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Portable ultrasonic flow and heat meter.

ap 30 6DYNASONICS has announced the launch of the new DXN portable ultrasonic flow and heat meter.

“The DXN represents a new generation in portable ultrasonic flow measurement, “says John Erskine, VP of sales & marketing, “built on innovative hybrid metering technology that automatically switches between transit time and Doppler modes as needed.
The DXN also includes unique one-of-a-kind features like a 7” full color touch-screen, the ability to store site-specific settings using plain text, and an advanced software interface that adapts to the needs of our customers.

”Built on a rugged hardware platform that leverages modern micro-processing and digital signal processing, and inspired by the latest user interface advancements in consumer electronics, the company says the DXN ushers in anew era for portable ultrasonic measurement.

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