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Enerpac Introduces Fast Retraction RC-Trio Hydraulic Cylinders

The Enerpac the RC-Trio hydraulic cylinders range feature a new bearing system for enhanced durability and a hybrid spring-return system for up to 3x faster retraction. The general purpose RC-Trio range is the next evolution of the Enerpac RC-Series cylinders; the company’s most popular cylinder and used every day in thousands of engineering and construction projects.

The driving force of the Enerpac RC-Trio cylinder range is the new Trio bearing system. The system includes up to four high-performance wear bands, offering increased resistance to damage, reduced bearing load, and longer cylinder lifespan. The hardened composite material of these bands increases bearing surface area for greater side load resistance, significantly improving cylinder life. Durability is also on display in new high-performance polyethylene seals that last longer than ever. 

Another part of the Trio bearing system is the Trio stop ring, which includes an additional wear band to absorb greater side load. The stop ring can take full cylinder extension force and, depending upon cylinder size, is manufactured in Nitrided Steel or High-Resistance Bronze, for increased durability. It also features a durable wiper to help prevent contamination from entering the cylinder during retract cycles.

To enhance productivity, the RC-Trio features a new Trio spring system designed to reduce retraction time. This pre-tensioned return spring system provides up to 3X faster retraction (available on 50-, 75-, and 100-ton models). It uses high-strength steel wire to improve spring life. The spring retention design improves serviceability, while allowing higher pre-load during assembly. Additionally, the spring is easily removed without special tools.

The RC-Trio is a general-purpose cylinder available in 41 models and is designed for use in all positions. Versatile features include collar and plunger threads and base mounting holes that enable easy fixturing (on most models), new base holes on 30- and 75-ton models, hardened plunger saddle that protects plunger end during all lifting operations, and optional tilt and smooth saddles as accessories. Plus, the RC-Trio maintains the same dimensions and connection threads, providing full compatibility with existing RC-Series units in the field.

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