Limble Announces $58M Series B Funding Round Led by Goldman Sachs Asset Management, Bringing Total Valuation to $450M

Funds will support multi-product roadmap to capitalize on growing demand for modern CMMS

 – Limble, the leading provider of modern computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS), announced today a $58M Series B funding round led by the Growth Equity business within Goldman Sachs Asset Management (Goldman Sachs), bringing the company’s valuation to $450M. The funding will be used to expand Limble’s product portfolio, further develop its powerful and intuitive user interface for asset monitoring and maintenance and accelerate its go-to-market strategy.

The investment from Goldman Sachs comes from its recently launched $5.2B growth equity fund, dedicated to investing in high-growth businesses with strong market positioning and durable business models.

The company also announced John Connolly, senior advisor to the Growth Equity business within Goldman Sachs Asset Management and a five-time CEO, will join Limble’s Board of Directors to advise on the company’s next stage of growth. He will join Lars Letonoff, former CRO of KnowBe4, the world’s largest security awareness training and simulated phishing platform; and Jeremiah Daly, founder and general partner of Elephant. Brendon Hardin from Goldman Sachs’ Growth Equity business will also be joining the board in conjunction with this investment.

“The success of Limble can truly be credited to a deep understanding of the specific challenges that face maintenance and facility managers, and the design of a powerful yet streamlined system to solve those problems,” said Bryan Christiansen, CEO and founder, Limble. “We set out to empower the maintenance professionals – the unsung heroes – who keep the world turning and have delivered on that promise with cost savings in the hundreds of millions from reduced reactive maintenance, increased productivity, reduced downtime, and reduced part spend. With this injection of growth capital from Goldman Sachs, we are poised to add new capabilities and extend the reach of our game-changing CMMS solution to companies worldwide.”

Over the past 12 months, Limble has achieved 130% growth and has increased its headcount by 240%. With its modern, innovative approach to CMMS, its customers have achieved significant cost savings. In 2022 alone, Limble customers saved a total of $134M in downtime costs, $68M in parts spend and $442M in reduced labor costs.

“CMMS is essential to managing maintenance operations, but the market has historically been filled with overly complicated, cumbersome tools,” said Brendon Hardin. “Limble has disrupted this market with an intuitive, user-friendly, and modern CMMS that streamlines even the largest operations, and fast implementation means customers see ROI within weeks. The product has proven its value with thousands of customers worldwide, and we are confident Limble’s market penetration has the potential to grow exponentially in the coming months and years.”


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  • Why Limble: For more information about Limble’s unique and innovative approach, visit Limble CMMS.
  • Employment Opportunities: To learn more about employment opportunities at Limble, please visit the company’s careers page.

About Limble:

Limble delivers software designed by maintenance professionals, for maintenance professionals. Founded in 2015, the company created a modern CMMS that empowers maintenance professionals to implement preventive maintenance, easily manage assets, gain control of inventory, streamline workflows, report KPIs, organize work orders and realize millions of dollars in cost savings from reduced downtime, parts spend, labor and improved productivity. Thousands of customers worldwide trust Limble including McDonald’s, Nike, Pepsi, DHL Global Forwarding and more.

About Goldman Sachs Asset Management

Bringing together traditional and alternative investments, Goldman Sachs Asset Management provides clients around the world with a dedicated partnership and focus on long-term performance. As the primary investing area within Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS), we deliver investment and advisory services for the world’s leading institutions, financial advisors and individuals, drawing from our deeply connected global network and tailored expert insights, across every region and market—overseeing more than $2.6 trillion in assets under supervision worldwide as of March 31, 2023. Driven by a passion for our clients’ performance, we seek to build long-term relationships based on conviction, sustainable outcomes, and shared success over time. Follow us on LinkedIn.

Over a million bearings: Schaeffler Wind Power Standard ensures maximum reliability in wind turbines

  • Over a million wind turbine bearings have already been manufactured and delivered in accordance with the Wind Power Standard
  • Highest quality standards for products and processes
  • Wind Power Standard has been taking into account the rising demands on reliability of wind turbines and associated components for more than ten years

Birmingham, UK | June 22, 2023 | Against the backdrop of ambitious climate goals and an ever-increasing awareness of sustainability issues in society, renewable energy generation – including wind power as a central component – is of growing importance. As market leader and strategic development partner, global automotive and industrial supplier Schaeffler has been supplying reliable bearing solutions for onshore and offshore wind turbines for around 40 years. Rolling bearings from Schaeffler can be found in every second to third wind turbine worldwide.

