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When Fawley Power Station needed to replace its chillers, Tricool designed a cost-effective solution

ICSFawley Power Station has installed a state-of-the-art cooling system designed by Tricool to improve cooling cycle times and address environmental issues. The chiller is an essential part of the infrastructure that enables Fawley to generate extra electricity for the National Grid when demand outstrips supply.


Located on the shore of Southampton Water, Fawley owned by RWE npower is one of the UK

Perfectly clear cooling/ Clearly the best/Tricool cools spring waters

Cool EnergyTricool process chillers are providing critical cooling on the bottling lines at Silver Spring

Corus Process Engineering completes air mist caster study for Mexican steel plant

CNESCorus Process Engineering (CPE), part of Corus Northern Engineering Services (CNES), has completed a detailed study into the conversion of a water-only cooling system on a steel slab caster in Mexico, into an air mist spray cooling system, enabling the plant to produce higher quality grades of steel, while providing a more efficient cooling method.

The work is being carried out on the number 3 slab caster at Altos Hornos

Hydropath technology eliminates scale in Cooling Towers.

P120A food processing plant in Maracaibo, Venezuela has seen significant benefits following the installation of Hydropaths patented AquaKlear system.  Previously, the plant experienced scale and bio-fouling problems in its cooling towers as it is located in a hard water area. This resulted in the management using costly anti-scale chemicals to eliminate the effects.

The solution to this problem was the introduction of the AquaKlear P120 unit.  Two clean cooling towers were used to trial the technology, to allow a fair comparison.  During the initial stage, cooling tower 1 continued using anti-scale chemicals to remove limescale deposits and the results were recorded.  During the second stage the plant ceased using chemicals, and the AquaKlear unit was installed. Cooling tower 2 provided the

Hydropath Technology - Preventing rust without chemicals at Jordan Steel factory.

Jordan The Jordan Steel Factory outside Amman, Jordan was concerned about corrosion within the pipework of its cooling system, caused by large quantities of sulphate reducing bacteria, iron oxides and scaling build up. These factors combined, contributed to an overall reduction in the efficiency of the direct and in-direct cooling system at the factory. Corrosion is a major issue for the steel factory as once the metal pipe work has begun to corrode, the process rapidly accelerates.  The management decided to contact the Corrosion Engineering Division of the Royal Scientific Society, Mechanical Design & Technology Center.

It was decided to undertake a year long trial of Hydropath


Air ConditioningWatkins Hire Ltd are proud to announce the launch of their brand new air conditioning hire range called KwikCOOL(tm)
We have recognised the market place for high quality and high output air conditioning equipment. This range of air conditioning units reflects that need and will meet the varied range of applications. These will include comfort cooling, corporate and public events, equipment cooling, server rooms, manufacturing, exhibitions, sports Halls, storage, retail and education. This is a brief list and is not exhaustive, in fact where-ever cool air is needed these units will be of value. 

Extensive field tests have proven these units to be reliable and consistent. The quiet operation with simple controls make these air conditioning units 'User Friendly'.

ICS Cool Energy Purchases Tricool Engineering

ICS Cool Energy has acquired Tricool Engineering as part of its strategy to increase market penetration and expand its temperature controlled products and services to the refrigeration and air conditioning industry.

Established in 1978, Tricool Engineering has grown to become the UK

Free Cooling Chiller Rental

European Chiller Rental specialist, Cool Energy, has successfully launched their latest range of energy-saving chillers which feature integral free cooling coils

EcoCooling Provides Energy efficient

Wharehouse CoolingMany warehouses are now suffering the effects of heat, particularly in areas where mezzanine floors have been built.  Also many pharmaceutical products now need to be stored at temperatures below 250C  to comply with the requirements of the MHRA. Previously this temperature has only been properly achieved and maintained using expensive refrigeration-based air conditioning systems because simple ventilation systems are not able to match this standard. EcoCooling can now offer a balanced evaporatively-cooled ventilation scheme which can ensure full compliance.

18 EcoCoolers were installed in a large pharmaceutical warehouse in Orleans France. The coolers were linked to a common control system which monitors temperature at multiple levels in the warehouse. A combination of ventilation, evaporative cooling and air throughput are regulated by an integral control system to meet temperature criteria.


packaged chillersNeed equipment for your cooling process or new air conditioning project? 
We can help. For the past 15 years ICS has been supplying and installing the UK

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