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Kittiwake easyshipKittiwake are continually looking for ways to cut the cost of testing for our customers. One way of doing this is to decrease the hazardous nature of our tests for use and for transportation. Over the past two years we have reclassified over 80 reagents and a recent breakthrough by our Scientists now enables us to provide many of the Kittiwake DIGI Test Kits in non-hazardous for shipping versions.

The new EasySHIP reagent sachet has been developed solely with shipping costs in mind. For the first time you can now buy the DIGI Kittiwake Water in Oil test which is non-hazardous for transport and for use. On average this will save over 70% on shipping costs, dramatically reducing the overall cost per test*.
The new non hazardous, single dose, no mess sachet requires absolutely no pre-work and no mixing before use. The simple test method then provides accurate PPM water in oil results in just 3 minutes.

The addition of EasySHIP Water in Oil reagent also means that a variety of Kittiwake DIGI test kits can now also be shipped as non-hazardous products.

Click below to download the latest PDF showing the Kittiwake Oil Test Solutions Range
EasySHIP Options;
•    FG-K1-101-KW - EasySHIP DIGI Water in Oil Test Kit
•    FG-K1-102-KW - EasySHIP DIGI Water in Oil & Viscosity Test Kit
•    FG-K1-103-KW - EasySHIP DIGI Basic Test Kit
•    FG-K1-107-KW - EasySHIP DIGI Industrial Test Kit
•    FG-K1-109-KW - EasySHIP DIGI Industrial Oil Test Kit (with Viscotube)
•    FG-K1-110-KW - EasySHIP DIGI Combined Test Kit
•    FG-K2-101-KW - EasySHIP Water in Oil Reagent Pack (50 Tests)**

Contact your local office now for more information on the EasySHIP range

* Saving based on a sample of orders including shipping costs

** EasySHIP Reagents can only be used on DIGI Cells with EasySHIP software and Cell Logo

Reagent B Water in Oil Powder sachets are still available as are the current range of test kits.

Patent Pending.

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