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Elta Fans’ QUBE slices energy bills for Pizza Hut

pizzahut 19 1A nationwide project to upgrade Pizza Hut’s kitchen ventilation systems to a higher performing, energy efficient solution is underway. Project manager Marcus Sawkins of GFMS Services Limited has already upgraded several of the restaurants’ systems with the Elta Fans QUBE Centrifugal Box Fan which is reducing energy usage. The most recent installation was at Royale Leisure Park in London where the new Elta Fans QUBE solution has reduced energy costs by up to 10%+ and breakdowns occurring on a regular basis, to zero.

Project overview
With 45 years established in the UK, Pizza Hut is a brand many know well and will likely have visited one of its 252 sites across the UK at some point. As with any UK-wide restaurant chain, ensuring each kitchen is consistently maintained to a high standard, while remaining energy efficient, is paramount to Pizza Hut. However, many of the restaurants in the chain have been in their buildings for a number of years and therefore equipment was starting to tire and become inefficient.

The Facilities Management Team at Pizza Hut are tasked with monitoring energy usage across the estate. It was becoming evident to them that the existing ventilation systems in a number of the older restaurants were causing issues. The old systems would occasionally breakdown meaning store closure. This is something businesses simply cannot afford in the leisure industry, particularly in busier locations such as Leicester Square in London.

GFMS Services Limited initially embarked on a project to review the existing systems in a number of sites with a track record of failures on the extraction systems.

Royale Leisure Park, London
One particular restaurant in the Pizza Hut estate is located at Royale Leisure Park on Western Avenue in London. Situated on a busy retail estate, the restaurant receives a high volume of footfall from people visiting the nearby shops and entertainment outlets. It was originally opened 15 years ago meaning the ventilation system was due an upgrade.

Taking the heat
Pizza Hut uses a number of commercial deep fat fryers as well as ovens within its kitchens. Both of which produce significant quantities of fumes and vapours as well as large amounts of heat. Ultimately, ventilation plays a crucial role in providing a comfortable and safe environment for staff to work in by extracting these by-products and discharging to a safe external location.

Upon the initial visit, it was highlighted that the existing fan, which featured a forward curved impeller, was in need of replacement. The design of the previous system meant that it would operate at a lower pressure and higher volume flow, which resulted in increased power consumption. The use of an Elta Fans QUBE Centrifugal Box Fan due to its high performance and backward impeller was recommended.

GFMS explains: “Once we’d defined the volume flow rate and combined with the resistance flow that the fan encountered in operation, we identified the need for a bigger fan that met with the legislative requirements outlined in the Building Engineering Services Association’s (BESA) DW172 Specification for Kitchen Ventilation Systems. The obvious solution was the Elta Fans QUBE Centrifugal Fan due to its high efficiency backward curve impeller.”

A quick install
The Elta Fans QUBE also has a slim body shape and lighter weight, which was ideal for the restricted space on the retail unit’s roof, as well as coming fully waterproof as standard. In order to install it quickly and without disrupting the rest of the restaurant, Marcus arranged and used a specialist crane to lift it into place. As a result, the QUBE was fully installed and ready to use within a 4.5 hour window.

Increased performance
Since installing the QUBE at Royale Leisure Park, the restaurant has seen a reduction in energy costs of up to 10% on the running of the extract system. There has also been no downtime due to the ventilation system, allowing Pizza Hut to keep its doors open to its many happy customers. This has had a potential loss saving of thousands of pounds.

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