Schaeffler introduced a Wind Power Standard for wind turbine bearings more than 10 years ago, which takes into account the high demands on the reliability of turbines and associated components. This standard for products and processes ensures that wind turbine bearings are subject to the highest quality standards, as also implemented, for example, in the automotive industry, and in the aviation and aerospace sectors. The start of the year marked the manufacture and delivery of the one millionth bearing by Schaeffler in accordance with the Wind Power Standard.

Rolling bearings play a key role in wind turbines

The progression to multi-megawatt turbines is resulting in higher loads and torques, which place the components under even greater strain, while the costs associated with downtime and maintenance work in the event of a failure are becoming increasingly higher, particularly where offshore systems are involved.

“Our customers require reliable components that allow the increasing power density in wind turbines to be used to its full potential. With the Wind Power Standard, we have been ensuring the highest level of quality for more than ten years – and with more than a million bearings to date,” says Bernd Endres, Head of the Wind Power business unit at Schaeffler.

Processes specific to wind power applications for the entire supply chain 

In order to ensure these high standards, Schaeffler relies on coordinated and transparent processes, a defined change management system, strict quality control, and extensive documentation along the entire process chain, which is achieved in close cooperation with customers and suppliers. Targeted supplier development activities ensure that the highest quality standard is achieved from the outset.

Long-standing experience and comprehensive system expertise

Compliance with the strict quality standards that apply on a global scale to all development and design teams, and to all production facilities that design and manufacture bearings for wind turbines, is monitored by means of internal audits. In addition to the long-standing experience and comprehensive system expertise of the specialists at Schaeffler, the use of state-of-the-art calculation and simulation programmes in particular ensures that wind turbine bearings are designed to optimum effect. The calculations are supplemented and validated on powerful test rigs. Schaeffler offers extensive testing options, particularly for rotor bearings, in the form of the “Astraios” large-size bearing test rig.


Bearings that are produced in accordance with the Wind Power Standard undergo a full ultrasonic and grinding burn test in order that material defects can be identified or ruled out prior to delivery, thus preventing possible bearing damage and any detrimental effect on bearing life.


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SOCOTEC UK supports client with Section 61 application and Dust Management Plan


McLaren Group was appointed for the adaptive repurposing of Oxford Streets former D.H Evens (House of Fraser) into an adaptive mixed-use development. SOCOTEC UK undertook the works for baseline and real-time environmental monitoring and consultancy throughout the developments. The priority was to address concerns related to noise, dust, and vibration pollution, which are key concerns of councils and their residents. SOCOTEC UK was hired to support McLaren Group with their Section 61 application and Dust Management Plan (DMP) to ensure compliance with local authority regulations.

The requirement was to ensure compliance with the Code of Construction Practice Section 61 and produce a DMP to meet local authorities’ air quality objectives in heavily developed areas.

SOCOTEC UK carried out baseline readings during the pre-construction phase to provide the relevant data required for the DMP and Section 61 application. Real-time monitoring was installed once the applications were approved by local authorities and the action limits agreed. Internal discussions between SOCOTEC UK and McLaren were organised to review both applications and monitoring plans, and alterations were made as necessary.

As a sub-contractor, SOCOTEC UK collaborated with McLaren Group throughout the application process and ensured that the data was accurate and informative.  The necessary alterations to the DMP and Section 61 were made, and SOCOTEC’s engineers were dispatched to relocate the monitoring equipment. All the data, action values, and reports were updated accordingly to reflect the Environmental Health Operators actions.

SOCOTEC UK’s Monitoring team continue to assist with further consultation requirements, ensuring that the monitor equipment remains reliable and meets the required standards.



At AIR LLC, Limble powers a new generation of maintenance services focused on transparency and customer satisfaction.


Advanced Indoor Resources (AIR) LLC is a mechanical services start-up located in Baltimore, Maryland. Launching in April 2021, their mission is to provide a new generation of HVAC, plumbing, and building automations to commercial properties in Baltimore and the surrounding counties. Their use of cutting-edge technologies, like Limble, differentiates them from their competitors. Through this, they’re able to empower their technicians and provide transparency and real-time communication to their clients.

