Buildings, on the factory floor or in sophisticated data centres – to optimise their workflows by unlocking the full potential of the LinkWare™ Live Cloud-Based Certification Project Management Service.

Research-based guidance  

A recent survey of cabling installers, conducted by Fluke Networks, uncovered the most common problems associated with installing network projects, including how many working hours per 1000 links installed are wasted troubleshooting and problem solving.

The survey findings revealed that installers were wasting more than four hours per 1000 links installed due to testing the wrong copper limit. The accurate setup of testing equipment, difficulties with correctly labelling cable IDs and the time required to consolidate data from multiple testers to produce a single project certification report, were also cited as key challenges.

By providing best practice advice, Fluke Network’s digital pocket guide is designed to help network professionals enhance their performance by leveraging the fact that the measurement data as well as tester setups can be regularly synchronized between the Cloud and the testers in the field. This allows accurate project management from any location, prevents tester setup errors and avoids data loss as well. The best practice recommendations include:

  • Uploading results to the cloud multiple times a day
  • Setting up the tester remotely with a project manager
  • Regular project management checks
  • ‘Right first time’ label printing
  • Reporting management
  • Developing a comprehensive asset management programme

Integrated hardware and software solutions

The digital pocket guide features valuable information about Fluke Networks’ market leading Versiv™ modular cabling certification platform, which integrates seamlessly with LinkWare Live to provide a complete solution for certifying installed cabling. Key benefits include faster reporting and generation of certificates, visibility of every project from any smart device, and the flexibility to share results easily with customers or vendors.

Robert Luijten, Test and Measurement Instrumentation Expert at Fluke Networks, says the adoption of cloud-based certification techniques is critical for networking professionals seeking to optimise their workflow and increase profitability.

“Our best practice tips are indispensable and will enable readers to unlock the full potential of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) using Fluke Networks market leading Versiv cabling certification product family and LinkWare Live software solution,” he said.

“Free to download and easy to use, the digital pocket guide addresses all the major pain points associated with network cable certification – it’s a fundamental addition to the toolbox of every cabling professional.”  

Exclusive savings on copper and fibre testers

Fluke Networks is offering major discounts on some of the best-selling copper and fibre testers for a limited time. Customers can save up to 28% on selected products from the Versiv range, including the DSX CableAnalyzer™ cable testers, CertiFiber™ Pro and the OptiFiber™ Pro range of optical time-domain reflectometers (OTDRs). All products sold in the promotion include a year of Fluke Premium Care – Gold support.

To download the LinkWare Live Best Practices Digital Pocket Guide, go to:



AirBench Ltd are pleased to announce the release of our Air Cleaning System for large halls – the AirTower AT range.

Designed for general dust and fume capture in large working areas, the AT range runs continuously, capturing weld fume, smoke, and particulate and exhausting clean filtered air back to the room.

Air Towers are a backup system designed to assist with general room air cleanliness, where existing extraction is not fully capturing contamination. As weld fume settles at around 3m height, the AT range is perfectly placed to capture this layer, with the main inlet at 2.5m – making it the ideal solution for large welding halls.


AT joins our air cleaning range, providing the large-area equivalent to the existing small units – the wall mounted MF600 and floor mount MF2000 and MF3000 models.

Contact AirBench Ltd for more information, a recommendation, or to see an AirTower in action.

Visit for more information.

Norton Clipper introduces revolutionary new floor solutions range


Norton Clipper, one of the UK's most renowned abrasives specialists, is excited to launch its ground-breaking range of flooring machines, tools, and vacuums.

Designed to revolutionise the industry, the Norton Clipper floor solutions range offers powerful and versatile tools that deliver unparalleled precision and performance. From floor grinding machines to wood sanding and cleaning, each surface solution is the perfect partner in any floor treatment application.

Surface preparation and grinding

Whether you require a compact machine with edge-grinding functionality like the CG 280 or a machine designed for more demanding larger jobs, such as the CG 450, the Norton Clipper floor solutions range offers a versatile selection of advanced grinding tools, offering superior efficiency and reliability.

