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Enerpac Reaction Arms Kit for Safer Torque Control

Enerpac announces the ERAK-Series Reaction Arm Kits for Enerpac S and RSL (RSQ)-Series Square Drive torque wrenches. In addition to improving torque tool fit, the kits enhance worker safety by providing a safety tested and full torque rated reaction arm.

The ERAK-Series Reaction Arm reduces the twisting reaction force produced during torque wrench bolting and, consequently, prevents operator fatigue. Significantly the ERAK-Series also eliminates the need for extended reaction arm and reaction tubes, enabling a more compact torque tool arrangement. Simplicity and ease of use are the trademark of Enerpac torque tools. The ERAK-Series replaces the need for multiple custom reaction arms. It can be configured in unique standard setups which are suitable to repetitive work. Moreover, the reaction arm can be used with the hexagon Allen-Key drives on the torque wrench. 

The ERAK-Series Reaction Arm is designed for the most common Enerpac S and RSL (RSQ)-Series Square Drive torque wrenches. Since their introduction, the S-Series and RSL-Series have set the benchmark for ease of use and productivity, providing a simple and robust solution for a wide range of bolting applications.

For more information on the ERAK-Series Reaction Arm Kits, visit


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Euchner commits to growth strategy with business development appointment.

Hollie’s roles have been product-focussed and customer-facing since joining Euchner, so she is already well-versed on the company and its portfolio of machinery safety products and training solutions. 

Commenting on the appointment, Managing Director (UK&I) David Dearden says: “Hollie’s all-encompassing role helps support our major growth plans by being a key contributor to UK sales and marketing strategies for both products and services for Euchner.

“Her role will include research and analysis of key trends in new and existing markets, collaborating with both internal and external resources on new product launches and working closely with the sales and services teams on growth strategies and the continued development of Euchner’s key accounts network.”

For further information on Euchner’s range of products and services visit, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the Safety Technology Centre on +44 (0)114 256 0123.


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Let’s Talk: Why the Construction Sector Must Embrace Workplace Mental Health Support

In England, one in six people will experience depression or anxiety in any given week. In recent years, a growing movement in favour of the destigmatisation of these issues has encouraged more open attitudes towards mental health, making it easier for people to discuss their problems.

Whilst this process has been undeniably helpful in legitimising the concerns of those suffering with mental health, there’s still a long way to go, particularly in male-dominated fields such as the construction sector. Employers’ past failures to provide adequate mental health support, coupled with a continuing culture of machismo, means that the construction sector has historically lagged behind when it comes to addressing mental health issues.

However, a growing number of construction companies are adopting mental health policies, beginning to foster a more open, conversational culture and training Mental Health First Aiders to provide additional support. One such company is commercial painting specialist Bagnalls, that has made great strides in embracing mental health support across its business. 

Key Findings

● Two people working in construction in the UK die by suicide every day; over 700 lives are lost each year. 
● UK charity Mates in Mind found that over two-thirds of construction workers believe there is a stigma surrounding mental health that prevents them from talking about their issues with colleagues. 
● A survey from the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) found that 97% of construction industry professionals suffer from stress at some point during their working life. 
● According to the Faculty of Public Health, economic crises increase the risk factors for poor mental health, such as low household income, financial difficulties and job insecurity.

Why is mental health more important now than ever?

The construction industry is not unique in that the mental health of those working within it was negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. A survey from Mind found that those who had struggled with their mental health before the pandemic were more likely to have been negatively affected throughout 2020 and 2021. 

It is, however, experiencing its own acute crisis. ACIOB survey found that, during 2020, increased numbers of construction workers were dealing with mental health issues;87% of respondents to their survey had experienced anxiety, 70% had experienced depression and 97% had experienced stress. 

While a winter spike in COVID-19 in cases seems likely, future lockdowns do notBut there are a number of other socio-economic issues that may be having a negative effect on people’s mental health. 

Uncontrollable matters such as uncertainty regarding the war in Ukraine, the ever-rising cost of living and the UK’s imminent recession could be triggering personal mental health crises. According to the Faculty of Public Health, economic crises increase the risk factors for mental health issues, which can include low household income, debt, financial difficulties, poor housing and job insecurity.

Given that the recession and increasing costs of materials could hinder the viability of both large and small-scale construction projects, people working within the industry may have legitimate concerns about their job security. It is therefore hugely important that workers in the sector have proper access to the relevant support. 