The Challenge

Advanced Indoor Resources (AIR) LLC wanted to do something innovative. They knew technology existed that could streamline maintenance services and improve transparency for customers. But what if they took that a step further and used that technology as the foundation for a new kind of maintenance service?

In order to provide the service they wanted, they needed technology that could provide several efficiencies. 

  • Transparency in the form of dashboards for customers and staff
  • Communication and work order management efficiencies that could keep costs low
  • An easy-to-use system that kept staff stress-free and ready for interactions with customers

``Limble is really the center of our business model.``

Bob Maloney, Senior Account Manager

The Solution

AIR LLC worked with Limble to build their operating model around the technology that differentiates them from their competitors. The result was a degree of transparency and efficiency that offered higher satisfaction for their customers as well as significant cost savings.

The Customer Benefit

With Limble, AIR LLC creates customized dashboards for their clients and better prepares technicians be efficient when they arrive. When technicians show up with the equipment and knowledge they need for each job, it saves the client both time and money.

The Employee Benefit

Limble also helps AIR LLC prioritize their employee experience. “Anything we can do to reduce work-stress for our technicians is a huge thing for us,” Martin Knott, President says. With Limble, the employees are not only able to have all the information at their fingertips, but it is also easy to use. This helps them work more effectively and efficiently.

The Result

AIR LLC achieved almost $5 million in sales during its first year of business and is poised for further growth. “There’s not a sales conversation that doesn’t include our Limble capabilities,” says Bob Maloney, Senior Account Manager. “We utilize the platform as a way to show individuals that we’re technologically savvy and we have command of their information.”

Access to all that information helps AIR technicians minimize repair time by being prepared with correct the information and necessary parts in advance. Also, having the job information visible to customers helps them stay informed and manage their expenses more easily. This contributes significantly to customer satisfaction. 

As the company continues to grow and innovate, they plan on utilizing Limble even more and getting every benefit from it they can.

Start a free trial 


Lightweight, Portable, Zone 0 Area Light

The XPR-5592GX area light has revolutionized how oil and gas industry workers interact within hazardous Zone 0 environments. With its powerful LED array and durable construction, this one-of-a-kind area light is a must-have tool for any worker operating in both tight confined spaces and large open spaces regardless of the environmental conditions.

The Nightstick XPR-5592GX is the only portable LED area light with integrated carry handle and rare-earth built-in magnet rated for ATEX and IECEx Zone 0 hazardous environments. It provides bright, reliable, and consistent lighting up-close or at a distance.

In addition to its lighting capabilities, the XPR-5592GX is engineered to withstand the most demanding tasks. This light is purpose built with rugged, industrial-grade rare-earth magnets in the base, allowing it to firmly adhere to any ferrous metal surface. The XPR-5592GX is certified waterproof and shock-resistant, ensuring it will remain functional in the harshest locations. The full-kit model XPR-5592GCX includes an extendable six-foot tripod and blow-molded carrying case for quick deployment.

With up to 12 hours of continuous use on a single charge, the extended li-ion battery life makes this life-saving tool reliable and long-lasting light throughout each and every shift.

Designed for easy, convenient use, the 360-degree rotation and tilting design, rapid emergency deployment and brightness adjustments meet every need. Even while wearing gloves, the telescoping handle adjusts for comfort and makes it easy to hang on a door, ladder, or other equipment in a moment’s time.

The Nightstick XPR-5592GX area light is a must-have tool for any oil and gas industry worker. Its powerful Zone 0 lighting, rugged construction, long battery life, and convenient features provide a range of benefits that help teams work more efficiently and safely. When Life Depends on Light®, trust Nightstick. Visit us at nightstick.com or call 1-469-326-9400.


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Condition Based Maintenance (or how to avoid unexpected breakdowns!)

Condition Based Maintenance (CBM), using tools such as vibration analysis, thermal imaging, ultrasonic detectors and oil analysis, is now clearly recognised as being the key to running an efficient maintenance program. By comparison, planned maintenance, or worse still breakdown maintenance, strategies are expensive and unreliable, and particularly in these harsh financial times could prove to be the death sentence for a production facility.

