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New whitepaper shows why EAM is the road to higher availability and lower costs in the transportation sector

Ultimo has produced a new whitepaper to help asset managers in the transport industry leverage Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) technologies to gain better control over the cost, profit and risk associated with their fleet. The paper, titled EAM for fleet management and maintenance: the key to better profits in the transport sector, is available to download from It aims to provide practical guidance on how managers can reduce the stress of optimising service and inspection of the fleet, reducing downtime, improving efficiency and meeting regulatory compliance.

“In the fleet management sector, uptime of vehicles is vital. They only make money when they are on the road, and the profit margins are already notoriously thin,” says Chris van den Belt, Team Leader Product Management, at Ultimo. “That’s why it’s vital that managers have access to real-time operational data, so they can carry out timely maintenance and investment to protect availability and reduce the risk of costly breakdowns and accidents.”

The whitepaper explores various factors affecting availability and cost control for transport businesses, discussing the importance of achieving optimal uptime while avoiding the costly practice of over-maintaining vehicles.

It then outlines how EAM software can help managers gain better control over their fleet assets by improving maintenance efficiency, enabling more productive remote operation, and simplifying how vital HSE processes are managed.

To download the whitepaper, visit

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