Materials Handling

Automated Storage and Retrieval System Increases Accuracy and Efficiency Case Studies >> 
The AS/RS delivers totes to workstations where operators do order selecting in an ergonomic and efficient environment for 275 stores and 13 regional distribution centers around the country.

Electronics e-tailer Optimizes Order Fulfillment Case Studies >> 
An integrated logistics solution enables Elgiganten’s central Nordic warehouse in Jönköping, Sweden to gain close to 100% pick accuracy and meet increasingly rigorous demands for picking efficiency and quality.

3-Aisle Mini Load AS/RS Improves Upon Manual Pre-Shipping Buffering Process Case Studies >> 
In a medical client distribution center, custom kits containing surgery instruments and implantable parts are assembled and shipped daily. Before automating the pre-shipping buffering process, the client was challenged to meeting shipment deadlines due ...

Easy Arms Help Reduce Injuries AND Increase Productivity Case Studies >> 
When reviewing statistics from the previous year, the Safety Manager at an aluminum castings company in the northwest saw something he couldn’t ignore. Of all the injuries and complaints, 47% of them were the result of poor ergonomics. While looking ...

G-Force® Impresses Physician In Annual Injury Prevention Visit Case Studies >> 
A leading hydraulic cylinder manufacturer purchased a 1320 lb capacity G-Force® to handle their increasingly heavy products in the summer of 2009, and they knew they found a lifting solution that they could bank on for the future.

Demag KBK Enclosed Track Monorail Provides the Best Solution Case Studies >> 
A manufacturer of precision measuring equipment was looking for a way to remove test weights up to 1100 lbs from their calibration machine. The weights would need to be deposited and removed underneath overhead obstructions, in close proximity to the ...

Demag KBK Enclosed Track Stacker Crane System for Storage and Retrieval Case Studies >> 
A manufacturer of cutting dies and related machinery had an urgent need for a quality handling system capable of placing and retrieving equipment in storage racks. A Demag KBK Crane System with a KBK Stacker Mast provided a productive and cost effective ...

Custom Header/Column Connections Allows Wall to Wall Coverage In Small Machine Shop Case Studies >> 
A tool & machine shop owner's customer base was growing, and the parts he was running through his CNC lathes and milling machines were becoming larger and more diverse. A 500 pound capacity Gorbel work station bridge crane was installed. The system featured ...

Articulating Jib Assists With Bridge Maintenance Case Studies >> 
Rather than closing down lanes on the bridge for several weeks the company had installed access platforms about 20 feet beneath where the bearing retrofit would take place at two locations. The access platform was the staging area for the project, with ...

INNOVATION AIDS RAPID RESPONSE BTC Activewear consolidates its distribution

Corporate clothing supplier BTC Activewear has developed an innovative warehousing and materials
handling operation with help from Atlet. Conveyor systems and highly mobile shuttle buggies working
with Atlet trucks have enabled the company to attain double digit growth by meeting demanding
targets for high volumes and rapid response.

An 11-Story 100’ Tall Rack- Supported AS/RS Building Yields Many Benefits Case Studies >> 
America’s largest cookware company and the world’s second largest cookware manufacturing operation wanted to enhance the speed and efficiency of shipping a growing range of product to retail customers in the U.S., while maintaining control of operational ...

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