Whilst they are using CBM tools, service and maintenance personnel bring another valuable skill to the job – they use their eyes and ears!  For example, a vibration analyser indicates that a pump bearing is likely to fail prematurely sometime in the next two months - but why has this happened?  A simple inspection may show that the drive coupling is misaligned, which can then be remedied along with the bearing change.  This is Proactive Maintenance, identifying the root cause of the problem and correcting it.  What if the misaligned coupling hadn’t been fixed? – The bearing may simply have been replaced, only to prematurely wear out again!

It is generally accepted that the three main causes of premature bearing failure in rotating equipment are:

  • Out of balance
  • Misalignment
  • Lack of lubrication

Fortunately, thanks to modern technology, all of these conditions can be detected very easily using extremely affordable, simple to use handheld vibration analysers. For example:

Out of balance shows up as a large amplitude vibration at the running speed (1X) of the machine.

Misalignment on the other hand generally shows up as an additional large vibration at twice the running speed (2X).

Lack of lubrication will result in high frequency vibration (bearing noise) that is not necessarily audible to the human ear but can easily be detected by a vibration analyser.

Finally, machine looseness will typically generate vibrations at higher harmonics of the machine running speed e.g. three times running speed (3X) and above.

These days, once diagnosed, all these faults can easily be remedied in-house using affordable easy to use tools such as laser alignment systems, in-situ rotor balancers or even a simple grease gun!

Technology to the rescue

Not so long ago CBM tools used to be expensive and difficult to use. But thanks to modern technology, these tools are now not only extremely affordable; they are also very easy to use.


The TPI 9070 (pictured) is a simple to use, incredibly low-cost vibration analyser that records, analyses and displays vibration signals at the push of a button. The unit displays colour coded alarm levels based on internationally agreed (ISO) vibration values and bearing condition. It also incorporates a fully zoomable vibration frequency spectrum (FFT) display with cursor, and diagnoses out of balance, misalignment, looseness and bearing faults.


TPI manufactures a complete range of low cost, high performance, easy to use vibration analysis tools for maintenance engineers. All are incredibly easy to use, from the simple one-button-to-press, TPI 9070 to top-of-the-range CBM units that include machine balancing. 

The TPI 9085 (Intrinsically Safe ATEX/IECEx/US/C version also available) is the latest in the line of easy-to-use high specification maintenance products. The TPI 9085 offers high level functionality and capability, including instantaneous bearing temperature measurement, at extremely low cost. The TPI 9085 can automatically download machine routes (as simple lists) that can be followed by even the lowest skilled operative to collect and store vibration and temperature readings for automatic upload to the included, free-to-use, C-Trend II trending software. This powerful but highly intuitive windows-based software, with its ability to automatically generate reports and email alerts, allows faults to be identified well ahead of when they start to become a problem that could result in unexpected breakdowns.

For more information, please contact TPI Europe on +44 1293 530196 or www.tpieurope.com or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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IGS: Leading the Charge in Meeting EPA's Stringent Emission Standards

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been ramping up efforts to enhance air quality nationwide, resulting in stricter emission regulations that pose challenges for Electric Generating Units (EGUs) and non-EGUs alike. With the recent implementation of the Good Neighbor Plan (GNP) aimed at reducing nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from power plants and industrial facilities, the EPA is determined to curb air pollution spreading to downwind states and maintain the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS). This plan, working in conjunction with the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSARP), applies to 23 states and encompasses various industries, from utility and power companies to cement kilns, agrochemical facilities, and petrochemical plants.

Navigating these evolving regulations has left many utility and power companies uncertain about their ability to comply. Integrated Global Services (IGS), in collaboration with industry experts, has stepped in to develop an actionable plan and assist plants in meeting emission standards.

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) reactors play a crucial role in reducing NOx emissions, but fouling and poor flow can significantly impair their performance, preventing facilities from reliably meeting the requirements of the Good Neighbor Plan. To address these challenges, IGS has worked closely with plant owners and operators to leverage cutting-edge technologies from their toolbox, including large particle ash screens, online air cannon cleaning systems, acoustic cleaning systems, CatFlow screens, ammonia mixing/distribution systems, fine particle filtration screens, and Hot-tek field services.

By combining these advanced solutions and targeting the specific causes of SCR fouling and derates, IGS engineers comprehensively clean SCR systems to restore performance levels to 95%, or better, of their design rates. In 2022 alone, IGS' improvements to SCR reactors resulted in a remarkable reduction of 17,589 tons of NOx emissions.

