Materials Handling

Turntable-Style Stretch Wrapper Improves Shipping Ergonomics Case Studies >> 
Shipping is an area where companies can make ergonomic improvements while also enhancing productivity without making a major investment in equipment. A company located in New Hampshire, found a way to remedy poor ergonomics in its manual stretch wrapping ...

Solving Materials Handling Issues Begins at Home Case Studies >> 
When a busy plant in southern Arkansas hired a new manufacturing coach the production rate, as measured daily in person-hours per foot of conveyor section assembled, was averaging .250 or slightly higher. His job, he was told, was to "hold the line" at ...

Back Saving Pallet Level Loaders Win Accolades from Workers Case Studies >> 
Preprinted newspaper inserts are fed into inserting drums at the rate of 25,000 per hour at the newspaper plant. At that speed, a pallet load of 14,000 inserts goes down pretty fast. “Feeding the drums required a lot of nonstop stooping and bending.” ...

Pallet Level Loaders Speed Pallet Loading and Reduce Risk of Injuries for Manufacturer Case Studies >> 
The company in this case study specializes in the design and production of custom aluminum die-castings for a wide variety of industries. The company employs over 300 workers in a 135,000 square foot plant in Texas. Always alert to the well-being of its ...

Manufacturer of Automotive Parts Reduces Back Injuries and Boosts Production Case Studies >> 
This company produces a wide variety of custom seals and gaskets for the automotive industry. After knitting, cutting, and performing, the preformed products are hand-picked from large tubs and placed in a press.

Accident Prevention Worth It’s Weight Case Studies >> 
The safety manager worries about twisted knees, broken ankles, medical bills, recovery periods, new recruits and overtime. He is not a coach, yet he has responsibility for 13 “teams.” He is the safety manager for a company that is the leader in corn flour ...

Pallet Level Loaders Provide Relief from Back Problems, Reduce Worker Fatigue and Speed Production Case Studies >> 
Bricks and related products come in a variety of types, designs, and colors. But they all have one thing in common: they are heavy. The manual work of loading pallets with finished product involves constant lifting, reaching, and bending. In a typical ...

Scissors Lift Tables Solve an Ergonomic Problem for an Office Manufacturing Company Case Studies >> 
This company specializes in the production of office furniture. The production process includes a sanding operation to prepare the tops of conference tables for various stains and final finish.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Streamlines Production Lines With Back Saving Hydraulic Roll On Level Loaders Case Studies >> 
A manufacturer of prescription drugs, recently added state- of-the-art work positioning tables to prevent back strain for its employees working on production lines. Since the addition of seven customized roll on Level Loaders there has been a lot less ...

Pallet Level Loader Increases Productivity While Reducing Worker Fatigue Case Studies >> 
This is leading manufacturer of porcelain electric insulators produces a broad line of types and sizes. The electric insulators range from small 5 pound units to several hundred pounds.

A Printer’s Dream: Equipment that makes Pallet Loading and Unloading Easier Case Studies >> 
This is about a book publisher in St. Paul, Minnesota that specializes in college text books and law books. At the company’ production and warehouse facility, pallet loads of books used to travel on roller conveyors to workstations. Their employees would ...

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