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ems sept 19 36SKF has unveiled a trio of new seal profiles for its SNL plummer block housings. For distributors and end-users an efficient and cost-effective means for their production has also been introduced.
The latest SKF seals have been developed for applications where better sealing performance is required than that provided by a labyrinth seal, but where space does not allow for a taconite seal. The new seal profiles are: TX, a single acting design with a lip seal facing outwards that prevents the ingress of contaminants while enabling grease flushing; TY, a double acting design with a lip facing outwards and a lip facing inwards; TZ, a double acting solution that features two single-lip seals in a back-to-back configuration.

The seals are all supplied partly cut in two places to create predefined fracture lines, meaning that if they need to be torn apart during installation, two matching halves are always used for a perfect fit.

Steve Searle, Operations Manager at SKF comments: “Seals have a crucial impact on system performance. The design, working life and reliability of what are often considered simple components can make a huge difference to our customers’ products and operations. By broadening our portfolio with these latest profiles we’re ensuring seamless fits for our customers’ exacting applications.”

The seals can be supplied directly, or for customers looking to increase the efficiency of their supply chains, the TX and TZ designs can be produced on the new SKF SEAL JET DD machining system, which is now available from SKF.

The SKF SEAL JET DD machining system, click here to watch in action, enables distributors to make seals for their customers in a matter of minutes. As well as eliminating the need to wait hours, and maybe even days, for deliveries, the SKF SEAL JET DD system frees up warehouse space as extensive inventories no longer need to be kept.

Roughly the same size as a vending machine, the SKF SEAL JET DD system is easy to use – a qualified CNC operator is not required – and it enables standard seals to be manufactured in non-standard dimensions from a wide range of materials. Technical and sales support from SKF gives distributors access to the company's full portfolio of customised and standard sealing solutions.

Steve Searle concludes: “With a unique combination of machining capabilities, specially developed sealing materials and a preselection of seal profiles, polymeric seals can be produced on the SKF SEAL JET DD system in virtually any dimension and any design, for virtually any industrial application.”

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