With proper SCR designs by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and the implementation of suitable online cleaning systems provided by IGS and its partners, cost-effective strategies have emerged to meet the new EPA standards and ensure SCRs operate at full capacity. The days of cutting corners are over, as cleaning tactics once considered inconsequential now play a critical role in achieving emission goals. Modern mitigation techniques have proven their efficacy, necessitating their application to systems with significant issues and those that have previously encountered minor problems. By embracing the most effective SCR technologies available, plants can stay ahead of the ever-changing demands of our dynamic world.

IGS is at the forefront of the industry, leading the charge to fulfil EPA standards while enabling reliable and efficient operations. As the landscape continues to evolve, IGS remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of SCR performance and assisting plants nationwide in achieving compliance and emission reductions.

Need advice on reducing NOx Emissions? Contact IGS today.

IGS Revolutionizes Renewable Fuel Production by Enhancing SCR Performance

In the pursuit of clean and sustainable energy solutions, the energy industry is constantly striving to develop more efficient methods to generate renewable fuels. Integrated Global Services (IGS) has played a pivotal role in this endeavor, partnering with a facility that runs a Steam Methane Reformer (SMR) —a prevalent unit in the petrochemical industry—on the United States West Coast. The plant was struggling with inadequate Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) performance, severely hampering its ability to comply with NOx emission regulations, and significantly reducing production rates.

The facility experienced a range of issues, including high system pressure drops, insufficient ammonia mixing, and poor NOx removal. These challenges were primarily attributed to SCR fouling, a widespread problem affecting ageing plants across the nation. SCR fouling occurs when fibrous particles obstruct the SCR catalyst, impeding flow and causing pressure drops. If left unaddressed, the problem worsens over time, impacting production rates, catalyst lifespan, and compliance with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards.

It is crucial to recognize that SCR fouling is not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’, as all refractory materials degrade over time. Failure to mitigate SCR fouling leads to reduced production rates, increased NOx emissions, ammonia slip, and unplanned outages, resulting in significant financial and operational burdens for plants. SCR performance levels can plummet by up to 50% in many cases, coupled with catalyst lifespan reductions and potential violations of EPA emissions standards. Clearly, SCR fouling is a serious concern that demands proactive measures by plants.

IGS tackled the challenges faced by the West Coast methane reformer plant by implementing a comprehensive suite of solutions, including online cleaning systems, fine particle filtration screens, and ammonia mixing systems. Instead of relying on a single solution, IGS employed a multi-faceted approach that effectively resolved the plant's issues. This approach proved to be a game-changer, as it saved the facility from more than $1 million per day in losses due to unplanned outages and operational derates.

The remarkable results achieved through IGS' cleaning systems demonstrated a significant reduction in SCR fouling and a noteworthy decrease in NOx emissions. As market demands and environmental restrictions continue to evolve, IGS has solidified its position as an industry leader in optimizing and enhancing SCR performance. By leveraging advanced technologies and innovative strategies, IGS empowers plants to produce renewable fuels efficiently while meeting stringent regulatory requirements.

For more information, visit: www.integratedglobal.com

Image 1

Image 1: SCR reactor of West Coast methane reformer before the implementation of IGS products and services.

Image 2 after

 Image 2: SCR reactor of West Coast methane reformer after the implementation of IGS products and services.













IGS Facilitates Significant Reduction in Emissions at Utility Plant


In the ongoing battle to reduce hazardous nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, Integrated Global Services (IGS) has provided invaluable assistance to a utility plant, contributing to the nationwide effort to comply with the increasingly stringent emission regulations set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

95% Clean SCR Guaranteed

Through the implementation of IGS' pioneering 95% Clean SCR Guarantee, a 350-megawatt coal-fired plant located in the Midwest (U.S.) has achieved a remarkable reduction in the emission of perilous gases, which pose risks to both human health and the overall ecosystem.

To fully appreciate the significance of these advancements for the plant's selective catalytic reduction (SCR) reactor and similar installations, it is crucial to understand the adverse impacts of NOx. This collection of toxic and highly reactive gas compounds is frequently formed during high-temperature fuel combustion, causing air and water pollution, and contributing to the formation of acid rain and smog, both of which have serious environmental implications.

