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Transforming the Frontline Workforce in Manufacturing

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The manufacturing industry is in the midst of a major transformation - the largest since the Industrial Revolution - driven primarily by a confluence of increased automation and a labour shortage.

Manufacturers of all kinds are still finding their way in this new digitized landscape; for those that don’t just want to survive, but thrive, digital transformation will be essential.

RealWear provided a remote assistance solution for its manufacturing operations to help PepsiCo safely improve its production line efficiency through its wearable technology. In a recent episode of BBC's Inside the Factory, PepsiCo’s Walkers Crisps factory, in Leicester, UK, showcased how they have integrated RealWear's solution to streamline the factory’s maintenance and service processes.

When a machine breaks down, it can cause a significant loss in production time and ultimately revenue. Traditionally, the process of getting a specialist engineer on-site to repair the machine would involve significant travel time and expenses. However, with RealWear's wearable technology, the engineer can be called in from anywhere in the world, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency and productivity.

RealWear's solution allows a subject matter expert to see what the on-site technician sees through a head-mounted wearable system. The engineer can then provide real-time instructions and guidance, even when the issue is in a high-noise zone, allowing for safe and efficient repairs. Additionally, the device is designed to be hands-free, allowing the technician to have both hands available to work, while receiving the guidance from the remote engineer.

PepsiCo’s implementation of RealWear's solution has resulted in significant improvements in its production line efficiency. The ability to repair machines quickly and efficiently has resulted in less downtime, increasing the production capacity, and reducing revenue loss. The technology has also eliminated the need for travel, saving on expenses and reducing their carbon footprint.

In conclusion, RealWear's technology has enabled PepsiCo to improve maintenance and service processes, resulting in increased production line efficiency and cost savings.

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