Why are mental health matters so important in the construction industry?

Mental health issues can affect anyone, irrespective of demographics or employment. However, UK-based charity Mates in Mind found that over two-thirds of construction workers believe there is a stigma surrounding mental health that prevents them from talking about their issues. Given that construction is a largely male-dominated sector – with 82% of all UK construction workers identifying as male – it’s hugely important that communicative barriers are broken down. 

With dated masculine ideals and machoism still sadly enduring in the sector, there is little surprise that suicide rates are higher amongst men working in this industry; men working in construction are three times more likely to die by suicide than women, with two construction workers dyingevery day from suicide. Modern companies must therefore make an effort to change this culture by providing proper outlets for mental health discussions, and fostering an environment in which employees feel empowered to speak up. 

What support should be available to people working in the construction industry? 

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England exists to provide support to workplaces in a vast range of industries through adapted training and new resources. Striving to train one in 10 people in mental health awareness and skills, the organisation’s aim is to break down the stigma surrounding mental health, and cultivate a culture in which speaking freely about your mental health is accepted. 

Through the Mental Health First Aider course, members of a company or organisation can learn how to better listen, reassure and respond to people dealing with a crisis. In the male-dominated construction sector, where speaking freely about mental health can be an obstacle, it is more important than ever that colleagues are attuned to their peers’ feelings. 

If an employee still finds it difficult to talk openly with the support offered above, Wellness Action Plans like these from Mind can be a helpful alternative. This can help employers understand their staff’s needs and concerns in events where traditional verbal conversation may feel impossible.

There are many ways in which companies in this sector can help foster a more open culture. Bagnalls offers an Employee Assistance Programme, which is available to access all day, every day. Bagnalls are also expanding the number of Mental Health First Aiders in the company, making it easier for members of the team to get access to the proper support.

By forging a partnership with Andy’s Man Club, who addressed the entire workforce on the importance of speaking up about mental health issues, Bagnalls has begun to make the necessary changes to increase openness in the workplace.

How can businesses in the construction sector benefit from implementing mental health support?

Stress, anxiety and depression account for one-fifth of all work-related illnesses, resulting in 70 million annual sick days across the industry. The related cost of these sick days is an estimated £70-100billion. By providing adequate mental health support, employers can help create a safe space for employees, minimising the amount of missed days. 

Not only this, but addressing mental wellbeing in the workplace could help increase productivity by as much as 12%, and help employees to feel more valued than ever. Whilst it may not always be possible to change how employees feel, it is always helpful to let them know that a support framework is in place should they feel ready to talk

Joanne Gualda, Marketing Director at Bagnalls, comments: Providing proper mental health support should be a requirement for businesses in any sector, but companies working in construction have a particular responsibility. Bypartnering with Andy’s Man Club and training our staff members to become Mental Health First Aiders, we hope to raise awareness and reduce the high suicide rate amongst people working in the construction industry.

NEW Peli™ RF G5 Field Wallet – now in stock

Peli Products (UK) Ltd celebrate their 30th anniversary year in 2022.  The company is based in Glossop, Derbyshire and is the largest stockist of the Pelirange in the UK.  

Peli Products (UK) launchthe Peli™ RF G5 Field Wallet, featuring a solid aluminum RFID-blocking shell.  It is one of the only submersible aluminum wallets that protects the user’s credit card information from being stolen by hackers that use RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) scanners

This sleek, lightweight, and tough aluminum case fits comfortably in a pocket and features a silicon o-ring and sturdy snap latchit is rated IP67.

These unrivaled features make the Peli RF G5 Field Wallet the perfect everyday carry wallet or travel wallet. Additional features include:

• Flexible internal webbing that secures ID, credit cards and cash for easy access.
• A removable lanyard to protect against possible drops, loss and/or theft.
• An external strap for carrying cash or cards and instant retrieval.

Ross Carter, Sales Director for Packaging Products commented “This compact case is a fantastic addition to the ever-growing range of Peli Products, and were delighted to be able to offer this to our customers at a very reasonableprice point.The combination of military-grade tougbuild quality with technology that protects personal information from RFID reader theftaligns perfectly with the Peli brand values and offers the customer complete piece of mind when protecting their valuables.

The Peli G5 Field Wallet is covered by the legendary “Yobreak it, we replace it” Lifetime Guarantee.

