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Control Pinch Valves and their Application

Controlled Processing of Product Flows

In a fully opened position, the flow of a processing product is in direct line with the critical elastomer sleeve, which maintains a direct control over the flow of a liquid, fluid or material. The Control Pinch Valve has a form constructed of a casing, flanged or screw type ends and the unique elastomer sleeve, the controlling factor of this variety of valve. This innovative valve has a designed construction, making it able to operate without damaging cavitations for specified conditions. The opening and closing of the valve whether a screw type or flange, is either by manual means or compressed air pressure fed into the casing.


A Manual operated Pinch Valve regulates the flow of a product material by the manual operation of a hand-wheel. The controlling factor over the rate of flow is by the quantity of pressure exerted onto the inner elastomer sleeve. The more pressure imposed, tighter is the closure of the elastomer sleeve and less space available for the product to flow. The design and construction of the valve is such that it operates without damaging cavitations for the specified conditions.


The Manual Pinch Valve has a simple but highly effective design. The construction of

the valve provides great advantages to users in cost effective operations. A further benefit

of this valve, is minimum downtime factor and low maintenance. Contributing to this is

that only the elastomer sleeve, has any contact with a processing material and therefore,

is the only part subject to wear. View details of this original concept at: -

Unlike other varieties of valves, apart from this single component, there is not any other part of the valve affected by a product flow.


In some instances, various applications require that the flow product rate be regulated

between a full and minimum flow. This is achievable with the influential Control

Pinch Valve,by the introduction of flow resistance or by-passing the flow with a

Change of direction. Of particular benefit to users is that to ensure a forced opening,

connection of this valve type may be directly to a closing mechanism. It is an action able

to be achieved by the so-called “opening tabs”.

Valves Integrated with Industry


All forms of operations require valves to perform in various aspects and due to the durability, reliability and ease of operation; Manual operated Pinch Valves perform in numerous, varied and highly specialized industries. These include sewage treatment, pharmaceutical and related applications, also the food and beverage industries. The critical influence in the performance of this valve variety is the elastomer sleeve. The component functions from the action of applied manual pressure with the purpose of sealing-off the product flow when in a closed position and allowing an absolute free flow on release of the pressure. The inherent pressure from the flow materials enables the opening function and the continuation of the processing.


With the demands of industry, constantly changing, increased production capacity and greater cost efficiency are high priorities. The simple, innovative and highly effective Manual Pinch Valve enables users to meet and exceed their customer demands. With an established record for durability, reliability and minimum maintenance, gives this valve recognition as an important part of any industrial facility.


AKO Armaturen rates maintaining awareness of their markets and a constant exchange of information with their customers as important factors in their research and development criteria. Although based in Germany, AKO has production capabilities in France and the United Kingdom. The leading manufacturer of Control Pinch Valves it is renowned for constant high quality production, with excellent service and support to customers. AKO provide representation with agencies in 24 countries.


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