A range of tools are available for the floor grinding machines, which are simple, easy to navigate, and reliable. Prep wings, grind wings, polish pads and finish pads are colour-coded, with quick fastening application, helping you achieve excellent results with minimal downtime.


Enhance and refine concrete floors for a super sleek and reflective finish with the Norton Clipper three-head planetary machines. When combined with compatible polish and finish pads, these machines provide the perfect solution for every step, from surface refinement to fine polishing and finishing. The compact CG 450 UNO is ideal for smaller jobs, with the larger CG550 and CG550 UNO capable of tackling larger and more demanding projects, thanks to a sturdy frame and full metal gearbox.


From deep scrubbing to delicate cleaning, the Norton Clipper CG Clean 430 is perfect for tasks like dewaxing, shining, and micro-sanding while also being gentle enough for delicate surfaces like carpets and rugs. This machine is compatible with a range of brushes and pad accessories to help you restore and maintain a range of flooring surfaces.


When restoring or maintaining wooden floors, it is crucial to have a machine that provides accuracy, quality, and superior results. The CG Wood 430 features a counter-rotating planetary sander with four heads, making it an excellent choice for pre-grinding, sanding, oiling, brushing, and finishing a range of wooden floors, including hardwood and parquet. The flexible skirt provides maximum dust extraction to help minimise dust when in operation. The CG Wood 430 is compatible with self-grip sanding discs, screenbak discs and non-woven finishing and polishing pads.

Understanding the critical role of surface preparation to achieve a smooth and even surface, this comprehensive new range represents a significant step forward in the industry. Not only do the advanced flooring solutions enhance performance, but they also contribute to a cleaner and safer work environment.

Jonathan Ziebel, Product Manager at Norton Clipper, comments: "This new range is a ground-breaking venture into the floor solutions market for Norton Clipper, offering solutions for every application, from preparation and grinding, right through to polishing, cleaning, and sanding.

"Confidence, trust and quality are in our DNA as a brand, and this innovative range isn't just about individual tools or machines; it's a comprehensive solution that encompasses an entire floor treatment ecosystem. This new expansion underscores our continued commitment to offering unparalleled precision and performance, delivering results you can be confident in from day one."

To learn more about what Norton Clipper's revolutionary new flooring solutions range can offer, visit, contact your local Sales Representative, or call 01785 279553.

Norton Clipper launches powerful new range of battery-powered machinery


Norton Clipper, one of the UK's most renowned abrasives specialists, is excited to introduce its all-encompassing range of battery-powered machinery.

As the construction industry is increasingly evolving, Norton Clipper technology has overcome the common constraints found with petrol and diesel engines in traditionally used tools – prioritising high performance, increased capabilities and user comfort.

The new range consists of:

  • CM350 B – Masonry Saw
  • CS352 B – Floor Saw
  • CT601 B – Power Float
  • CFP13 WB – Forward Compactor
  • CR11 B – Upright Rammer
  • B720 – Battery
  • C700 – Quick Charger

Utilising a high-performance brushless Honda motor combined with a Honda battery pack, the Norton Clipper battery range provides consistent and reliable performance. Each machine has a single switch operation, making start-up quick, easy and hassle-free. When it comes to connecting and switching the battery, it takes just a few seconds.

Low maintenance, minimising downtime, and providing a fume-free working environment are priorities of the Norton Clipper battery-powered range, making this new range of machines safer and cleaner and allowing operators to work indoors and outdoors.

These machines require no fuel, oil, or maintenance on common parts, such as filters and spark plugs, making them a sound investment when considering the downtime and maintenance costs of traditional machines.

The 'one battery fits all' solution optimises efficiency and performance without noise, vibrations, or petrol/diesel fumes. In addition, the battery-powered machinery promotes the switch to sustainable construction equipment, which can help improve safety, and air quality for workers and those working and living in the surrounding area.

