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Manual operated Pinch Valves and Innovative Parts

Innovation in Design and Construction


A Manual operated Pinch Valve is an innovative type of valve, by its design and construction simplicity. However, it has established a reputation for extremely high and effective performances in applications such as slurries, liquids and suspended solids, in comparison to other valve varieties. The valve consists of three basic parts, only one of which has any direct contact with a processing product. It provides a sealing process by using an elastomer sleeve, situated inside the valve casing. The remaining integral part of the valve, are flanging located at either end of the casing.

The Control Pinch Valve is one of the most crucial components used in modern industry and forms an essential and integral part of a production cycle. The abrasion resistance of the elastomer sleeve, gives users the capacity of process many and varied product types, supported by versatile operational working environments. These can include high performance levels in extreme and vastly differing temperature ranges from minus 60° F to 300° F. The form of product control revolves around the specialized elastomer sleeves, manufactured from natural rubber, or a composition of compounded materials, which provide specific capabilities, compatible with the processed product.

Particular advantages of Manual Pinch Valves when compared to other valve types, is their capability to efficiently and with simple effectiveness, control flows of corrosive and abrasive forms of materials, this is enabled by the innovative design of the valve, in isolating the processing product, by confining it to the inner elastomer sleeve. An additional user benefit relates to operations where maintaining the purity of a processed product is a high priority. The Manual operated Pinch Valve is a versatile component, and accordingly is able to handle wastewater, slurries, pulp, powder and pellets, as well as applications relating to the processing of medical and pharmaceutical products.


Forms of Materials and Processing


The innovative Manual Pinch Valve designed and constructed to meet the demands of various industries, is a valve developed for the output of finely granulated materials and in particular dry lime mud. Further information on this aspect obtainable from: - <http://www.pinch-valve.com/en/products/manual-and-control-pinch-valves.html>. This is a particularly difficult form of material to process and is liable to create problems for other types of valves, instigated by a dry matter content level of 65 to 90%. Industries demand product efficiency, quality, minimum downtime and cost effectiveness for their highly varied operations. The performance and reliability of Control Pinch Valves provide these high criteria, with effectiveness in operation and economic production ability. 


The operational conditions and environments for valves on occasions will be extreme and adverse. The innovative operation of this valve variety provides solutions to users with this nature of application. The ongoing development in all aspects of industrial operations, make ever-increasing demands on valve manufacturers for more and highly sophisticated applications. Most Control Pinch Valves used today, are the result of experience gained from operating circumstances and greatly contributed to, by the continuous exchange of information, between manufacturer and user. This exchange of knowledge has provided the means of how this valve variety and their elastomer sleeve components perform in all the varied conditions.


Represented in 22 countries and with production facilities in Germany, France and the United Kingdom, AKO design, develop and construct valve casings and the elastomer sleeves, to meet specific user needs. For customers, the results are the attaining of maximum system performance, minimum maintenance and cost effectiveness.


AKO Armaturen a leading manufacturer of Manual operated Pinch Valves over a period of more than 25 years, has developed an internationally recognized reputation for producing the highest quality products.




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