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Midland-ACS develops remote actuated valves to withstand the extreme environments of new BTC pipelin

(Baku-Tibilisi-Ceyhan) crude oil pipelineRunning over 1,700 kilometres from the Mediterranean Ceyhan terminal through 3 countries to the Caspian Sea the new BTC (Baku-Tibilisi-Ceyhan) crude oil pipeline presented some new technical challenges for electro-hydraulic actuator specialist Midland-ACS.

The company has been manufacturing remote actuated valves for oil and gas applications for over 20 years, but the

New direct operated solenoid provides improved flow through lower power Consumption

DN4Over the last few months the main topic on the lips of business and world leaders has been the current economic climate and how its affecting them. For others its brought about an increased focus on delivering on and above their intentions, as well as setting themselves apart from the crowd, disproving the detractors and creating solutions in opposition to the world

Submersible vibration sensors help protect pumps.

submersible vibration sensorsHansford Sensors Ltd. now offer a range of submersible vibration sensors, which has been specifically designed for operation in partial or complete immersion in water, making them ideal for the monitoring of pumps in a maintenance role.

Pumps perform important tasks across many industries, some operating continuously and others triggered into action to move liquids at specific times or as a result of leakage.


thrust monitoringOne of the challenges facing plant instrumentation engineers today is the effective and reliable monitoring of thrust bearing wear in critical pump applications.  Typically pumps of this type are in continuous use and operational downtime is normally only permitted during planned outages.  Predicting the wear and hence requirement to replace the thrust pads, is essential to fit in with this regime.

 With rotational speeds between 3000 and 7000 RPM, protection against potential pump damage is also key, as excessive thrust wear can not only damage the bearing assembly but also the impeller, resulting in the plant potentially being out of action for 6 months or more.

Pegler Yorkshire has overcome high summer temperatures in its radiator valve assembly line

radiator valve assembly linePegler Yorkshire has overcome high summer temperatures in its radiator valve assembly line at the Pegler plant in Doncaster by installing Seeley International


Samson Type 3249Eliminating areas which might increase the potential for bacteria growth such as traps and crevices is an important design requirement for control valves used in aseptic applications, such as food processing and pharmaceutical production. Control valves which have smooth, cavity-free internals also helps to promote effective CIP and SIP (Clean or Sterilised in Place) and also aids self-draining.

SAMSON CONTROLS offer a range of valves which incorporate these features and are manufactured to quality assurance systems certified to ISO 9001 whilst also meeting stringent FDA requirements. 

Reduce engineering lead times using the latest FEA software

Seismic StressHayward Tyler Group, a leading manufacturer of glandless motor/pumps for power generation, oil & gas, nuclear and subsea applications, is using the latest 3D modelling and finite element analysis (FEA) software to accurately predict overall stress distribution for complete motor pump assemblies, resulting in reduced engineering lead times for its customers.

Hayward Tyler Inc. (HTI) Engineering recently invested in COSMOSWorks Professional, a software package that includes a Pressure Vessel Design Study option, which is being used in combination with 3D solid modelling software from Solidworks.

Clyde Pumps wins

Clyde PumpsCLYDE Pumps, the Glasgow-based business that entrepreneur Jim McColl bought from the Weir Group last year, has won a


Pump EngineeringWhere process applications require control valves which are able to withstand the effects of highly corrosive media Badger RC250 barstock valves are the ideal choice.

The Badger range of valves is available in the UK through liquids handling specialists PUMP ENGINEERING, and includes a wide range of options, such as the RC250 model.

Air shut-off valve protects larger engines in hazardous areas

MTU EngineAMOT solved a problem for engine manufacturer MTU Friedrichshafen by answering the German company


easy tube load stackA special peristaltic pump, designed and manufactured by Verder Autoclude is an important component in a haemodynamic monitoring system from the LiDCO Group.  This purpose designed, portable pump has unique features including single handed occlusion release.Monitoring key cardiovascular parameters is of critical importance to patient outcome.

In tandem with blood pressure and oxygen delivery, cardiac output is one of these vital indicators.  It is the volume of blood pumped through the heart per minute and has been a difficult parameter to measure.  Prior to the LiDCO system the cardiac output was usually determined with a special haemodynamic monitoring device in the form of a long catheter which is introduced into an artery in the neck, chest or groin and advanced through the heart to the pulmonary artery.

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