The Norton Clipper battery range is designed to perform with reduced vibrations during use. This significantly improves operator comfort, thus reducing fatigue, so operators can continually use machinery for increased amounts of time with minimal strain on the user.

Further to Norton Clipper's already vast contributions to operator comfort, the battery-powered construction machinery comes with reduced noise levels during operation, providing a more comfortable user experience. Specifically, when paired with Norton Clipper Diamond Blades, noise reduction is at its optimum and perfect for those sound-restricted areas where quiet operation is essential.

Switching to Norton Clipper battery-powered machines ensures there is no compromise to operators when moving away from petrol/diesel machines, and they can look forward to powerful and consistent high-performance, with all the additional benefits that battery technology delivers.

Ian Cornelius, Commercial Director at Saint-Gobain Abrasives, comments on the launch: "The all-encompassing range of battery-powered machines provide less noise, reduced vibrations and no fumes at all, thus enhancing ergonomics, comfort and safety. Norton Clipper's battery-powered machinery range offers the advantage of flexibility – conveniently working in various locations, whether in confined spaces, indoors or outdoors, without the concerns associated with the risks from exhaust fumes.

"There is a huge focus on sustainability in the construction industry, and battery-powered machines are part of the solution by offering the opportunity to switch away from combustion engines on work sites."

To learn more about Norton Clipper's battery-powered machinery range, visit, contact your local Sales Representative or call 01785 279553.

New Enerpac XC2-Series redefines battery-powered Hydraulic Pump performance and usability


Enerpac continues to raise the performance of its range of battery powered pumps with the announcement of the XC2-Series cordless hydraulic pumps. The new pumps offer higher speeds, longer battery run-times and greater oil capacity allowing larger tool and multiple cylinder applications to be undertaken on a single charge.

Powered by a high-capacity 54 Volt battery, the XC2 pump matches the speed of a 0,37 kW electric pump with the added benefit of cordless convenience, eliminating the need for extension cords and noisy and emission producing generators. With the XC2 pump, managing cable trip risks are eliminated and environmental health and safety concerns significantly reduced. 

More projects on a single battery charge

The XC2 pump’s brushless motor provides twice the life of brushed motors and high-flow rates for increased productivity, allowing significant work completions on a single battery charge. In addition to increasing engineer efficiency, it also enables a more flexible approach to completing projects.  Available in either 2 or 4 litres oil capacity, the 4 litre XC2 pump can be used with larger and multiple cylinders, up to four 50 ton cylinders, two 75 ton cylinders or a single 100 ton cylinder, for example. 

XC2-Series manual valve models also include a variable speed trigger enabling greater control of tool or cylinder movement. The pump’s bladder reservoir design reduces the risk of contamination and allows pump use in any position; ideal for projects where access and working space are limited. 

The XC2 pumps are highly portable with weights ranging from 11.9kg to 16.8kg depending on valve function and oil capacity, effectively bringing previously difficult to service remote projects within easy reach. They also include integrated steel rings to attach the accessory carry strap.

The XC2-Series 54 Volt fast battery charger minimises downtime with a 1.5 hour charge cycle. An LED display provides charge status, over temperature and damaged battery indication.

Heavy duty pendant controls

Heavy-duty pendants are used to operate any Enerpac XC2-Series pump. Easy to connect or disconnect when not required, the pendants feature large buttons, an over moulded grip, lanyard loop and hanger magnet. Multiple seals within the pendant provide IP64 environmental protection. When working in confined spaces where using any cord can be problematic, the pendant control is easily detached, and the pump operated by the trigger.

Torque specific model available

For bolting applications, there is the XC-2 cordless torque wrench pump featuring an adjustable pressure relief valve which can be locked when the desired pressure is set. It can be used with a wide range of torque wrenches and features a 100 mm glycerine-filled pressure gauge for easy viewing and a 6 metre detachable pendant control.