For more details ring 01457 869999 or go

Make Yourself Seen - With Snickers Workwear

An extended range of sustainable and functional HighVisibility working clothes for light to nightdawn to dusk.

As workplace visibility decreases and the potential for accidents increase, Snickers Workwear High Visibility garments work hard to protect your wellbeing and safety on site.

The extensive range of Jackets, Trousers, Shorts, Toolvests, Shirts and Fleeces all work together to satisfy the requirements of Class 1, 2 and 3 protection levels.

These outstanding products combine Snickers' unrivalled hallmarks for Protective Wear with the requirements of the EN20471 standard for high visibility warning clothes.

With advanced designs and sustainable SORONA fabrics, all these working clothes haverdurablecolour-fast protection retaining shape and comfort throughout the life of the garments. Added to which, all Snickers Hi Vis garments can be customprofiled to ensure 'stand out' coverage for your corporate brand.

For more information on the Snickers Workwear Protective Wear rangecall the Helpline on 01484 854788; check out download a digital catalogue or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Great Value Waterproof Safety Footwear from Toe Guard.


Toe Guard delivers great value for money as well comfort and protection – affordably.

The timeless designs of Toe Guard safety shoes are complimented by their uncompromising focus on safety and wearer-wellbeing.

The new Toe Guard Wild Mid WR is a waterproof, metal free S3 safety boot made of PU coated, rip-stop leather upper. It has a wide fit for optimal comfort plus a reinforced toe area for extra safety." alt="" class="s9" style="top: 9px; left: 370px; width: 78px; height: 83px; float: right;" /> 

The boot is designed with minimal seams in critical areas for longer-lasting durability, while the waterproof membrane will keep your feet comfortably dry. It comes with a lightweight anti-slip rubber outsole with soft nail protection that’s also heat and oil resistant with a certified ESD function.

Starting at the mid £30 mark and available from Snickers Workwear stockists, the Toe Guard range of safety shoes and boots is probably the best value for money footwear in the UK with features that keep them one step ahead of the competition to boot.


To get more information on Toe GuardSafety Footwearrangecheck out www.toeguard.comoryou can call the Helpline on 01484 854788 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hi-line: supporting the local community through sport

As part of its environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) agenda, Hi-line Industries, a UK-based leader in the design, manufacture and installation of energy-efficient compressed air purification equipment, provides extensive support for the sporting community in the Burton upon Trent area. The company is a main sponsor at both Burton Albion Football Club and Burton Rugby Football Club.

Hi-line Industries, which has its headquarters in Burton’s Green Street, is a member of the British Compressed Air Society and also supports the ‘Made in Britain’ campaign, highlighting the passion around British brands and UK manufacturing. The company’s broad range of energy-efficient compressed air equipment includes air dryers, nitrogen/oxygen generators and filtration equipment. 

A local and national success story, Hi-line showed 27% growth in like-for-like sales at its recent year-end (31 July 2022), underpinned by a record 12 months for the company’s N2 nitrogen generator systems and HPSA desiccant dryers. Hi line feels it has a responsibility to return some of its profits to the local community, and what brings people together more than sport? 

At Burton Albion Football Club, Hi-line is currently sponsoring defender Tom Hamer, the club’s highly popular 22-year-old right back, for the second season in a row. The company also provides match sponsorships at Burton Albion, which was formed in 1950 and currently plays in League One of the Football League. In addition, Hi-line regularly sponsors the ‘man of the match’ and takes an executive hospitality box at the club’s Pirelli Stadium, providing yet more income for the club. 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Continued ……

Hi-line’s extensive sponsorship and support programme is similar for Burton Rugby Football Club, which has origins dating back to 1870 and is currently Staffordshire and Derbyshire’s highest ranked senior rugby club, playing in the Midlands Premier division. The company is the main shirt sponsor for the first team, a Patron member and has an advertising board at the club’s Battlestead Croft ground.

“We take our corporate and social responsibilities very seriously at Hi-line,” states Managing Director Steve Smith. “The company is very proud to be based here in Burton, which has been the perfect location to grow our flourishing business. It’s only right, therefore, to show our gratitude and commitment to the town by supporting some of its community treasures. The town’s football and rugby clubs provide pleasure to thousands of local people on a weekly basis, but they need funds. Hopefully our support goes some way to ensuring that our local sporting heritage is maintained for many years to come.”

