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Double world premiere: SONOTEC shows new acoustic camera at Maintec in Birmingham and Reliable Plant in Chicago


Discover the new ultrasonic camera for preventive maintenance from SONOTEC! With the SONASCREEN® 2, the company is setting new standards in hardware, performance and usability. Learn now how the innovative device can help you lower your bills and where you can take a look at it.

How to effortlessly reduce your company’s ecological footprint and energy costs

Around 20% of the energy needed to generate compressed air is the result of leaks - 80% of which are avoidable. Stopping these leaks therefore not only reduces your company’s CO2 emissions, but also your energy costs significantly. With the new SONASCREEN® 2 acoustic camera, you can detect and document leaks easier than ever before, without the need for time-consuming training. Simply take your acoustic camera with you on a tour of your facility and capture the defective areas that are causing you additional costs as you move. An investment in leak detection equipment will not only pay for itself in a very short time, it will also save you money on your electricity bill and help to preserve our planet’s resources. SONOTEC’s robust device is proven for compressed air, gas and vacuum leak as well as partial discharge detection in food, beverage, cement, chemical, automotive, steel and power plants, along with grid operators and the home appliance, semiconductor, plastic and electronics industry.

SONASCREEN® 2 – explore the most versatile and powerful ultrasound camera

The device does not only come with an impressively easy-to-use software, but also with the highest number of ultrasonic microphones ever built into an acoustic camera, a frequency range up to 100 kHz and real-time results with 100 fps. The measuring system with ring memory enables the detection of phenomena that are only visible for a brief moment, while the built-in IR sensor extends the devices functions to those of a thermal imaging camera. In addition, SONOTEC’s camera system is the only one with a GPS function, which is especially useful for mapping defects in larger areas, such as partial discharges on transmission lines.

Dive deep into your data

The frequency range for your measurement was set incorrectly and possible defective areas are thus invisible? No problem – the SONASCREEN® 2 is the only camera on the market that allows you to access the recorded raw data and correct the frequency settings afterwards instead of repeating the measurement.

Live detection and cost forecast

With the brand new SONASCREEN® 2, you can detect and display several defective parts at once and see live how much they will cost you. What to do with the results on your camera screen? If needed, you can transfer the results to your PC and generate detailed reports for upcoming maintenance activities and audits with the free of charge Windows software.

Come and take a look

Visit SONOTEC at Reliable Plant (Stand 630) or SONOTEC’s partners VP Instruments UK (Stand 4-B20) and CBM Partners (Stand 4-D50) at Maintec and see the quality and usability of the new acoustic camera for yourself.



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