Stay Connected - Enerpac Connect

The Enerpac Connect app gives XC2-Series pump users a complete picture of the tool and its usage, both important factors in job safety and productivity. Using either a SmartPhone or tablet, XC2-Series owners can scan the QR code on the pump nameplate for instant access to product specifications, manuals, videos, job specific usage data, and wireless firmware updates through smart enabled tool technology.

Redefining Pump Portability, Usability and Efficiency

“The XC2-Series cordless hydraulic pumps demonstrate the focus that Enerpac is offering customers in terms of portability, usability and enhanced job performance. The increases in speed, battery runtime, and oil capacity compared to the previous XC-Series is where the XC2-Series excels,” says Angie Wallace Global Product Manager, Enerpac. 

We’re translating our outstanding pump innovation and technology into tangible customer benefits designed to improve competitiveness and service delivery, as well as providing the ability to take on larger and higher cycle applications with a cordless pump.”

For more information on the Enerpac XC2-Series cordless hydraulic pump, and torque pump, visit

ADM Names Integrated Global Services as a 2023 Supplier Award Winner

Integrated Global Services, Inc. (IGS) has been named a 2023 Supplier Award winner by ADM (NYSE: ADM), a global leader in sustainability sourced solutions from nature. ADM honored seven companies based on superior performance and the ability to deliver exceptional value to ADM and its customers. 

“ADM’s purpose is to unlock the power of nature to enrich the quality of life, and we cannot achieve that purpose without strong partners who share our values and our commitment to driving innovation through collaboration,” said Wade Wright, ADM Vice President, Global Indirect Procurement. “That’s why we’re excited to recognize these seven suppliers and vendors who have demonstrated excellence in safety, service, sustainability, quality, and value while helping us deliver for customers and consumers around the world. We are very excited to announce IGS as a recipient this year.”

The award criteria was based on both hard and soft data points from the supplier scorecard process, as well as direct feedback from ADM stakeholders. Awards were presented to non-commodity suppliers across seven categories: Value in Excellence, Safety Excellence, Quality, Sustainability, Service in Excellence, Supplier Diversity, and Supplier of the Year. 

Integrated Global Services received the Supplier Safety award this year.

“IGS is incredibly honored to receive this award from one of our most trusted and respected customers. Our commitment to safety and quality is a foundational element of our business and this is reflected in the fact that since 2019, we have scored 4.85 out of 5 for quality commitment and 4.8 out of 5 for site execution, safety and schedule adherence, surveying more than 150 clients,” said CEO and President, Rich Crawford. “ADM challenges us to become a better company in so many respects, and it’s an honor to be recognized by a strategic partner for our commitment to building a reputation for safety. Our vision is to be recognized as the most valued surface solutions company in the world for mission-critical equipment. As such, our loyal, diverse team of more than 700 personnel globally are very proud to receive this award today,” he concluded.


About Integrated Global Services (IGS)

IGS contributes to a more abundant and sustainable world by providing customized efficiency and reliability solutions for mission-critical equipment in the global materials & energy sectors. With the largest global footprint, operational capabilities and experience delivering solutions on-site on six continents, IGS has more than 35 years of experience helping asset owners increase uptime, profitability, and reliability of their mission-critical equipment.

About ADM

ADM unlocks the power of nature to enrich the quality of life. We’re a premier global human and animal nutrition company, delivering solutions today with an eye to the future. We’re blazing new trails in health and well-being as our scientists develop groundbreaking products to support healthier living. We’re a cutting-edge innovator leading the way to a new future of plant-based consumer and industrial solutions to replace petroleum-based products. We’re an unmatched agricultural supply chain manager and processor, providing food security by connecting local needs with global capabilities. And we’re a leader in sustainability, scaling across entire value chains to help decarbonize our industry and safeguard our planet. From the seed of the idea to the outcome of the solution, we give customers an edge in solving the nutritional and sustainability challenges of today and tomorrow. Learn more at

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