The Challenge

The Midwest utility plant faced an additional challenge in the form of SCR fouling, which arises from the excessive accumulation and deposition of ash on the catalyst within coal power plants. The plant experienced substantial issues related to fouling, resulting in compromised gas flow and uneven distribution of ash. Left unresolved, these problems progressively worsened over time, leading to a significant build-up on the catalyst.

Failure to address such issues promptly and effectively would result in varying degrees of SCR fouling, leading to reduced deNOx efficiency, production limitations, and potentially requiring unplanned shutdowns for resolution. The ensuing consequences would exact a heavy toll on both time and financial resources, with SCR performance levels plummeting by more than 60% in several cases. Moreover, catalyst lifespan would be severely impacted, and failure to address these concerns promptly could result in non-compliance with environmental regulations.

The Solution

Fortunately, IGS has devised a tailored SCR solution that tackles the root causes of fouling, restoring optimal distribution within the SCR and effectively eliminating NOx. For the Midwest utility plant, the IGS solution implementation resulted in a significant annual reduction of approximately 600 tons of NOx emissions. The near elimination of SCR fouling, directly attributed to IGS’ services and equipment, has led to substantial cost savings, and enabled the plant to operate at full capacity while adhering to EPA requirements.

This success story serves as a testament to IGS' unwavering commitment to developing products and systems that rejuvenate installations, bringing them back to their original or improved design capacity. By equipping plants with the necessary tools, IGS ensures compliance with industry standards, enabling SCR reactors and power plants to operate at maximum efficiency.


IGS' 95% Clean SCR Guarantee has yielded remarkable reductions in emission rates at this plant by effectively addressing SCR fouling issues. This case, along with others of its kind, serves as a testament to IGS' pioneering role in meeting EPA regulations while enabling safe and efficient plant operations. As the industry continues its quest for solutions to ever-tightening emission restrictions, IGS and its partners remain steadfast in their commitment to lead the charge, delivering clean, secure, and reliable electricity for the public.

To find out more, visit: www.integratedglobal.com

Image 1









 Image 1: SCR reactor of Midwest utility plant before the implementation of IGS products and services.

Image 2 002














 Image 2: SCR reactor of Midwest utility plant after the implementation of IGS products and services.

IGS Recognized as Top Performer in Work Efficiency Analysis

IGS Leads with High Contractor Efficiency for 2022 TAR

A multinational oil & gas operating consortium responsible for the operation of a major oil field in Asia, has acknowledged the outstanding performance of Integrated Global Services (IGS) in a recent work efficiency analysis of 15,000 contractor employees on site for the turnaround (TAR). This evaluation assesses the productivity of subcontractors during their shifts, measuring the actual working time after accounting for breaks and lunch hours.

During a meeting with a representative from the oil company, it was revealed that IGS emerged as the top performer in the 2022 TAR project. Although the exact figure was not disclosed, IGS achieved an impressive efficiency rating of approximately 80%, a remarkable accomplishment within the industry.  For comparison, the general mechanical contractor achieved an efficiency rating in the 40% range, not atypical for such a large complex turnaround.  

This achievement reflects IGS' unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results and optimizing work processes. By consistently maximizing productivity, IGS has demonstrated its ability to efficiently carry out tasks and contribute significantly to the success of the plant’s operations.

IGS undertook a substantial scope of work, covering approximately 4,500 square meters across 12 vessels within two14-day turnaround windows. The project required the mobilization of 160 personnel from diverse backgrounds, including Central Asia, North America, Africa, and the Middle East. This international team brought together a wealth of expertise and contributed to the successful execution of the project.

Despite facing challenges during the TAR, such as a 10-day standby period due to delayed equipment delivery from the client, IGS effectively managed to consolidate an already demanding schedule. The company's ability to adapt and overcome such obstacles further demonstrates their resilience and commitment to meeting project objectives.

"This recognition is a testament to the dedication and collective efforts of our multinational team," said Dan Campbell, VP – EMEA, Global O&G at IGS. "We are immensely proud of their commitment and professionalism, which played a vital role in achieving exceptional efficiency."

IGS' exceptional performance in the work efficiency analysis, combined with the successful completion of a challenging scope of work across multiple vessels, highlights their expertise and effectiveness in the oil and gas industry.

As IGS continues to prioritize operational excellence and superior performance, their ability to adapt to dynamic project conditions positions them as a reliable partner for future endeavors.

For more information, visit: www.integratedglobal.com

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