Materials Handling

Air Cargo Lifts Handle Large Containers Case Studies >> 
A major logistics company required a loading dock solution for transferring extremely large and heavy air cargo containers between variable truck bed heights and a fixed dock height.

End of the Line Lift for Truck Assembly Case Studies >> 
A major truck manufacturer wanted a lift system to be used at the end of a tow chain conveyor system to raise the truck off of the tow chain for inspection and then to lower to ground level.

Sidewalk Lift for Basement Access Case Studies >> 
Customer needed to replace a condemned sidewalk service lift with an updated material lift in order to move furniture and material from the sidewalk at grade level outside building to basement level inside the building.

New Crane and Hoist System Delivers the Goods Case Studies >> 
The Work-Rated hoist includes a mechanical load brake as well as a motor brake for more operator confidence. The VAC-U-LIFT vacuum handling device is equipped with saf-lift lights as well. This system allows one person to quickly and efficiently load ...

Descrambler improves full case de-palletizing operation for mix pallet building down the line Case Studies >> 
An Intralox registration conveyor was installed to space cartons without the complex controls required with servo solutions. The registration conveyor provides a reliable location for the edge of each carton enabling the label applicator to consistently ...

Compact, Unique Merging Solution Saves DC $240,000 Case Studies >> 
Intralox presented a concept for reducing the cost and space requirements by merger 18 conveyor lines into 3. In its design, 6 mobile extendable conveyors unload the 18 dock doors. Each conveyor feeds its own static belt conveyor incline, which directly ...

Unique Sortation Solution Increases Throughput Rate by 30% Case Studies >> 
The integrator recommended an Intralox Activated Roller Belt™ (ARB) sortation system, featuring patented conveyance technology. The sorter is a low-maintenance, fast and accurate 90 degree, or right angle, system that is able to maintain short-edge-leading ...

High Density Storage Meets ‘Store Ready’ Pallets & High Throughput Goals with AS/RS & WMS Case Studies >> 
A worldwide leader in the soft drink industry recently installed an Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS) with Warehouse Management Software (WMS) at their plant in Tampa, FL. The single aisle AS/RS stores cases of soft drinks on pallets, and ...

An "Outside the Box" Solution Helps Increase Productivity for Electrical Enclosure Manufacture Case Studies >> 
A Midwestern manufacturer of electrical enclosures splits its time building both standard stock and high end custom enclosures for their customers, so they know what it’s like to go out of their way to create a unique solution for customer satisfaction.

Gorbel Jib Lifts Oceanographic Institute Out Of Deep Water Case Studies >> 
In a lab that is part Jacques Cousteau and part George Lucas, an east coast oceanographic institute is using advanced technology to open the doors for expanded open sea scientific research. The centerpiece of the lab is a 50-thousand gallon water tank ...

One injury Far Too Many For This Utility Company’s Workers Case Studies >> 
For an electrical utility company, looking out for employee safety is a high priority. It’s that concern for safety that drives them to test the insulation inserts for cherry picker truck baskets to be sure that any line workers who are repairing power ...

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