Ecofriendly factory Sri Lanka

Marks & Spencer's 100 per cent carbon neutral, 100 per cent green, 100 per cent ethical factory in Thurulie, Sri Lanka.

Funded and built by Marks & Spencer in partnership with a local, award-winning manufacturer called, confusingly, MAS, this temple to sustainability now produces the world’s first eco underwear:

EcoCooling were approached by the contractors for the project to advice on the design of the Evaporative cooling for the factory, because of their world wide expertise and knowledge of Evaporative cooling.

The resulting design involved the installation of 36 top discharge EcoCooling evaporative coolers to cool and ventilate the large open plan production factory area which was already being kept cooler than most buildings of this type by specialised roof material which cut heat transfer.

As MAS spokesman Vidhura Ralapanawe explains “ the evaporative cooling system, which replaces conventional air conditioning, reduces energy consumption by up to 75%,” The resulting conditions provide a comfortable work environment for the 200 workers and the total effect is to cut energy costs by
over 40% compared to a similar sized building MAS claims.

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