To keep pace with growing order levels, Hi-line is currently in the process of expanding its Burton production facility with a new building extension. The company has several six-figure projects to complete before year-end. They also participate in the BCAS apprenticeship scheme and are currently looking to take on more apprentices from the local area, with positions available immediately.


Telephone: 01283 533377                    ​​Fax: 01283 533367               

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.​​


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Intelligent manufacturing solutions: How do you modernize your operations?


Drive efficiencies by optimising data exchange and delivering real-time actionable insights.

Like nearly everything in today’s world, manufacturing operations are going through a radical transformation. By implementing modern methods of identification — such as advanced barcoding & labelling technologies, RFID, machine connectivity, and business system integration – organisations are now unlocking a level of visibility into their operations that has only recently become possible.

When it comes to efficiency, productivity and cost savings, real time is the real deal. Brady’s Intelligent Manufacturing solutionsconnect all your manufacturing assets for real-time production management, advanced data analytics and unmatched business insights.

• ‘Smart factory’ notifications of inventory or raw material overages or underages
• Production throughput visibility (dashboard-style view of work-in-progress manufacturing)
• Tie in input from existing equipment and business systems solutions

Manufacturers trust Brady’s products and software to help them eliminate defects, verify assembly, automate production processes, track parts and more. Our Intelligent Manufacturing ecosystem enables you to connect your Brady products for end-to-end visibility and flexibility.

What could RFID mean for your business?

How to optimally leverage its power?

Which efficiency gains does this technology have in store?

Build your smart factory today with Brady. Get started now!

Brady Corporation

Thorite wins Family Business of the Year Award


Award caps a year of achievements

Compressed air and fluid power specialist Thorite has been named Family Business of the Year in the prestigious Yorkshire Business Masters Awards.

The accolade comes as the fifth generation Bradford-based company celebrates 172 years of unbroken operations and the centenary of its incorporation.

Thorite reported record results for 2021-2022 following a period of investment which has seen it move into purpose-built new headquarters and refurbish all 10 regional branches.

At the award ceremony in Leeds, Yorkshire editor for award organisers TheBusinessDesk, Andrew Staples, said: “The judges faced tough choices, not only to pick the winners, but even to pick the shortlist. 

“Anyone can lead a business in good times; what matters is how you lead in challenging times. Every firm shortlisted demonstrated fortitude and adaptability.”


Stephen Wright, Managing Director of Thorite, said: “As a business, this is a great recognition of what we have achieved over many years and, more recently, to cement our position as a leading national company.

“A lot of hard work has gone into making the business what it is today and I’m grateful to Thorite colleagues across the country who have contributed to our success.”

Thorite started life in 1850 as Thomas Wright, Mill Furnishers in Bower Street, Bradford, supplying textile accessories to the city’s roving and spinning mills. The company credits its longevity to its willingness to adapt to changing markets and customer requirements.

In addition to offering a stock of 70,000 products from 100+ brands, it offers pneumatic system design and installation, aftermarket services and support, and industry accredited training. 

LOBO Systems Is Now Approved For Use In Over 120 Amazon Locations

The British firm with the world's most sophisticated scaffolding system has won more than £6m in orders from e-commerce giant Amazon.

Amazon purchased several LOBO starter kits for a location in Los Angeles as a trial to prove effectiveness, resulting in 47 sites now using the LOBO System and approval for a further 120 sites. In addition, all new Amazon distribution centres will have a LOBO System on their must-have Bill of Materials list.

The 2-year onboarding process comprised OSHA compliance verification and approval by a global engineering group is now completed.

Amazon stated: " We have already saved thousands of dollars on scaffolding costs by using the LOBO System."

As LOBO is modular, with no tools assembly, Amazon engineers use LOBO to access awkward areas above and around their conveyor units, which are in constant use, so a high priority. Outsourced contractor scaffolding costs can be substantially reduced, as maintenance teams can assemble the system anywhere required. 

Robert Bokros, LOBO Systems inventor & CEO, explained: "The LOBO Advanced Platform System has revolutionized the way industry works safely at height. Evidence from satisfied users illustrates incredible cuts in scaffolding costs, reduced downtime whilst waiting for it to arrive and be erected and less reliance on outside scaffolding contractors. In most cases, the payback time for LOBO is measured in months compared to conventional scaffolding. On our website we identify these savings from actual case histories."


For further specific details contact Robert Bokros, Managing Director. LOBO Systems Ltd. Tel: UK: +44 1332 365666. USA: 1 800 640 5492    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





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