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Vibration Analysis in Maintenance Can your technicians make the replace-or-repair decision?

If you engage in any maintenance, you will want to ensure your technicians can make the replace-or-repair decision before complete system failure of key components takes place. The easiest way to manage this risk is with vibration analysis.

Vibration analysis allows you to detect early signs of machine failure/deterioration. This allows your technicians to replace or repair machinery before catastrophic system functional failure takes place.


It is well known that, all rotating equipment vibrates and as components begin to either reach the end of their serviceable life or begin to deteriorate, they start to vibrate in unique ways, and they may also start to vibrate more.

This is why it’s so important to consistently monitor your equipment. Using vibration analysis, qualified technicians are able to identify any of the known failure mode indicators of wear and tear. Also, they can assess the possibility of future damage before it becomes unfixable and of a financial impact to the business.

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