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Cool EnergyTricool process chillers are providing critical cooling on the bottling lines at Silver Spring

Injection moulding the preforms from PET granules requires a temperature of 275ºC. Silver Spring uses a Tricool TEC 140 air-cooled chiller together with two multi circuit water-cooled chillers for the majority of the preform and blow moulding production.

The neck size remains constant so the preforms are blown from the neck downwards at 120ºC to the required bottle size, then cooled before being filled. A Tricool TEC 450 air-cooled chiller used in a satellite area controls temperatures for two additional blow moulders and for ‘flash pasteurisation’ on the line catering exclusively for the company’s fruit juice based drinks.

“We have worked hand in hand with Tricool over a number of years. It is very aware of our processes and the environment. As the company has expanded the lines, Tricool has custom-built each chiller required to our own unique specifications,” says Steve Johnston, Silver Springs’ Engineering Manager.

To maximise performance, energy efficiency and reliability, Tricool designed multiple circuit chillers and built in redundancy so that if one chiller fails the manufacturing process is not interrupted.

“The chillers are worked hard but Tricool understands our needs and ensured we have the right kit to meet our cooling requirements,” adds Steve.

Silver Spring also relies on Tricool to service and maintain the chillers to optimise performance levels. And as they are external and the factory so close to the coast, minimise the effects of a hostile salt-laden environment.

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