Grease Thief enhances the ANALEXfdMplus

Oil analysis is a well established practice in predictive maintenance. Lubricant analysis is often paired with other technologies such as infrared thermography, vibration analysis and ultrasound techniques. These technologies are very useful in detecting problems in machinery before costly failures and down time occur.

However, only twenty percent of the world’s bearings are oil lubricated; the other eighty percent are grease lubricated. Lubricant analysis is usually not performed on these bearings because it is difficult to get a representative sample from the bearing. Kittiwake have teamed up with MRG Power Labs to provide a rapid, simple and accurate method of sampling and testing grease in Pillow Block and Motor Bearings for wear debris direct from bearings.  Now you can act before failure, minimise damage and eliminate wear related downtime.

View the ANALEXfdMplus page, or the Grease ThiefTM page for further information.

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